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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원



  • AeraAera ♥ JW.JSY.MCW;; Posts: 815Member


    thanks @Bati  :)
    hehe, always love their conversations :D
  • ShinmenTakezoShinmenTakezo Posts: 131Member


    nhatkhanh said:
    This series is way too silly to be taken seriously, it´s a pity since the movie was really good
    Oh really??? Are you Richard Simmons me off purposely??? I think this drama is very good unit now,
    the writer said that the story is so different with the movie version
    If you aren't interested in... just don't care about it anymore
    I apriciate your kindness
    I don´t know what you are trying to say to me but i was just expressing my opinion, i think that much should be allowed. If you like the drama, i am happy for you then but that does not mean that i also have to like it nor that i only have to write nice things about it.

    The movie definitely had its silly parts, too but it was balanced enough to not disturb me since it was incorporated nicely into the main story line and the romance between the two protagonists. In the drama however, the two protagonists only serve as the usual silly stereotypes, the rich, spoiled brat and the innocent, hard working but sassy female.
    I honestly hope though that you will keep enjoying it.
  • HannahmiriamHannahmiriam RomaniaPosts: 708Member


    @Shinmen Takezo & @nhatkhanh I have to agree with Shinmen Takezo regardind the fact that this drama is "way too silly to be taken seriously" and that's exactly why I watch it. That's why I've schosen a comeny and not a melo. That doesn't mean that I only watch "silly dramas", but I like having a little variety in my dramas. Instead of an unreal serious revengeful plot, I prefer an unreal not-so-serious plot. For example, Soo Ae is one of my favorite actresses, but I couldn't take all the "lethal love, betrayal, unstoppable greed, conspiracy" before the "salvation".

    About the movie... It was definitely silly. But it made me laught, and that's what a comedy's suppose to do, it had a good cast, and that's about all. Just like the drama. 

    About the characters... CKH's character can be defined in many ways, but I'm sure innocent is not one of them and the rich, spoiled brat's family is definitely not our usual kdrama rich family. The good thing about a drama is that you have time for character development, which means that they have time to grow. The other good thing about drama comedies is that even though they start silly, as we get into the drama they get less silly, and the comedy elements become lighter. In fact, I sometimes hate the fact that a supposedly light drama becomes too serious. 

    I could also agree with you if you'd say that the writer of the movie was better than this one. ;)

    By the way, @Shinmen Takezo , when I read your post I was tempted to ask you why were you wasting your time telling us that it's a silly drama, but I held it in. I felt as if a guest came into my house to criticize my food or my lifestyle. After that first impression passed, I just thought that you didn't have any bad intentions, so I left it to that. 

    In the end, everybody is entitled to have their own opinions, so I'm ok with you having a different opinion.
    I'm back!
    Of course I've kept my bad old habits, but I still condone yours. :D
  • jwandjwand Posts: 1,662Member


    Selecting a movie or TV show can depend on what mood I am in. I know that junk food is bad for me but I sometimes give in to the urge to eat junk food. In a similar way, I have decided to follow Level 7 Civil Servant rather than Iris II. I have seen dramatic femme fatale movies of the Fatal Attraction type, but I was happy to see My Scary Girl which treated that subject in a silly way.
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  • pandavinpandavin Posts: 374Member


    I agree with @Hannahmiriam, i also choose this drama because I knew this drama gonna be crazy likes the movie, maybe its looks silly but its makes the different between another drama. If you want see a serious spy drama likes James Bond you should see Iris 2, but i have see a lot spy movie like James Bond so i need refresh my mind. This drama make me laugh and really happy I Don't need think anything that makes me headache or make my feels bad because worry. I really like how JW impress his character. I'm not see Lee Kang To, Hwang Tae Hee or Goo Ma Jun. But I saw han Phil Soo aka Han Gil Roo a really overconfident boy:) he's not a hero he's still looser who try to be a hero. Dont think james bond in the movie when you saw this drama. Just think when james bond started it, the proccess before being a great agent. Special note for chansung, he's so cute I really appreciate when hes try to act serious because I knew that in real life he's humouristic. I cant wait a next episode today.
  • ctfrsgpctfrsgp SingaporePosts: 4,862Member


    edited January 2013
    pandavin wrote: »

    I really like how JW impress his character. I'm not see Lee Kang To, Hwang Tae Hee or Goo Ma Jun. But I saw han Phil Soo aka Han Gil Roo a really overconfident boy:) he's not a hero he's still looser who try to be a hero.

    I agree with @pandavin on the above not bcoz Im a JW fan but with jus 2 eps he has managed to create an impression on the audience of Gil-Ro's personality. Itz totally different fr JW's previous roles in the other 3 dramas. Although I really adore our cute 1N2D maknae, I was truly irritated by Gil-Ro in ep 2 for how he treated Seo-Won and for his bratty behaviour. I see tat as another milestone of JW in his acting career, no matter how small it is :x

  • coolreborncoolreborn Joo Won's♥♥LOVER MoonPosts: 13,115Member


    mrdimples said:

    Side happenings: .... tripping and stumbling in this thread. My twin, @mrdimples you win. Don't use that Joo Won hypnotic necklace on me again, its so potent. And yes, I found my funny bones again, might as well use it here. And I already induced a long term memory lost magic spell on my past, so better not ask me anything about it, I don't remember. LOL.

    Ya! My last resort was to hit you with a club and drag you here. That'll serve dual purpose, haul you *** in and give you the wonderful kdrama drug call amnesia. Anyway, welcome back! 

    7LCS is such a wacky drama and so should this thread. IMO, there should be lots of spazzing, pics, screencaps, fanarts, humour and everything fun under the sun. Otherwise, lurkers will mistake this for some melo drama thread. Nothing against serious discussions but somehow I cannot get overly serious about this drama. If I do, I will have problems with lots of things about it. 

    @mrdimples, :P Can you spell the *** ? LOL. I can't guess, is that a big one? *looks at the back* Eh, its plumpy. :-O

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