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  1. Anyone here still ships them? And does anyone know their couple name? Why isn't there a thread for them here?
  2. This thread is dedicated to the lovely couple, ChaeKi, who has been blinding us with their burning chemistry. I would like to say that I do not own any of the pictures/videos. cr: @coolcoke. POUR YOUR HEART OUT AND POST ANYTHING YOU WANT REGARDING CHAEKI IN THIS THREAD. cr: @coolcoke Threads: Song Joong Ki Official Thread Moon Chae Won Official Thread Nice Guy Official Thread Fanfics: @limanh : AWAKENING OF LOVE @SJKMCW: THE HEART WAS MADE TO BE BROKEN @riendonghae: I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU @batty22: SOULMATES @bloodiamond: I CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU @ic3chocolate: PRELUDE OF LO
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