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  1. Hi, guys. I've never posted in this thread before but I've known of the hype about them since DoTS days. Everyone loved them so much. It's sad to hear about their divorce. Hopefully, both of them can recover from their wounds and heal properly in their own pace and time. Perhaps, it's really due to the difference in their personalities. Let's wish them their best in their future.
  2. This thread is dedicated to the lovely couple, ChaeKi, who has been blinding us with their burning chemistry. I would like to say that I do not own any of the pictures/videos. cr: @coolcoke. POUR YOUR HEART OUT AND POST ANYTHING YOU WANT REGARDING CHAEKI IN THIS THREAD. cr: @coolcoke Threads: Song Joong Ki Official Thread Moon Chae Won Official Thread Nice Guy Official Thread Fanfics: @limanh : AWAKENING OF LOVE @SJKMCW: THE HEART WAS MADE TO BE BROKEN @riendonghae: I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU @batty22: SOULMATES @bloodiamond: I CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU @ic3chocolate: PRELUDE OF LOVE @camzy: MY REASON TO LIVE
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