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  2. I’m really waiting patiently this month. I’m feeling that we will have a great news and I thought that’s the tax event. Lol!! I do think they will accept it. So excited to see HJ partnering with another great actress. Not just with actors.
  3. I’m speechless!!!! Sammi & Kenneth should dump them especially Kenneth , not married , no strings attached. 978
  4. Bahaha ... the translation of Lets Eat 2 I haven't seen dramas by this writer yet but from the titles it seems like this isn't a romantic comedy, it'll be so good to see HJ in a different genre. @samaf your wish of HJ in a TVN drama may come true @SweetLullaby Ra Mi Ran is an awesome actress, I hope they both accept. @shjfan23 I am so excited to finally hear news on her possible new project, I even thought of contacting Soop to feed us some news
  5. Ouch indeed. Lol But it's good. In my opinion. I like him for being the unconventional male lead that we always see. And he is just as good! No pressure though. Watch if you want. @ellelyana88 I'm a scary cat..... anything that cause me to jump or look away is spooky spook!! Lol
  6. ^ the airing date of The Wind Blows yes acc to this article. For extension, nothing is confirmed yet. If there's no delay, it will end on May 14. For Wooshik, he's a former idol of the group Taj Mahal. I also agree that they should focus on his career this time, he's an aspiring singer after all. And hope that Sunho will sing as part of their OST.
  7. Ohh Helloo @mrsj3n This drama is not that spooky and not much brain-frying needed. It is more of a thriller vibe though the story centering around them trying to get rid of the serial-murderer's soul, HDD. However, I like the way they balance the theme they are presenting: comedy / romance / thriller / horror (well, maybe they should cut a bit on the comedy part, because it does feel draggy in certain episodes). The romance part in this drama is better than a romance drama. It is not touchy, kissy or huggy at all, but the leads' expressions and chemistry exude this alluring aura around them when they are together.. to the point I feel the stab in my heart when they cried together for the choice of saving the world. The main leads are great indeed in expressing their emotions and inner struggle. However, I do have one complaint for the female character. Not the actress or how she acts but the character that she portrays. After watching episode 13 today, I think it's stupid for her to believe what HDD said / promised and cut herself like that (next episode's preview). It's such a waste of her talent that she didn't get proper Shamanism training before she become one. It's frustrating to see she doesn't know her way around while facing a wicked soul such as HDD. I was hoping that the Mother Shaman would live one or two more days to pass down her knowledge or at least leave some anecdotes regarding how to deal with different types of soul and some rules. SJ is getting helpless and restless while HDD is getting stronger collecting more souls. I am not sure how they would wrap up all the mess planned by HDD, but Please dear writer-nim, come up with something good in the next 3 episodes. *finger cross for a good ending*
  8. 976 Who is Kenneth? I don't get that. True.....sadly. You are.
  9. Doing my thesis on Kpop and in serious need of help lol

  10. I'm sure your silent isn't because you forget him ...and you all who love him will be back soon ...He needs you
  11. Wookie is still Gangwondo's province ambassador for tourism and will be participating in event TOMORROW, 19th April, 11 am KST, at Seoul Station, 3rd floor. There will be promotional event to boost up interest towards Gangwondo called "Again, go east" with various activities and discounts on railway given to participants. The vid is from March, 2018 when Wookie was making event for fans as Gangwondo's tourist ambassador and Olympics ambassador.
  12. Dongwan with the duck bag, lol. This is a real fashion! Link: HEUNGBUN_324SH Link: HEUNGBUN_324SH
  13. long life to the YG family, they might be a mess but they make such good music!
  14. i'm soo in love with drama, it's driving me crazy. unpopular opinion here, but for me SM and JS story is waay more interesting than LA and JI. i sometimes forgot that those two (LA and JI) are the main lead. well tbh JI is my least favorite character here. her conflict seems "lighter" compared to SM and even JS. however, her scene with LA is adorable so i cant really complain haha
  15. Will see if it's available on my netflix. I watched April Snow and liked the way the story is told, even though adultery is not the genre I would go to, it's still a very real issue. 974
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