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Lee Yo Won 이요원



  • MSDANNAMSDANNA Posts: 98Member, New Member


    edited May 2012
      My link

    Actress Lee Yo-Won is cast in upcoming movie LEGEND PUNCH (literal title of "Jeonseolui Joomeok"), directed by Kang Woo-Suk ("Public Enemy"/"Moss"). Movie already has cast male actors Hwang Jung-Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Yoon Je-Moon & Park Won-Sang.

    LEGEND PUNCH revolves around a reality TV show involving regular people taking part in a fight contest for a cash prize. Actress Lee Yo-Won will play the PD for the reality TV show. Filming is scheduled to begin in the middle of July, 2012.

    omg i am super excited for the 2012 for lee yo won.
    her new film perfect love/perfect number wii be showing this year
    and now i recently read that she has been cast for a new film. the  director was known for public enemy sequel and the super blockbuster  silmido... hmmm i hope she will make a new drama with kim nam gil...
  • MSDANNAMSDANNA Posts: 98Member, New Member


    catch surgeon bong dal hee at arirang tv

    for full schedule

    try this link:

  • nikachan2008nikachan2008 Posts: 2,467Member


    edited May 2012
    MSDANNA, welcome to LYW's thread & thanks for the movie info. Can we watch Daemang/Great Ambition on that channel you shared?

    Found this news article on 10Asia.
    Lee Yo-won to play a producer in Kang Woo-suk's new film

    This is really great! We will be seeing two movies of LYW next year, plus a drama maybe, I hope. I guess we will not see LYW on small screen this year.. she seems concentrating on making movies. Well, at least there's something we can look forward.

    The movie is is based on the popular webcomics, "Legend Punch". I searched about it & found & read the manga. I think I like the character that LYW will be playing :w00t: . It's too bad, I could only read the online comics up to chapter 5. Check it out everyone & find out the character LYW will be playing. Here's the link: Legend Punch

  • ninimininimi Posts: 2,849Member


    yeay! i'm a bit surprised to hear the news about Yowon's new Movie, haha,,, Perfect Love hasn't been released yet and now another movie. and thx to MSDANNA for the english explaination of the news, i read in chinesse and korean web and i'm puzzled what is that about, i thought Yowon will play as the fighter. LOL oooh thx God her role is as the PD.
    this is new, PD? maybe this will be the perfectionist PD or a career tidy woman, well i think i should read the comics.
    thx for the comics link nika !
    Lee Yo Won ~ The Gorgeous
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  • MSDANNAMSDANNA Posts: 98Member, New Member


    thanks to the warm reception. .
     I am a huge fan of lee yo won ..
    I just wish she would have the official twitter, facebook,  web pages which we can transmit a message directly to her most of the top artists in Korea have accounts on social sites like her co-stars
    kohyun jung (mishil)
    uhm tae Woong (Yushin)
    nam gyu ri (shin ji hyun)
    II jung woo (scheduler)
    bae su bin (kang min ho)
    jo hun jae (han kang)
    top celebrity like
    kim tae hee
    son ye jin
    and even kpop stars)
     and many others
    i hope she will reconsider to open any social sites

    to your queston  Ms nikachan2008 only surgeon bong dalhee is currently being air on arirang tv during week ends ..
  • rintintintinrintintintin Shining star superstar NeverlandPosts: 1,353Member


    I'm glad that we have another news about our queen this time! Thanks nika and MSDANNA for the updates about her. I really miss her very much and I can't wait to see her movie soon. :)
    "I prove that I'll be successful in the near future." :)
  • loveitallloveitall Posts: 821Member


    Thanks for the updates. I'm excited to see the movie. I think it's the character I'm waiting to see from Lee Yowon. I'm sure she'll do great job as PD.
                                                            "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee"   
                           “Does my hair style look a bit strange? I wanted to look like a doctor.” ~~ Lee Yo-won 
                     “I want to be an actor who can move the audience with truth. My wish is to succeed in my work.”

  • _Inmyeong__Inmyeong_ Posts: 28Member
    It's so nice to be back!!biggrin.gif
    i came back with nothing to share about our Queen... I'm sorry

    so our Queen have a new movie, I'm so excited and I'll definitely watch it.
    thanks PHETBEO for the photos, your the best as always....
    thanks everyone for the latest news of our LYWwub.gif.
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  • CaliffeyCaliffey New YorkPosts: 12Member
    hi everyone i'm back and thanks for those welcoming remarks :D

    wow i can't wait anymore.. i wanna watch her new film..
    btw sad to say i can't anymore found the surgeon bong dal hee bloopers because all links are dead and expired..
    and i hope our queen have another baby maybe 1 or 2 babies because it's really lonely when you're an only child like i am (u don't have playmates or someone to talk to) haha...
    and one more thing does our majesty knows that kim nam gil and jung il woo likes her.. haha what a long hair our majesty has... :)
  • MSDANNAMSDANNA Posts: 98Member, New Member


    i really like the new look of soompi
  • rintintintinrintintintin Shining star superstar NeverlandPosts: 1,353Member


    Hi to all LYW fans out there... Any news to our dear queen? Gosh, I'm missing her now. :(

    @MSDANNA I don't think if I'm happy with this new soompi look. At first, I'm getting confused when I saw the new look of that site but this time, It's cute and nice but there's no edit on what you post argh! :-<
    "I prove that I'll be successful in the near future." :)
  • nikachan2008nikachan2008 Posts: 2,467Member


    Same here Rintintin, I got confused & lost. But Soompi is still fixing everything to upgrade the site. We will surely see an awesome site once everything is in place. I just hope that the new Soompi, when we open each page is not emblazoned with commercials like some of those websites I've stumbled upon. With so many of them hanging around, it's confusing & not relaxing.

    Yeah, no latest news or buzz about our Queen.

    Califfey, good to hear from you again. Try browsing this link . Candychen posted & collected many videos of LYW there. I'm sure you can find some video clips of SBDH. Enjoy..

    To your question, well, if LYW was listening to what KNG & JIW were saying, probably she knows. But then she's not anymore in the position to think & consider about it, right? Well, it was good to see them act with LYW. JIW & LYW will always be my SONG couple and LYW & KNG will always be the BIDEOK couple.

    Yeah, I can understand your feelings about being an only child.. I wish I could produce lots of babies.. LOL!

    Inmyeong, it's nice to have you back too. Definitely we will watch LYW's new movies.

    loveitall, she's a very demanding & aggressive PD. It's something I am looking forward to see, LYW kicking some Richard Simmons, LOL.

    Thanks MSDANNA. I like LYW's character in Daemang & I would miss her sometimes. When that comes I want to see the drama again. It's been on iidrama site before but it's gone now, too bad.

    If I remember it correctly, LYW had a twitter account before. Our dear Ninimi or was it her friend? was able to receive a reply to their message from LYW. But the account is not working anymore. She probably closed it down. Like you I wish the same, but our Majesty is probably not into these things very much. I've heard other Korean female top stars hold fan meetings, but she never did it even once. I guess we just have to go along with her, a movie/TV Queen who prefers to stay at home & be quiet when not working.

    Ninimi, you're welcome. Hope you have read the manga.

  • rintintintinrintintintin Shining star superstar NeverlandPosts: 1,353Member


    ^ Same thoughts nika I just wondering about her movie, When it will release this time? :)
    "I prove that I'll be successful in the near future." :)
  • CaliffeyCaliffey New YorkPosts: 12Member

    i just saw this from a facebook.. :D it's may 26,2012

    thanks nikachan2008 for the help but i don't see the link hehe... i envy you because you're just a sea away from our majesty... and i hope someday i can visit your country because i really like tokyo disneyland and tokyo disney resort.. :)
  • CaliffeyCaliffey New YorkPosts: 12Member
    haha nikachan2008 and why do you wish to produce more babies??? was your baby is lonely??? :)) haha it really sucks being only girl but i'm happy for my parents and i forgot to tell that i have a cousin who is a korean, she is adopted by my aunt in korea way back 1985.. and we're close.. :D
  • lostkidlostkid ~ Be original ~ Posts: 476Member


    Hi everyone!
    I'm a Soompi's new member and LYW Unnie is the only reason I registered here.
    Have known LYW Unnie for about 6 months. Coz Kfilm was absolutely not my favourite (too many idols and unreal life story, I think) before I saw her in Surgeon Bong Dal Hee drama and become her super fan. She changes my mind about Kfilm and I started to watch some of her dramas and movies (only her films are all Kfilm I have watched).
    In comparison with all of her senior fans here, I'm just a junior (but super junior fan ;)). I have read and followed this thread for a while (silent reader). I'm a kind of super lazy person, especially express my feeling. And now I can't resist to say something about my most (and only one) favourite idol.
    Too bad that I know her in this quiet time and not many people gather here. And just few new updates about her. Maybe now she's happy to take care of her family and charge energy for big comeback. Also, that part of her (family's woman) I really like and adore.
    Can't wait until her new movie (perfect Number/love)released and one more new moive (Fist) started shooting. Surely, at that time we have many things to discuss about her.

    Sorry, a little bit long speech but nothing new.
    I run out now, finish my greeting to every one here :D

    PS: Is there anyone here knowing where I can watch her movie: Take care of my cat with engsub? I try to search but not succeed (It's really hard to search her old movies and drama, too bad ). I heard that it's her really successful movie and has story about a group of girls who have just graduated from their university and they are on the way to figure out their future. It attracts me coz I'm a graduate too (for about 4 months). :((
  • MSDANNAMSDANNA Posts: 98Member, New Member


    hi lost kid welcome to lee yo won thread

    You can watch take care of my cat here

    The link is still working .

    after watching it you will agree to the cine 21 that during 2001 one of the best film
  • lostkidlostkid ~ Be original ~ Posts: 476Member


    Thanks for your welcome and your link of Take care of my cat movie MSDANNA.
    I really wish LYW Unnie's new movies will gain big success (or bigger) like Take care of my cat or May 18.
    I saw someone here love to see SBDH's NG and BTS clip (Califfey as I remember).
    Here is the TUDOU link of some NG and BTS from SBDH:
    Hope you enjoy it.
    Also, I really love LYW's BTS and NG vids. She always smiled and laughed, made everyone surrouding her feel comfortable. I laugh uncontrollably everytime I watch her NGs scenes (supper funny). Sometimes I think she was the actor causing most of funny NGs scene in the films she acted ^^.
  • nikachan2008nikachan2008 Posts: 2,467Member


    Rintintin, if you're talking about the latest movie, they haven't even started filming it yet so it will probably be released next year or the year after next. I just remembered the movie "Miso", they filmed it in 2009? & we saw the movie in 2011. LOL, I can feel how excited you are. Me too.

    Califfey, nice dig, thank you so much. I'm sorry about the link, I'm still on the process of familiarizing the new features of soompi. Here it

    That's right, Korea is really near from where I am. Though I've been there a few times already I've never stumbled to any Korean stars especially our Majesty... LOL! Well, those days I didn't care at all about them yet.

    Do your best, Disneyland is worth it.

    Well, aside from being so fond of babies I also have a Princess, now five & she complains a lot why she doesn't have any baby brothers or sisters. It breaks my heart every time I see her cry when she doesn't want to say goodbye to her playmates. Originally I want to have 4 kids but not so lucky. Well, there is still time. I hope one of these days I could give her a baby sibling to play with. If I can't, it will be the greatest regret in my life, I think. Now, now, I am confessing to the world. I thought I would follow our Queen.. keep family matters PRIVATE.. LOL! Just kidding.

    I was able to watch today's episode of Bad Love on BSN channel & I've realized LYW had a beautiful long hair in that drama & she's really beautiful.

    Hi Lostkid, seems you've found your home.. WELCOME TO LYW's THREAD! It's nice to hear from you. I remembered I also registered to soompi because of Princess Deokman - our lovely LYW. At that time QSD drama was a hot topic & I couldn't resist from saying something..

    Anyway, TCOMC is a nice movie about coming of age. Thanks MSDANNA for the link, I didn't know dramacrazy has it. When I was looking for that movie, I couldn't find it so I bought the DVD.

    Lostkid, I also recommend you watch Surprise Party. It's cute & funny.


  • lostkidlostkid ~ Be original ~ Posts: 476Member


    Thanks for your warm greeting nikachan2008.
    U are so right, I've found my home. Actually, this is my 2nd home, since I joined 1 LYW's home in my country and from it, I know this international home. It's our LYW's quiet time, so like here, just few people gather there. But I still feel comfortable and enjoy your comments and feelings about LYW Unnie (same ones as me).
    I did watch Surprise Party before. Yep, it's cute & funny. Like this name, its ending really surprised me, at first I worried that LYW's character and the male lead betray her close friend, but fortunately, they don't.
    I also watched Attack the Gas Station (cute & funny, too), When Romance meets Destiny (in it, I really hope LYW's character pairs with the male lead, but they don't, maybe coz in this case, Romance doesn't meet Destiny ^^), Recipe (beautiful one). In recent time, I enjoyed May 18. It's a heart-touched movie and this is the first movie I have watched, all male lead die. And last night, I did watch TCOMC (again thanks MSDANNA), will rewatch coz I a little bit don't understand messages the SW & PD want to transfer to the audience.
    I'm now searching for AFRIKA movie, as it seems to be action one interesting me. Is there some one know the link to watch it (engsub please)? Tks in advance.

    Sorry, I talk too much but nothing new about our LYW. Hope next time, I have something to contribute in.
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