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[Official] ChaeKi/Burning Toast Couple Thread [Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won]



  • VISAYVISAY Posts: 477Member


    Song Joong Ki will support her all the way!


    So, Burnt Toast ~ Let's show our LOVE!


    Moon Chae-won in "Green Mass" with Joo Won

    Actress Moon Chae-won has been cast for the movie "Green Mass".

    She takes on the role of Cha Yoon-seo, the first doctor role of her life. This is her first drama come back since the drama "Nice Guy".

    Moon Chae-won's role of Cha Yoon-seo is in her second year as a pediatrician and has a storng sense of principle and duty. Her childhood dream was to become a kindergarten teacher but changed her dream during a charity program at a childhood cancer department.

    She graduated the greatest medical university at the top of her class and was acknowledged of her outstanding talent, quickly making her a full-time doctor. She is bold and is truthful to her principles and she says what she wants to say when she wants to.

    She will be acting along Joo Won as Park Si-on and Joo Sang-wook as Kim Do-han. She has a crush onJoo Sang-wook but also cares for Joo Won.

    Moon Chae-won said, "I read the thought of the writer trying to talk about warmth and hope. I was also curious about the life of doctors who are constantly meeting with patients".


    well im a joo won and ue shipper during "ojakyo brothers"so it will be hard for me to be convinced  for chae won tandem though i know joo won is also a good actor

    but still no one can beat the fire of our CHAEKI PAIR (bias much)
    :x :x :x

    calling all the BURNING TOASTIES who has a talent in writing fan fiction 

    please feel free to join the bond wagon of our talented chaeki fan fiction writers here in the thread

    so we can still enjoy our chaeki dream while waiting for the miracle someday who knows another chaeki drama will come in the future we can never tell(hoping much mode)
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