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  2. I am still thinking who will be selected to be guo jing huang rong for Movie version LOCH. Still hold the wishful thinking that they can select Joseph and yukee hahaha in my dreams perhaps
  3. @Lawyerh I am same situation as triplem above, although I managed to catch up with Dear Citizens today. It's a fun one too. Wait for us at HPL. @sushilicious will see if I can find it. Netflix availability varies depending where you are. I know I have access to some dramas unavailable at home when I am in another country. 514
  4. I solid pmy fan..i didn't ship her with anyone..but i have to agree about different thing between pmy+psj..it clearly pmy be herself again like in other previous drama playful and talkative during bts..but in wwwsk she so careful and look like psj more active..that why a lot of netz comment sometime pmy behaviour to psj look so cold..pmy chemistry is good with every actor..no need to compare cause each other have different opinion..
  5. Yes, they should ride together on the same horse which make it more meaningful after long long time that they found each other. I don’t think the horse will be tired. we could have 1 kiss scene if MinMin didn’t pain when they BBQ the chicken. Ahhhh
  6. @lhynne thanx for d info.. just look at those girls behind him.. busy with their phone just to get ldw's pic.. hahahaha.. so ldw was being busy lately.. i hope he got much time to rest n enjoy free time like yin did.. just simply having fun with friends will heal ur tired soul.. I think ldw is playfull type irl, but in terms of working he looks so serious n determined to give d best.. I think same as yin, she's in YG.. one of d biggest ent agency, but she choose project carefully and even do somehing that maybe wont bring most popularity compared to others celeb.. like being a DJ simply bcoz she loves it much and that's her tallent bcoz she has such a very beautifull voice..
  7. .off topic today.......... Uncle account At 20:02 on April 18 from the micro-blog weibo.com I want to be a good children never grow up
  8. She is probably an ex-NIS specialising in fake documents...?? Anyway, I watched with subs, only half way though coz have to leave the house then... did anyone notice Father Kim's hand on Park's hand when she was leaning on him in the safe? When he was halfway praying, the long shot... LOL... I will try to screenshot later when I got home. I am on mobile now. Also another interesting tidbits, Bobby once saved Hwang's life, so he is indebted to him!
  9. Pls vote for Goddess Song Hye Kyo she is now on the 2rd place let us help her to win this....Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards! (Female) 5,348 votes Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards!....source credit@https://m.vlive.tv/vote/129
  10. D1CE Entertainment (formerly Happyface Entertainment) has decided to withdraw the lawsuit against YG Entertainment for the canceled debut of the final group resulting from survival program “MIXNINE.” The agency’s trainee Woo Jin Young placed first place on the show. On April 19, the agency released the following statement: First of all, we express sincere gratitude […] The post Woo Jin Young’s Agency Withdraws Lawsuit Against YG Entertainment For “MIXNINE” Conflict appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Oh yes, it could be. Anyway both scenes are same episode. I was thinking why they don't ride on the same horse at the last episode, kinda sweet, just like the wedding clash that time. (not that I want to be so cruel to the poor horse, haha)
  12. Actually MoMo fell out of love with Fu Pei when he told the lady restaurant owner that MoMo is not his girlfriend. Even when he stood her up so many times at crucial moments of her life, she forgave him and made excuses for him. However when he denied her gf status ... that was the last straw. GWY has slowly ebbed his way into her heart - he is always there for her when she needed help the most. Watching FP father ... can understand why he always runaway. I doubt he will ever change his ways even if he hook up with MoMo. MoMo is too giving in to him. MoMo needs someone like GWY. Someone who will look out & after her.
  13. Thanks @ktcjdrama...why would someone from International Marriage Affairs be able to give him a fake passport? This show never fails to surprise me... @sushilicious...I can imagine @Ameera Ali will be so pleased that SBS heard her requests. Maybe they are lurking here too
  14. I didn't say she and kjw didn't have great chemistry. I just said ppc chemistry is too strong so I still can't find the feeling between them
  15. Xina-Li Zhongshuo called Zhong Zhong Today at 12:01 from the iPhone client Today seems to be the day when education is over. For a total of four days and five nights of education, Li Zhongshuo should invite some people to drink coffee. The original Po also said that he was very happy to see Li Zhongshuo.
  16. I thought it was after she told him that they need to get going and don’t want to delay of finding his Yifu. I love the way he smiles “thank you, MinMin” looking at her and pull her in his arm.
  17. I don't understand what they were saying but loving the look on everyone face, MM confident and satisfying smackdown face, WJ how the hell did I get into this mess face and of course all the ming sect member this little girl just beat us up disbelief face..
  18. Have you seen bts of hpl's eps 3&4?? Idk but I feel different, she's so playful and and again, she act like lil sis to kjw. Heelllp..maybe I'm too biased so I can think clearly lol
  19. Blossoming Taleen Today at 10:37 from the Suk❥ iPhone client The first time I admire a bunch of grass root male West eight @xina-李钟硕叫钟钟 For a long time, there was no news of Li Zhongshuo, the latest news, the kind of short-term education in the state of Yangzhou, the kind of class. A bunch of soldiers came out of the same period of Lee Jong-suk real postscript, expressing his handsome but too vulgar language is automatically shielded me Long picture Long picture
  20. CMIIW, i think after ZM explained her gambling and her stance in defending both ZWJ and her family. ZWJ was like 'this girl is so stubborn, i have to be with until at least her wound healed then decide again later'.
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