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  1. Hello, guys! I've been lurking and reading your posts. I've decided to post because I have something to say about today's episode. MKT is slowly warming up to GMY! I love the last part of the episode. For those who didn't watch the live streaming, you are in for something sweet.
  2. Anyone here still ships them? And does anyone know their couple name? Why isn't there a thread for them here?
  3. Today's episode is kind of sweet. I love how they look at each other. I waited as well. Hahah. They uploaded it after 10 pm.
  4. @lyrically aesthetic @moonlover @seojiseoji Yeap! I'll be staying over here with you guys! But I won't be posting much though.
  5. @lyrically aesthetic @seojiseoji @yejisoohyun @moonlover Thanks for the welcome! And yes, can’t wait to see them!
  6. Yayyyy! I can’t wait for the drama to air. I’m already shipping them! Hopefully, their chemistry will be very good once the drama airs!