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  2. I saw this too but kjkintl seems pissed that spartace.rm decided to use their translation to relate it to SA. I saw a series of rant ig stories from kjkintl on this.
  3. PSJ still got this.. like what he said during bts.. he got all her lipstick! Meeeen, he was really getting into PMYs lips.
  4. Did anyone feel that there's some scenes that might also be missing from the part where WJ found ZM helping the farmers (he was calling her Miss Zhao) and the scene where they sat in front of the hut (he already called her Min Min)? I hoped we can actually get the uncut version released. Although I could also do without prolonged WJ-ZM-ZR conflicts . For this aspect, this version got enough. I hope to see the crown prince arcs, and hopefully some showdown wIth WJ. WJ needs to learn a lot to really appreciate ZM hahaha.
  5. i love this throwback!!! baby Jongsuk is super duper cute as in!!! Kinda excited to see Jongsuk's mini me cr: taleen.ho
  6. And I remembered LDW cut this scene during the commentary which actually had YIN very surprised when he did it. Hmmm… Then he went ahead and asked her if there was too much dust during the shoot of that imagination sequence. Can't bear to have his dear YIN exposed to too much dust, can he? Oops, there goes my delulu mind and heart again.
  7. The waffle guys looks same after almost 10 years CP era passes Hpl, surely Romcom drama could made whoever's live as Fandom get knocked to realizes live as fans actually is so privilege awkward hardly to understand.by ordinary people
  8. @newyeeI saw that and I had second hand embarrassment. No matter how thirsty you are. She needs to ask her sister advice on how she got her husband cause this ain't it lol
  9. What if they will be doing a sexy intimate scene next week with Ryan blindfolded
  10. They finally kissed in episode 6 and I have a feeling they will have a sexy intimate scene next week with Ryan blindfolded that would be too hot to handle.
  11. The stream was horribly laggy as yesterday, I only managed to watch not more 40 mins of the whole episode I think. Soooo happy that they're not ignoring their feelings, now this is what mature adults do! I hate it when the couple draws circles around each other for no other reason than extending the drama's air time and postponing the inevitable. Oh Ryan you sneaky, mischievous feline, how you play with your unsuspecting pray who's right under your paws LOL. KJW was pure cuteness.
  12. not a problem at all if they will have a steamy scene.. tbh, I kinda like the teasing of long stares and just yep, this episode 6, they kissed.. but just a soft one. it's still too early in the drama to have that intimate scene (if they would have one). I just hope the ratings will increase every week.. cmon Knetz! go watch!
  13. Dramamilk is recapping the episode https://www.dramamilk.com/her-private-life-episode-6-live-recap/
  14. VIXX’s Ravi shared images of his trip to Cebu with members of the “Friendship Parkas” crew! The crew is a group of friends with many idol members, including VIXX’s Ravi, SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo and Ha Sung Woon, BTS’s Jimin, and their non-celebrity friend Kwon Ho. The friends even ordered customized parkas with a logo […] The post Ravi, Taemin, Kai, Ha Sung Woon, Timoteo, And More Have Fun On Trip Together appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. @newyee I couldn't find the raws either. I felt embarrassed from her lol. Dude has every reason to stay away from this level of madness. So San Ha is on the move finally lol. Hopefully this whole fiasco ends soon. I'm getting tired of seeing AR and NJ smug faces. @nohamahamoud2002 what's with the blue tie lol?
  16. 672 @Sejabin i think all you said pretty true & do contribute. I didnt really noticed at first actually. But i think chemistry wise with co star is all good. But anyway ep 6 looks yummy
  17. This dorama is a real miracle. This oxytocin. I watch and enjoy every second! Between DM and Ryan, such chemistry ... such chemistry ... such chemistry ... It is impossible to put it in words. Constantly I want only one thing so that they have already kissed, otherwise an explosion from the tension will occur! And the final !!! He's great! Jae Wook - the most beautiful woman in the universe with a deadly look! I urgently need the next episode !!!
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