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  2. Just like MM threw the wooden hairpin back at WJ when she left but no mention of the wooden box. I imagine she kept that with her during their time apart (I don't care, if they didn't show her throwing it out that means she kept it, haha)
  3. 2 more casts: Lee Hak-ju will play a detective 'Ma Dong-hyuk' who works as an assistant to the prosecutor Seo Yeon -ah (Nana). http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20190418001417125 Juni (Kim Joo-mi) from the group LADIES’ CODE is cast to play as Shim Sun-hee http://star.fnnews.com/archives/771289
  4. @Lawyerh LOLLL I have to do my e-learning too! Because it's good friday, doesn't meaning i have no school lol. I have to do it at home school. So much for good friday. (This is how your students are right? @triplem Complaining hahaha) 1000
  5. @triplem There is not an inkling of romance between the leads or even the hope of it by ep 8. It is all messed up. +2
  6. Hahahaa.. its just weird that it disappeared like that. I was half expecting after WJ threw away the box that he would pull out the hairpin and happy that he still have it
  7. 996 Let me walk elegantly first (~Na Yi Je) @sushilicious Finally done w/ job. I need to see my handsome Japanese speaking housemaid first
  8. Sad to say it was never mentioned again. I was hoping he had it with him all the time like the gold box. So after he threw the box away he still have the gold hairpin to yearning for MM when he missed her.
  9. Joseph is too young to be LHC I think, he doesn't has that elder brother look yet I think Yukee wants to play as the woman that got chased by the man rather than keep playing the character that keep chasing after her love interest, hahaha, so no RYY please. Did she always play as a character that chase after her love interest? I never really watch her other tv series
  10. ** CJH official fan café made donations for the forest fire disaster. choijinhyuk_fancafe CJH official fan café ‘the Real’ delivered donations to 'Hope Bridge' -National Disaster Relief Association for those who suffered from forest fire in Gangwon Province in 2019. Thank you to all of ‘theReal’ members for contributing donations ~~ . To the people who are affected by the forest fire, we want you to be strong! jh_kissme G-Tree Creative Congratulations on your third anniversary Wishing you will flourish in the future. From Korea-Japan Union Fan Cafe JH Kissme We sent you a flower pot for the third anniversary (fortune _ happy, happiness). G-Tree Creative’s third anniversary
  11. Her occupation right, it's quite big though. 国际婚姻事务所 所长。please translate for me lol. As i whip out my brains i see the word marriage like what? @triplem can help too? LOL My speculation that Hae Il got the gun from her. Because based on these words, she should be apart of a organisation. It should be NIS. Yeah..He does look a bit different.
  12. In a recent interview and pictorial for GQ Korea magazine, Lai Kuanlin shared his thoughts on life and expressed his deep gratitude to his fans. The idol, who is currently preparing to star in the upcoming Chinese drama “A Little Thing Called Love” after wrapping up his promotions with project group Wanna One earlier this […] The post Lai Kuanlin Talks About Karma, His Life Philosophy, And Gratitude To His Fans appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. The Gangnam District Office has decided to remove the plaque that had Roy Kim’s name written on it for the forest that was initially named after him. The forest, which is located in the middle of the Gangnam District, was set up by Roy Kim’s fans in 2013 to commemorate the release of the singer’s first […] The post Roy Kim’s Name Removed From Forest In Gangnam appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. Ep13 The Granny "We must eradicate the one in charge. No matter who..." I like feisty No. But this will be a long and hard fight. Old evil dudes, who can die any minute because of their fatted hearts and livers, still having the need to go through this project. "You will rip Carrie like that" Seo has a name for the tent? lmao "I was raised spoiled" He kills me and he has a nice butt, if I may say. The cleaning lady dragging him, poor Seo. No and Han getting thankfully closer again and welp, of course her secretary is a mole for Kang.... Idk I find it hilarious how Kang brings No into the bank to get rid off people he doesn't likes, but he will be probably his downfall. *insert VP Lee chuckle* Those two dudes giving No tips is a tad suspicious to me, as their motto is always to lean back and chill. "You have such pretty eyes" *Checks his eyes* SEO "He is practically an amoeba" and you are a dull, duuuuul man, Moon. Why is this so funny? And why can't I meet him in a lift? Ohh, Lee trying get No onto his side.. A messy hottie, who lives for drama. Bahaha, how he goes to Kang, in such good mood and then sees Han. As if he is like "But I am the chosen one". Kang also a messy Queen, knowing where to bother Lee. Yes, I enjoyed this so much "You have to brew that tea a bit longer, in order to get the best taste". "A tiger cub is still a tiger". Kang ready to kick back, but Lee knows what Kang is planning. And he has already a strategy by seeing his pregnant secretary. There come the disgruntled union leaders "Don't you care about the welfare of our employees?" Lee, you weasel Oh this backfired hard, damn, and this in public. Btw the ratings did fall again, I am surprised since it is getting even more interesting. Seems the show 'Her Private Life' gained some of their watchers. Oh, well..
  15. Yes I plan to I have to attend a meeting later at school then dinner with my daughter, but should be able to make it back home with enough time. Those chicken made me feel hungry... maybe I'll go have KFC later. Okay who is the new girl? They're still bringing a new character this late?? What are your speculations? And why is Kim looking slightly different. Face a bit swollen, huh? The more complete trailer wih better pic quality, I saw a tear from Han!!
  16. Hi Lauren

    I tried to download your link in youtube but it not working. Do you know which software that I can use. thank you

  17. Jo In Sung shows support for VIP preview of the movie, 'Inseparable Bros' 041819
  18. @Sejabin I don’t remember why I was crying . Thank you for being concerned. @mouse007 Thanks. I’m better now.
  19. LOLLLLL At one point was afraid that people will call me Napa Cabbage. LOL. But I will just keep sushi Lol. KNG story twitter, actually took my High cut interview first. This is how i know we got eyes from the outside. Lollll 994
  20. @stroppyse Already reported by me last night sunbaenim ... (& maybe the others also did it). Sorry for replied the haters in this thread & thank you, your team fast respond
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