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[Drama 2013] 7th Grade Civil Servant / Level 7 Civil Servant 7급 공무원

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Yep, I'm a 1987er, almost 88er. Then hello chingu!! :-) I know, I'm going to turn 25 in 2 months... It's 1/4 of a century =)) =))

But I feel like I'm older than Joo Won... I guess because he's such an aegyoistic baby =))) Such a cutie :-)

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@coolreborn I started watching Korean dramas five years ago so I don't have to wait subtitle, I can watch them without now .. and I have koreans friends who taught me how to read...  but the reading is hard to understand unlike dramas which is much easier.

@aisling I really like min hyo rin ... but I don't know why, her acting isn't very good I think. But even if I like her, I don't want to see her with our cutie ...  

I just have a question, in the movie.. was the girl was older than the guy ? I don't watch it because I don't like kim ha neul. X( 

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Annyeong everyone :-h

Wow I'm so happy to discover this thread and found out its Joo Won's next new drama. Definitely I will camp in this thread cos I'm now a big fan of Joo Won due to Bridal Mask.

I'm wondering who is the lead actress, I would prefer Yoon Eun Hye than Kim Tae Hee or Min Hyo Rin. Will look forward to any news regarding whos the lead actress for Joo Won. Yeah so happy!

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I never saw Min Hyo Rin acting, but I think she would look quite compatible with our cutie. She looks gorgeous, but I don't know about her acting skills.

Yoon Eun Hye won me over in Coffee Prince, but since then her choices we'quite questionable. After Coffee Prince all her dramas were mediocre or plain bad.

I really can't imagine Kim Tae Hee as a bad richard simmons agent. She's more a damsel in distress type of actress. Besides she's much older... She seems to match more macho types =))

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I could imagine her as a hot secret agent... she's truly gorgeous. And she looks at the same age as our cutie.
tumblr_mai7qky4M81rx175no1_400.jpg  tumblr_mb1llt5A941rgpjmwo4_1280.jpgmin-hyo-rin-arena-2.jpg
I don't want Joo Won to be paired up with much older actress, but I also don't want him to be paired up with a high schooler who has to try hard to appear sexy and confident.

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