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  2. Hey everyone! I fell completely in love with this story from the perspectives of all characters. I stumbled upon this forum and have tried to read as much as possible getting new takes on things and finding out about scenes that I didnt completely understand. One thing I didnt understand and couldn't find an answer for: in episode 55 when Xefung stops Jinmi from hurting Suihe by force. Its obvious he is very conflicted about hurting her in general. My question is, did he summon the pheonix feather in his hand purposely because he knew it would protect Jinmi? Was it a new reconstructed one since coming back alive? It seemed like he was waiting for it to work before shooting at her. Would really love to hear thoughts and possible explanations!
  3. It still make me thinking lol... not that bad. But for drama that dark.. im expecting longer sweetness haha.... This drama is not my usual genre... im still on dark mood lol... ignore me haha... But i love that troublesome couple for sure. Ji An and the ahjussi 606
  4. That was Daebak! They asked, in light of the Dr Prisoner high ratings if they feel any pressure and what ratings they would like, and Kim Bo-Mi said sheepishly, 23%. Then they asked Kim In-Kwon (Hoo) what they'll do if they achieve such ratings, and after some hemming and a hawing he said, I guess I have to put on ballet tights? Me and Lee Dong-Gun. Then LDG said it would be incomplete if Kim Myung-Soo didn't also put on tights with them. So let us all pray hard for that 23% ratings, yes!! Yes, working on it - what a loong 'trailer' - it's fantastic!
  5. Thank you so much for these translations!!!!! Helps us viewers get the full meaning of things that inevitably get lost in translation. I feel the same way when I watch korean dramas, I feel like so many times it’s hard to convey the intent and meaning oftentimes from korean to English. I’m sure there are instances for Chinese to english! Really appreciate you taking the time to share with us!
  6. @sushilicious right now i have no time to watch a HK drama yet. I am still busy with my Yeon Woo Jin fever. But can you PM me the link for outbound love ...after I finish Divorce Lawyer I will check it out Also I am in love with the Secretary show ...the OTP is too darn cute together ...I squeal with every physical interaction and conversation . I like it as much as TYH or perhaps even more. 604
  7. That armpit warmer still on my mind The guy could've taken off his jacket and drape it over her shoulder. Or he could've let her hands use the pockets to warm up... but no...... first, he lifted his slim jacket and asked her to get in for warmth, then he scooted over to stick his body to hers, and finally, he chose to warm her hands the unconventional way And it's not even the coldest of winter time seeing that she isn't even wearing any jacket. My verdict is, this guy craves skinship!! See below another example of face inches away from secretary, at workplace!! About the assault on driver... can't he just say that the driver is wearing a mask thus he could not have recognized him? Veronica Park is awesome! Although I don't understand why she set the same ring tone for all her 10 phones ... She may seem ditzy, but I think she is a smart perceptive woman. I hope she will continue to be awesome by being a friend to our OTP instead of the foe!!
  8. Was he laughing hard or laughing to contain his crying? @autumnight, would you know what's going on? Here's another video...even the MC wiped a tear away...
  9. dailies are actually an easy watch @ktcjdrama in some ways. they are only 30 minutes and once you get in the habit of watching it, becomes a nice time out for the day. for binge watching, it is difficult becomes the story takes forever to roll out but when you watch it every day for a period of months, it is actually fun. so check out the first ep and maybe you will like it. am already intrigued. the guy's father was a cop and died while investigating the "black rose case". it looks like his future mom-in-law is directly related to that case -- possibly some sort of serial killer/black widow types.... @sushilicious ~ yea I watched mood for love long time ago. 602
  10. Kim Jae Wook’s Romantic Lines From “Her Private Life” That Made Our Hearts Race TV/Film May 21, 2019 by S. Nam Kim Jae Wook from tvN’s “Her Private Life” has been captivating the audience with his undeniable charms as Ryan Gold! Viewers can’t help but get pulled deeper into his romantic charms as his character becomes more thoughtful and affectionate on top of his original self-loving personality. These four lines by Kim Jae Wook particularly made everyone’s hearts flutter. Episode 1: Exploding with self-love When Ryan Gold met Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) for the first time at an art auction, Sung Duk Mi couldn’t take her eyes off of him, prompting him to ask, “The title of the masterpiece is Ryan Gold. Do you want it?” leaving an unforgettable impression. He captivated the audience in that single moment with his narcissistic yet sexy attitude. His sharp gaze paired with his equally sharp tongue perfectly captured his character, making viewers curious as to what he will do next. Episode 4: Prickly on the outside, warm on the inside Viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with Kim Jae Wook’s dual charms. When Sung Duk Mi was threatened by Cha Si An’s (ONE‘s) fans due to a misunderstanding, Ryan Gold offered to be her fake boyfriend first. Saying the line, “I’ll do it. Sung Duk Mi’s boyfriend. Have me for a short moment,” he knocked on viewers’ hearts. This thoughtful moment was a sharp contrast to his original prickly and self-loving exterior, revealing his inner warmth. This scene especially made Kim Jae Wook’s detailed acting come to life as he perfectly delivered the line that revealed his warm heart despite his cold outer persona. Episode 9: Straightforward romance Ryan Gold’s line, “I hated that it was fake,” could have ended as a small misunderstanding, but it turned out to be an opportunity for the two to progress their relationship further. Calmly adding, “I wanted to do it for real,” he displayed his sincerity. This was an important line signaling a turning point in Sung Duk Mi and Ryan Gold’s relationship as they transformed from a fake couple into a real couple. This moment made viewers anticipate the heart-pounding and romantic moments Kim Jae Wook will portray in the future. Episode 11: Expert lover Kim Jae Wook showed his expertise in the romantic comedy genre with this final line. To Young Sook (Kim Mi Kyung), who’s concerned about her daughter Duk Mi fangirling, Kim Jae Wook said, “I’ll take care of her so that doesn’t happen,” showcasing his reliability and earning him tremendous love from the viewers. As a sweet boyfriend who’s all about love, his straightforward romance style has captivated the hearts of all viewers. With Kim Jae Wook’s diverse charms that range from sweet to sexy to humorous, viewers are excited to see what he has in store for the remaining four episodes of “Her Private Life.” tvN’s “Her Private Life” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch the latest heart-fluttering episode below!
  11. Educate your child, and educate yourself—keep up to date with what is going on in your child's life and in the internet community.
  12. You are right, buzzworthy is the talk about drama mostly online on social media portal. So whatever keywords and hashtags of HPL, KJW n PMY on social media will contribute to the percentage. Ratings are the percentage on how many house watch the drama on air (on tv) not on phone live stream. Weekend drama will always have higher percentage as compared to weekdays drama because it it less competition and weekends are the time ahjummas can sit down and watch the drama. Hence weekend drama are mostly drama about family as the older generation love this genre. HPL creates more phenomenon after each episode is aired as the fans seems like cannot stop to talk about it. That is why tvN is treating us almost everyday. They release photos or videos bit by bit daily. This is one of a way to keep this drama on buzzworthy chart
  13. new still for tonight EP LINK : http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20190521/95625640/1
  14. Individual fancams have been revealed for the “Group X Battle” on “Produce X 101”! The May 17 episode aired the first part of the mission in which the trainees cover the debut tracks and popular tracks by BTS, EXO, GOT7, NCT U, Wanna One, NU’EST W, SEVENTEEN, and MONSTA X. Although not all of the performances […] The post Watch: “Produce X 101” Trainees Cover Popular Boy Group Songs In Individual Focus Videos appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  15. Exercise, especially outdoors. It never fails to help me relax and unwind no matter how much I don't want to do it.
  16. There is a difference between Ratings and Buzzworthy and eventhough HPL is playing around 2 to 3% ratings, it is also considered very successful drama because it has been consistently topping Buzzworthy charts. Buzzworthy, I believe, means with obsessed fans always being talked about. Because of their amazingly natural chemistry. Mother of Mine is currently the highest rating among airing dramas in Korea I think but the viewers are not obsessed with the drama. Like after watching every Sat and Sun, they won't talk about it anymore. HPL leads chemistry definitely has impact on fans. The speed of this thread alone is an example.
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