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G.dragon Shocking Koreans With His Outfit Worn At M.net 20's Choice

Guest happy.birthday

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Guest mybrokenwings


he looks like am animal wearing that outfit and hat...

and omg LOL the stickers aahahha

i think pplz are kind of overreacting about this...

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Guest monaero

At first, I thought the hat was his hair lol. All I can say is that he's bold. It doesn't really matter anyway. GD and Big Bang are still going to have their Also, either people will forget about this in a couple of days or this will be upstaged by a juicier piece of controversy/scandal.

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Guest ohhlalakelly

Usually people that don't get any, like to over compensate.... just saying.

LOL!!!!! :lol:

GD is one very interesting man. :rolleyes:

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Guest comcis

I guess I am one of a few people here thinking it's too much.

True, people should wear what they want or like, but then again, he's an adol and basically paid for being a role model for teens, so I totally get where the netizens come from. Seriously, if I have a kid and he starts wearing the same t-shirt after this, I would so ban him from Big bang stuff.

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lol that tshirt is so random...

to tell you the truth, that type of top isn't exactly "socially acceptable" in north america either, but someone designed it, and someone's gonna end up wearing it. i dunno what the big deal is, considering i've seen dbsk wear shirts that have hilarious, "inappropriate" phrases i.e. "the answer is blowin' in the weed". and if anyone's seen the japanese version of rising sun and jj's tshirt...hahaha.

at the end of the day, there are hideous outfits out there that are just as much of a crime as wearing a tshirt with some explicit phrases.

so true. i've seen much much more scandalicious phrases worn by korean celebs. it might be offending to some, but def no worth to make a big del over this. he's not crossing the line imo. netizen always find something to pick on.

plus, i've always thought PARENTS are the ones, who need to teach their children what to wear and what not. since when should idols take on the job in first place? bigbang has done "worse" stuff like swearing in their lyrics etc..

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Guest mama_gir1

It's a show, that's what it's about.

He's doing his job putting on a great show.

Think of it as his costume for a drama or something.

I don't see the big deal out of it.

And yeah, personally, I love the boldness.

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but i dont get whats so offensive about the japan flag on his jacket

Same reason you don't see Jews walking around with Nazi flags on their jackets.

Look up the history of that specific flag and Korean/Japanese relations during that time. Then you'll see why people might get upset.

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Guest JustUNuSUal

Personally i dun think there's anything wrong with that

But i guess he should have known how the korean crowd would react to it

I'd over-react on the leopard print pattern and the hat instead.

Anyways with the japanese flags..

TOP is like. YOUNG. I think pro-axis sentiments would have been the last thing on his mind >.>

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Guest g-dragonlove

hahaha i love sex lol don't we all, i don't think its that big of a deal. but i can understand why some ppl might have a problem with it, yes it inappropriate. but who cares? iouno..

it looks good (y)

kudos to my man gd!

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Guest yongie_wonhi

I don't see a problem with it, why did they make it such a big commotion? Everyone knows how unique GD is, besides, he can't read English very well so maybe he doesn't even know it even means that. But even if he knows what it means, it doesn't make a bad influence on teens. I've seen guys wear worse, and no one cares about them. :mellow: They just have to point out just because it's Jiyong. <_< Sex is part of a cycle of life, and men his age usually gets the hormone levels raise a bit higher up, so it shouldn't be a shock. And who cares if there's one that says: Fcuk You Too. It's still jiyong, and we love him for his unique style. They should seriously just drop it. And I'm sure they'll forgive him, because come on, he's a celebrity. And because it's jiyong. But still, they should just understand that it's just a design and no one is going to actually go and do everything Jiyong's shirt writes. Seriously.

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Guest dynomite925

ok i can understand if people are angry about the " i love sex" or "69" patches/buttons...i can see how that's offensive especially in an Asian country with people who are considered to still hold that conservative and traditional mentality...but come on, if kids take it upon themselves to constantly follow these trends then...i guess we're already a lost cause...besides...I LOVE BIG BANG as much as the next crazed kpop fan...but that shirt...hideous...even our poor jiyongie cannot pull something like that off...so for once, let's all be ..big kids or pretend to be and blame it on... a wardobe malfunction...or a major lapse in judgement and focus on the music...or even just their pretty little faces...shy away from the bad shirt and hopefully, they'll learn to ...check what they wearing before going on in front of ...people.

this wasn't meant to insult or offend anyone...just more of a ..reality check..or... wishful thinking :)

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Guest xLostLoLx

well, i don't really mind about it other than his that hair/wig/hat... hahahahaha

i don't see the reason for bashing just because he wears it...

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Guest simplyKatie.


tht was shocking, but i think it's ok

i mean it's not like he really means it...

i know it might offend people there, but like here we're so use to

seeing celebs like tht, its no biggie

maybe, next time he should just be more careful.

but i've got no problem

it's just a shirt, and it's not like he yelled it out in public

he just wore it.lol

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