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G.dragon Shocking Koreans With His Outfit Worn At M.net 20's Choice

Guest happy.birthday

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Guest disfunktional.

I can't believe people getting mad over words, he wore an even worse shirt at the YG concert in NY that said "Girls Girls Girls" and two ladies having sex on it. :blink: btw wtf is that on his head??

LOL! And they didn't complain bout that? xDDD I guess it's because it wasn't in Korea so it doesn't 'affect' the Korean fans.

haha, i was wondering about the hat too guys. The leopard skin is hideous. I thought of WG though ROFL. As long as it's not a picture or video of him doing it i think it's normal, but again Korea is protective and easily-offended (:


V-lol, the rest of the words aren't that bad I guess. I mean even kinder gardeners over here knows them, either that or Philly is plain bad ;D Most of the fans prolly didn't know what it meant or noticed until someone pointed it out and everyone just goes crazy.

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Guest hanniex33

I can kinda get where some of the netizens are coming from because this IS korea and it is a lot more conservative than america. I don't really think it's that big a deal but i am american.

i think the big deal with it is that GD is really famous and when you are that famous, a lot of the things you do are in the public eye. it's different with non-celebrities because what THEY wear only affect a handful of ppl- generally speaking

...i imagine it'll blow over relatively fast anyway.

as for T.O.P.'s jacket thing that a lot of people are asking about, it's because of that japanese flag on it. it's like the old WWII flag (i think) and for alot of the older generation of koreans, it's a very touchy subject because of the japanese occupation of korea. i don't think it would have mattered if it was the modern japanese flag.

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credit: stardaisy212 from Big Bang thread (soompi forums)

so this was designed by John Galliano...

one of GD's favorite designer i guess...

since big bang wear that brand pretty much alot..

either it was the stylist who gave him the shirt...or GD was just liking to shirt and thought it would match the performance...

so the "i<3sex" and other stuff were already on the shirt..

those words thinging weren't chosen by GD anyawys...

it's like already on the shirt...

oh well...

i just hope people settle down...

or GD better apologize....i'll support him all the way anyways~~

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Guest mintberry

Uhh..is this suppose to be a big issue?

because there are LOADS of shirts like that out there.

And they can't blame GD because I don't think he chose the outfits. Must be the Codi.

Wow. Korean netizens knows the little details on your shirt @_@

I can't even notice the writing >.>

I thought they were making a big deal out of the leopard prints LOL.

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Guest honeybeat44

i can see why people in Korea would be offended b/c they are conservative but at the same time maybe b/c I'm not Korean i really don't see whats wrong it maybe if it was just a shirt he wore and wasn't on tv wearing it maybe then his fans wouldn't be upset b/c they fee like his image is being tarnished but in any situation like this there's always gonna be a catch 22

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Guest nikkie19

i think in some ways it's kinda wrong

i mean as far as i know koreans are conservative..

and the comments are right most of the fans are teenagers

that look up to them

but maybe someone ask him to wear that..

but some people say that gdragon has a unique style

but sometimes maybe he should think if it is appropriate to the eyes

of the majority of people...

please take note i'm not an anti i actually like bigbang's songs

this is just a comment about GD & the shirt

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Guest Ching Ching

Although I support Big Bang and esp. GD, did he really think about what the shirt said?

It's okay if it's just "I really like how this shirt looks... I'll wear it anyways." 'Cause there's

this shirt that says "LIES LIES LIES" and I wanted to wear it 'cause it's a Big Bang song.

But it actually said "My girlfriend always LIES LIES LIES." I wore it anyway. Well, I hope

that nothing scandalous happens to GD. I'm really worried for his rep. AND dream. :C


Maybe he wore that shirt because in the "Oh My Friend" MV, he played as a mad man. Hm...

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Guest bobo33

Personally I don't mind it at all, it's just a style/trend/whatever you call it. I thought they were rather cute, but I guess I don't take such things very seriously.

I don't like his outfit in general though, esp the HAT -.-, and the spotted brown shirt he had on... didn't work for me.

But I suppose he should have considered that Korea is after all a conservative country and I wouldn't be surprised at their reactions.

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Guest cupquakee.

The only thing I found wrong was his hat. I mean what was he thinking wearing that.

Thought I shuould add that sex is a natural part of human life. ROFL

LOLS! that's what i thought! i was like "that hat...needs to go away, at least some people agree." and then i read some more and then i was like "his shirt?" i had to scroll back up and check HAHAHA

i would be more shocked at his hat ( even though he wore it before )

but his shirt...eh, he's a guy.

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Guest gem2461

i dont see anything wrong with those buttons and msg. is a fashion, and he's cool. Korean aint conservative as media portraited. in real life, they are worse.

this reminded me of Rain's shirt incident where he was leaving from roof-top to helicoper. his shirt got a woman's breast printed black/white on it. and yet he wearing it in his private time and someone took photos of him and then spread around internet causing chaos among fans and general public.

Korean should just chilled out

The thing is... this one was in public.

I mean, they're idols. And I think they have the responsibility to act appropriately.

And saying that "YOU LOVE SEX" is definitely not appropriate...

Well, if you're a pornstar, it might be OK but he's not... Oh well...

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Guest TiFFaNiZeD

^haha that makes me laugh.

but yea...who the heck in their right minds would wear that to an award show?? o.O where everybody watches?

not everybody wants to see him...esp not with that shirt.

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Guest marialolly

What T3girl said is right.

He wears whatever he wants.

Even tough i like the shirt that he wears and wearing a fake eye lashes under the eyes. :D

But.. what with the hat? o.O

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