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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

Guest sunshine4ever

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Hi everyone, I just want to post here since I read the news just now; but really Joo Won, can't you take a rest, I know everyone are happy that we will see him soon on screen but, the guy didn't take any ACTUAL rest ever since Ojagkyo brothers , he didn't sleep for nights during Gaksital filming, I just hope he won't get sick or hurt because of this, exhaustion is really bad for health. he's really workaholic 

I wish him all the luck, and I wish this drama is going to be hit, and I really want the female lead to be the same as his age or at least younger, I don't want her to be older than him.

@yuhotarubi Of course we do not wan cutie to overexert himself but I suppose since he knows tat he will be enlisted for NS in 3 yrs' time, he wld want to maximise all opportunities he can get now to get himself established in the drama/movie industry before he has to leave to serve his country.

I dun mind tat his next leading lady is older than him as long as they look compatible. there r not many actresses at his age who can really act.

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so so excited OMG!! Proud to be his fan!! Get to see him in drama/movie/variety show almost regularly unlike other actors who just disappear after one drama!! Joo Won fighting!! Now I really want to know who the female lead will be!! I want Park Ha Sun please!! Both same age and breath taking gorgeous and not to mention very good at acting even though they have less experience!! I am so happy for Joo Won and for myself too hehehehhehehehhe I can't stop grinning 

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aisling said:

Who would you guys like to see as his leading lady?

I think he had great chemistry with Han Chae An and I think she'd be suitable as a badass secret agent :)

But I hope they won't cast anyone too much older than him since he's such a baby faced cutie :)

i think of Lee Ji Ah or Song Ji Hyo,, they're badass but still managed to be sexy  B-)

@sophiechoice I like Song Ji-hyo... I can imagine her playing a crafty spy like when she is in RM :D

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Its now Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday...


Advance Happy Birthday Joo Won!!!!


All of us here at soompi's Joo Won/BM/Secret Lover thread Loves You!!!

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Guest pisangcoklat

I would like to see someone in the same age range as Joo Won as the leading lady. And I really don't want to see any idols attach to this drama

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@coolrebornI second that. A lot of suits and no perm hair please :D
@aemiI read few articles some time ago about this current problem in Korea. A lot of young talented male actors, but there are hardly any young actresses who can match them, that's why they cast so many noona/dongsaeng couple these days.
It's kind of pity... Korean actresses are mostly very pretty, but their acting is just... I don't know... like they're afraid to give it all. On the other hand male actors aren't afraid to bare their souls, so it's more enjoyable to watch them. In the end only male actors are in the spotlight because they usually totally outshine their leading ladies. 
I'm extra anxious about Joo Won's next leading lady because he's listed as one top actor, so basically his leading lady should work really really really hard.
I hope one day I will see Joo Won and Moon Geun Young acting together... man...that would be so freaking intense.... do you still remember her character from Cinderella's sister? I still have goosebumps whenever I think of her character. If those two ever appear together in melodrama they would make the whole nation cry alongside with them :D 

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@ aisling - I had an inkling that the noona-dongsaeng couples were mostly due to logistical problems (and I wonder if the increasing occurrence of noona dramas was basically playing off the scarcity of talented young actresses). Some casting choices these days seem so unorthodox, such as 36 year old Park Sun Young playing a couple with 21(!) year old Park Yoo Hwan. Some of these couples do work somehow, though, such as Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi. I always thought Seung Gi looked older than his age so he matched well with Ha Ji Won and had a manly aura about him. Many, though, just look... awkward.

Ah well, age is but a number! I hope we get a talented female lead for Joo Won to play off of.

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