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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚



  • lightituplightitup Posts: 49Member


    By the end of episode 13, I only had one thought: SN SPEAKS! Seriously, her meagre lines equating to almost silence for the past few episodes drove me crazy. I even wondered if HJW made the correct decision to take on this drama, only to keep serving tea and acting with her eyes. But thank goodness, she was kind of back in action in this episode.

    Wasn't exactly hooked to this episode. I can see the writer's rushed efforts to tie everything up so that the love triangle can be set in place by the next episode. I couldn't help thinking that it was quite sudden. Like at the start of the episode, it was quite clear than SN was still adamant about hating TH. She was speaking to him in this venomous tone, which is pretty much her tone in every conversation she had with TH ever since she entered the palace. But suddenly she became docile, quiescent and could I say, resigned? Even when she was asking for TH to release her from the palace, she sounded more tired than determined. Not her usual self. Especially considering what he did to her, getting rid of the only way she could find freedom. And that smile, I loved, from a fan's point of view. But objectively it felt out of character. Shouldn't she be harbouring even more dislike for him? I know I would. And also the part where she couldn't even hear the assassin who was literally 3 steps behind her? She was a warrior of 13 years, lordy.

    Anyway I don't think TH would rape her. He probably pushed her onto the bed out of spite or jealousy. But the intention itself kind of makes me squeamish. Currently I believe the writer is going for the TH + SN = unrequited love and WY + SN = mutual love angle, whether you believe either or not. It's very obvious TH has a one-sided love for SN, but I get why it's difficult to believe how SN could fall for either man at this point with all their messed up circumstances. I think that's the point of the upcoming episodes - to further develop each love triangle and make her unable to decide haha. And sigh, I certainly don't think we can see a WY-SN reunion tonight. It'd probably end as a cliffhanger urgh.

    P.S. Can anyone enlighten me why TH wanted to search SN? Did he know that she was involved in TN's plot? He clearly knew there was something on her to prove it but I wonder how he knew. Did they mention it or maybe I missed it? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  • SMP567SMP567 Posts: 2,313Member



    image(c) Ha Ji Won FB
  • ElleSorElleSor Posts: 99Member


    I dunno about you guys but Tal-Tal reminds me a lot of Jang Geun Sok!


  • smoochysparkssmoochysparks Posts: 171Member


    I pity both TN & Dangkise. They're so unfortunate to have a tyrant father who taught them things differently thus turning them into someone who express and look at love in a very odd way. And always reminded not to show their emotions and weaknesses infront of other people. No parent would teach his kids to suppress their emotions. That is just so wrong :( #AFFECTEDMUCHMODE@4:07AM lol
  • smoochysparkssmoochysparks Posts: 171Member


    ElleSor said:

    I dunno about you guys but Tal-Tal reminds me a lot of Jang Geun Sok!


    Yes, Tal Tal is the not so much older version of Jang Geun-Suk ;-)
  • roshan90roshan90 Posts: 428Member


    @briseis I should say this: I LOVE YOUR SECOND POST so much. Though SN havent realized any of it, I am actually really happy that someone put all those things in beautiful words. Kudos to you!!
    My favourite is also that golden robe only. Hee. But I have to remind you about 2 things.
    Firstly, No Tahwan wasnt always insecure. Remember the time when he came to Goryeo palace for the first time, he was confident. Though he wasnt smart he boldly told Goryeo to change their name to Yuan to avoid all problems (though that was not a good idea! still he thought about their people's welfare too)
    And also another time he stood up against Gen.Bayan in that boat scene. He was clever enough to escape with his own wits and smarts.
    Secondly, He just know that he betrayed her by lying. And which resulted in Wang Yoo's Dethronement. No he has no idea about her father's death yet. I am sure when he comes to know about it he will be even more brokenhearted than now. 
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  • larabnlarabn Posts: 2,369Member


    edited December 2013
    hey guys so many posts lol
    can't cach up
    @briseis thanks for the video
    lol this is exactly why I can't leave the TH and SN ship
    they are so cute together on screen and off screen

    about TH and WY wow is it going to be an intense meeting
    I'm sure TH is slamming his head against the wall saying
    "why did the dead knight reappear" lol
    I actually feel sorry for him...after everything was starting to work out SN begins her love sickness
    and WY comes back
    he was trying hard to win her heart last episode and it was so cute and sweet  to see him trying to joke around and make her smile.....I was impressed when he watched over her back and protected her...he is starting to be an emperor not just in name now...taking matters in his own after this improvement we have a disappointment to TH
    image image image image
    ~ Beauty is power; a smile is its sword ~
  • ChelseaSChelseaS Once a Princess Posts: 3,557Member


    Hi everyone!

    This is my first post ever, and I've been lurking here for weeks but I can't help but post and say that this is such a good way of analyzing THs affection/love for SN. We don't know yet what he will do now that WY is back, but for now, I am enjoying the innocence of first love.

    briseis said:

    TH knows her affection and loyalty lies with WY but he doesn't let himself be discouraged by it; he faces every of her rejections but still comes  back making innocent advances and thoughful gestures which SN unfortunately sees as irritating or childish clearly being blinded by her bias and prejudices against him. TH has been protecting SN in his own ways since he met her in the palace and no one can argue they are worse that WY's, While WY's always used his physical strength and sword to protect SN, TH uses far more sophisticated ways (and the ones that can actually protect her in the Yuan imperial court) - his brains, tricks, spies and undercover guards - he isn't afraid to destroy DN's freeing orders in order to protect SN even though he knows she will hate him for it. and that is what makes him so worthy of SN - those selfless gestures, genuine interest, love and affection despite being at disadvantage. I just love the way he's been protecting, wooing and courting SN the whole time and if she can't see how utterly head-over-heels in love with her he is and can't appreciate his honesty then PLEASE, SN, PUT HIM INTO TIME MACHINE AND SEND HIM TO ME >:D< !!!

  • smoochysparkssmoochysparks Posts: 171Member


    roshan90 said:

    @smoochysparks Is it 4.00AM there?

    Actually it's 4:49 AM here and sleep seem so hard to get by lol
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