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[Official] ChaeKi/Burning Toast Couple Thread [Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Won]

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oh my! they are just perfect...and yeah i can see that it's quiet here...
everybody's busy in the nice guy thread...

when i see their moments and pictures i just want to pinch and squeeze my own face...i can't stop spazzing...
they are just perfect together....they're both beautiful :D and 1 year age gap...what more you need?!
My dear OTP...please end up together if not in real life just beg the writer to end the drama with a happy ending you two together!

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class="blog_h2 entry-title"Song Joong Ki: “Moon Chae Won is a goddess and Park Si Yeon is the sexiest”

Source: en.korea


Actor Song Joong Ki recently talked about actresses Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon.

The October 13 episode of KBS’s Entertainment Relay interviewed Song, who is drawing a lot of attention with his TV series Innocent Man.

During the interview, Song talked about Moon and Park, who he performs with on the series.

Song said, “In real life, Moon is so pretty that she looks like a goddess. Park is the sexiest married actress I’ve ever seen.”

Song also said that he thinks becoming a better person helps him to become a better actor.



Thank you, for sharing those PS. do mind to share them in NG's thread also, chingu?

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