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  2. KJW and PMY chemistry is super hot and were still on episode 4. They are in a Yoo In Na-Lee Dong Wok level kind of hotness in terms of pairing. I love it
  3. I think SM kept a barrier from JS so she wouldn’t be targeted by her dad. If the preview is like it alluded to that he was using LA, then maybe he was using JI too as bait and all those times he visited her were on purpose to mislead his dad since he had a good understanding on his behavior.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been meaning to ask something but I forgot, on ep 34 at the cave the gang met this lady wu, who is she? WJ seemed to knew her.
  5. 190416 Dongwan's Instagram update. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221514690425 Update 2. Alternate link: https://m.blog.naver.com/centaro71/221515391016 Dongwan the handyman. Maybe he can start planting flowers or small plants next. I'm sure he's itching to do that, but he's quite busy.
  6. have sent you and @ktcjdrama PM with the links. there should be all eps hopefully. it was worth watching and yea, he seems to be good at doing very difficult roles. will try and see if I can find "the journey" on netflix or some other site... @Ameera Ali ~ yea random watching on netflix and it recommended tango. this is the first series I have actually finished all episodes. for some reason, netflix annoys me and I basically end up dropping most of what I watch... don't mind any language as long it is short and not too dark! hahahaha... I keep wanting to watch some turkish series but they are SO LONG!!! not enough patience! and excited that I finally get to share bepannah with @USAFarmgirl as I stumbled on the subs. yay! if nothing else, the guy is hot and broody and it is enough to get you through the first half! hahahaha... (the second half is a hilarious mess as the channel interfered...) 604
  7. No worries, I love a good rom-com. And KJW. But I still need my dose of crime investigative stuff. KJW plays dark moody role better though. Still have yet to see him being adorkable... 606
  8. Indeed, so many breakups hahaha.... 1st breakup > snake island on the beach 2nd breakup > by the river 3rd breakup > WJ and ZR getting marry 4th breakup > return to Mongols, threw hairpin WJ mentioned three women in the drama resembled his mom MM > beautiful A Li > her eyes and smiles XZ > singing Sorry ZR, WJ never mention anything about you.
  9. 190415 Office DH Facebook update. Logo changed! Still look like a construction company to me.
  10. @newyee yeah honestly after this week, the Parks can keep NJ and lose all their wealth for all I care. That would serves them right. Seeing how the chairman treated his sons, I don't really want to see what he can do with Chan and Dori. Probably pitting them against each other well if he lives that long. If by next week, they are still buying that fake story then that's on them. LSH needs to focus on his own family, the one he actually built. He's dedicating way too much time to them and their messes. Are they really planning on staying in that house that doesn't even belong to them? I remembered when he first regained his memory, he told Sanha he needed to get them out of NJ's house, but it's like that plot has been forgotten. Apparently, they can't get a new house, but can buy expensive spy cams and remodel a room for a kid lol I never trust SH mom, not one bit. If she had the same resources that NJ and Aera had, she would have done worse than throwing a grandson or yelling at her daughter to divorce her missing husband just so she can marry a rich guy. She is just as greedy but pretending she's above all that. A true hypocrite.
  11. there are two PSJ kissing scenes and two PMY kissing scenes on this kissing gif compilation https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/66866664.html?weibo_id=4363102780476744
  12. Dongwan spotted on Instagram. Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwTsF2IgTx7/
  13. @lu09 @dulceres I hope we not going towards end similar to It’s my life @newyee how many time we gonna witness same crazy scene from SH & her mom , give me my husband , my child , my necklace, what next give me LSH dad
  14. Hehe that was me! I wish they didn’t make Eun Gi what looks to be a passive aggressive second lead. He really has no chance, and I wish they didn’t have to make his character like that. Why couldn’t he just have stayed as the older brother who supports Deok Mi’s happiness ? And we know he will, but having to watch him suffer through that and knowing how it will affect the dynamic between him and DM... Anyways, you worded all that I wanted to say so beautifully! I think it’s going to be very hard for him to separate himself as DM’s dependable older brother to EG, a man who wants to present himself to her. Maybe it was the way he became upset about SJ leaving DM alone with Ryan at the park, or the way he asked her why it couldn’t be him (which flew over DM’s head tbh). I would have rather had the second female lead alone and not have made it a love square. I think what disappoints me a little is how they used the fact that DM was a fangirl who was too busy to be bothered dating as a way for him to keep her safely by his side, which is TRUE but am I wrong for interpreting it as him taking advantage of that fact? I will continue to excuse him because of his complex family dynamic but I hope my opinion of his character doesn’t change any more than this. @Kasmic Thanks for sharing these swoon worthy GIFs!!! My favorite hobby must be looking to deeply into things, but I just really loved the wall scene, maybe even more than the park HAHA. Apart from the chemistry, this small scene really made me feel how much trust they have in each other. Here’s Ryan and Deok Mi who barely know each other, lowering their guard for one another in such an intimate moment. And I think it was so interesting how quickly Deok Mi put her face in front of his with no hesitation, and how Ryan naturally followed suit. The way they are naturally so drawn to each other is so palpable and it makes me squeal seeing how much they don’t even realize it yet. Oh gosh, we’re all going to have such a hard time when they actually finally kiss. Can’t wait!!! @zenya22 You said everything I wanted to say and more! Thank you for your wonderful post!!! Their trust in each other is what really set their chemistry in stone for me
  15. Seems this one on board for different reason muahahaua... Btw heard this from manhwa. But i dont know where to read the comics. 604
  16. Ha ha , what I do , I got weaknesses for his beautiful lips -2
  17. @sushilicious I read good stuff about my chan drama ...it’s black comedy i am actually working today . Having a short break now . My dramas are calling me 604 @Ameera Ali like I told @Lawyerh I will definitely watch it . I hv no time. I need to finish up FP first
  18. I need to boast my cotton candy selling it seems lol. Well if not worked for u @sushilicious, at least @Ameera Ali now seems on the hook. 602.
  19. @sushilicious we not gonna give up , I will sell it to you until you , throw up rainbows & other gang of FP @triplem @ktcjdramaas well be aware -2
  20. I'll try to update the Hong Kong and Taiwan Heart tour laaaaater....
  21. Yes i remember that when dating publicity of ldw n that girl is kinda weird tho for me (readers).. that news told that they just getting know each other.. but bcoz it made public so they decide to dating? I remember again i got confuse about this.. kinda they r "forced" to be together bcoz that news? If they caught being together somewhere, its just normal tho.. meet friends (male or female) is different from dating right? So for me (personally), i think there's some other issue behind that dating news tho.. its all about ent industry.. P.s: remember in tyh there's a scene when oys's agency didnt want to clear up dating rumor of oys n her drama partner? Just to boost rating tho.. its all business guys..
  22. Lol @cenching kinda just talk in to my head. Drugged me with her cup of warm tea. Righhhhtttt Ms Tea? Thus I evolved into sugarlicious via @triplem calling me a sugar monster lol...she saw me fanning that’s why lolll 600
  23. Its so good that you can do a thesis on the subject that you really like. All the best!
  24. ENTERTAINMENT 7 K-Dramas About North And South Korea To Binge-Watch Now Action + politics + romance? Yes, please! by KAREN PANGAN | 4 hours ago  ICYDK, 2018 was a big year for North and South Korea. After being separated for more than 70 years, the independent governments have made a series of promising big steps that can lead to their improved relations. The relationship between the two has been a sensitive topic for decades, but this hasn't stopped the media from talking about it, K-dramas included. In fact, it has actually given way to some of the most iconic Korean dramas ever aired. If you're a K-drama fan who loves a mix of politics, action, drama, and romance, then you'll love the list below: 1. The King 2 Hearts (2012) 2. Descendants Of The Sun(2016) While this 2016 hit doesn't really focus on North Korea, the plot includes it as a theme on critical points of the story. Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) try to navigate their relationship as they keep true to their loyalties as a soldier and a doctor. Descendants Of The Sunhits the perfect balance between action, politics, and romance, while also doing a good job in showing a side of North Korean loyalists that often goes unexplored by the media. 3. Doctor Stranger (2014) 4. City Hunter (2011) 5. Iris (2009) 6. Spy Myeong Wol (2011) 7. Blow Breeze (2016) source credit@https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/k-dramas-north-south-korea-a989-20190420-lfrm
  25. Ya i saw.. hes so cute with child actor in HPL.. He said the NG not bcos of him, and give him a hug. Yeah im still wondering what make u watch TYH. Did u make some barter with dear cenching? Muahahhaa 598
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