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G.dragon Shocking Koreans With His Outfit Worn At 20's Choice

happy.birthdayhappy.birthday G-Dragon's closetPosts: 941Member


Crossed the line this time?
Was this already posted?


Link to news article (korean) :

As you can see, it's those buttons/stickers on his shirt. image

Since it was worn in public live television it's causing Koreans are getting angry and even his fans are saying that he crossed the line this time.

What things people have said:
-It has individualtity (?) (개성), but it's not considered appropriate at all in Korea where they are much more conservative.
-It's not sure if GD was the one who chose the shirt or if it was his codi but it is like that Gdragon would wear.
-People are afraid that it would influence the teens and twenties since the majority of Big Bang's fans are in that age range since Big Bang are widely known to be trendsetters.
-GD is doing this for attention. (probrably said by the antis. >_<)

Some people are bringing up that TOP's incident (the Japanese flag on his jacket) with it which he already apologized for.

Eh, I hope this doesn't affect them too much. Big Bang esp. Gdragon is known for their fashion sense and hopefully the Koreans will let go of it soon.
What are you guys' opinions?
Personally, I don't have a problem with his shirt. I was slightly surprised when I first saw the pics but then it's not really a big deal here in America. Besides GD looks good in anything and I admire for him being bold. BUT I think he kinda should have put more consideration before wearing it since the Koreans reactions is expected... or I suppose he knew what he was doing since I mean, he IS Kwon Ji Yong, Big Bang's genius leader. (hehe, I'm biased)
Well I hope he's okay since their performance hasn't gone very well either (stupid mics) and LET'S SUPPORT GD and BIG BANG!
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  • SMiLEySx3SMiLEySx3 Cali &#33; ^__^Posts: 1,002Member
    Well i don`t think they should freak out about it .
    They should know about GD`s unique styles .
    Its juhs his personality<3
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  • miki_chanmiki_chan Posts: 4,015Member


    All i can say is LOL.
    LOL at that thing on his head.
    And LOL at everything.

    Thats GDragon for you <3
  • tecktonik/tecktonik/ i live for shinee. in taemins roomPosts: 1,139Member
    edited August 2008
    People will probably forgive him and make excuses because hes a guy.

    I honestly think the shirt is kinda strange. Im used to seeing worse things here, so this shirt wasn't a big deal to me. Probably for koreans, it was a bit more shocking because they're much more conservative than the US. It probably wasn't a good idea to wear such a shirt, whether its his "style" or not. He should of put more consideration into it. =/
  • Ass3navAss3nav Posts: 463Member
    edited August 2008
    The only thing I found wrong was his hat. I mean what was he thinking wearing that.

    Thought I shuould add that sex is a natural part of human life. ROFL
  • vkimvkim Ontario, CanadaPosts: 80Member
    lol that tshirt is so random...

    to tell you the truth, that type of top isn't exactly "socially acceptable" in north america either, but someone designed it, and someone's gonna end up wearing it. i dunno what the big deal is, considering i've seen dbsk wear shirts that have hilarious, "inappropriate" phrases i.e. "the answer is blowin' in the weed". and if anyone's seen the japanese version of rising sun and jj's tshirt...hahaha.

    at the end of the day, there are hideous outfits out there that are just as much of a crime as wearing a tshirt with some explicit phrases.

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  • nclyncly Posts: 8,159Member


    i never thought people would make such a big deal about that
    when i saw those stickers/buttons i was just laughing my head off...
    it is kinda inappropriate and in since it's like public live..
    but come on...
  • colloquycolloquy Yes, I am a woman. FloridaPosts: 3,886Member
    edited August 2008
    Isn't this the guy that flips out when a girl touches him?

    Anyway, I'm sure he loves sex and the 69 position. Glad we know he's not a virgin. Or at least watches pornos.
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  • lovetoday.lovetoday. Posts: 4,174Banned


    edited August 2008
    __________ ____________"
    hahahahaha, it's pretty funny to be honest.
    it's only a shirt; but their opinion right?
    but i think it's fine, some guys wear clothes worse than thattt
    and jiyong`s unique, i love his style (:
  • Yunho&amp;lt;3Yunho&lt;3 Weirdo indeed. In a chicken.Posts: 1,471Member
    edited August 2008
    The only thing i notice was ''I love SEX'' and his hairstyle.
    I didn't like GD style for Haru haru.
    What does 69 stand for?
    Justin Nozuka<3
  • caseylcaseyl better be nobody stealing those cookies from my cookie jar! usaPosts: 483Member
    wow a lot of people are viewing this.

    i never heard of top wearing an offensive jacket.
    but i dont get whats so offensive about the japan flag on his jacket

    i wonder if g-dragon knows what he's wearing.
    maybe he was unaware! 'cause no one in their right mind
    will wear things that says "I LOVE SEX" 69 69 69 69
    to an award show... and god damn his stupid raccoon hat. GOD DAMn
  • blank_blank_cuti3blank_blank_cuti3 once a lobo is always a loboPosts: 882Member
    I personally don't think that there's anything wrong with wearing the shirt because that's the thing you hear everyday about (well, in america...) I don't understand why Korea is making such a big deal out of it, but I guess that's just how they are... image

    However, reading this makes me feels like the source is like biased or Big Bang anti or something because if you know, you're a BIg Bang fan, I don't think anybody would complain as long as you get to see them...LIke if you guys didn't pointed out the shirt, I didn't even know it has those comments on it... image

    I feel bad for GD though cuz now he's having alot of pressure + workload! Big Bang SERIOUSLY need some rests! And the performance at Mnet 20's Choice would've totally rocked if Mnet did their job correctly! At the begining, they got everybody confused and so Top + GD have to come & rescue the performance, still, the mics were horrible. After I watch Seungri's fancam, it seems like it was echo-ing, then sometimes, it turned on & off too...

  • LucasBunnyLucasBunny What will I do without him? Posts: 15,205Member


    I can't believe people getting mad over words, he wore an even worse shirt at the YG concert in NY that said "Girls Girls Girls" and two ladies having sex on it. image btw wtf is that on his head??
  • --hearts.--hearts. Posts: 4,531Member


    I see the I <3 sex, 69, and *F* you too...but I can't make out any of the others. Korean stars usually always wear clothes that say weird things, but I guess I can see why people have a bigger problem with this particular one. Even so, the media likes to pick on odd things. Certain things get by with them and certain things don't. Sheesh.
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  • pnaichipnaichi RentonPosts: 531Member
    i get how they were offended with GD's shirt but what's wrong with
    TOP's sweater thingy?? i mad were they? infuriated??

    hmm...can someone update me??
  • last love.last love. Posts: 5,330Member
    edited August 2008

    Maybe this is just my American culture speaking, but I don't find it that offensive. ._. But then again, when you take into consideration the Korean culture, it's probably much worse than what I believe it is. But yeah, maybe he did push it a bit. =/ I still support GD 99%, but the statements on his shirt are a bit .. strong. ._.

    And why bring up TOP's incident? That was a long time ago. No need to dig up the past to make them look even worse.

  • Booger FaceBooger Face processed cheese. NorCalPosts: 2,892Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (Yunho<3 @ Aug 23 2008, 09:44 PM) »
    The only thing i notice was ''I love SEX'' and his hairstyle.
    I didn't like GD style for Haru haru.
    What does 69 stand for?

    69 means a man and a woman giving oral sex at the same time.
  • xserenexserene Southern CaliforniaPosts: 793Member


    hm... i must agree with the critics.
    although i love gd, i also feel that he has crossed the line..
  • T3girlT3girl AustraliaPosts: 459Member
    Hahaha "69" and "I <3 Sex". image
    I don't see anything wrong with that outfit.
    Except for the hat. What was he thinking when he choose to wear that hat?
    About his shirt, I think he has the right to wear anything he wants to wear.
    It's just his style. It does add individuality to his style.
    And I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing.
    But the public shouldn't over react.
  • LemonMudLemonMud upPosts: 422Member
    lol at his head hahaha i love his ... ahahahah gd's great
    i guess i can see why they would get a little worked up about it, but i don't think it should be made such a big deal...
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  • aliusalius Posts: 708Banned


    edited August 2008
    i dont see anything wrong with those buttons and msg. is a fashion, and he's cool. Korean aint conservative as media portraited. in real life, they are worse.
    this reminded me of Rain's shirt incident where he was leaving from roof-top to helicoper. his shirt got a woman's breast printed black/white on it. and yet he wearing it in his private time and someone took photos of him and then spread around internet causing chaos among fans and general public.

    Korean should just chilled out
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