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Guest jAe_eMeE

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Guest VioletSauce

I have this love/hate relationship with him. He has some pretty good songs. On the other hand some of his songs give off a stereotypical hip-hop vibe. Raspberry is my favorite song from his first album. It's hilarious and sexy at the same time. One More Time is definitely Raspberry Pt.2. :lol: My fave track would have to be Lovin' You. It stood out from the first time I heard it.

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Guest /<RisSy

wow. i love crown j. i think he's really got hot style.

i haven't heard of his 2nd album yet but i got his 1st and it's fantastic.

i have high expectations on his 2nd. i'll check it out later.

for the meantime, lemme just say crown j is really HOT! haha..

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Guest SillyYun

u know crown J's I"LL TAKE U BACK is like so nice and cool..that song..but when i saw the MV..i was like wow its eva pretty..but when i see shin jung hwa..haha its like so funny, not cool anymore T___T haha its really funny that hes inside the MV! i like this song alot..especially when he sang that part.. chukesimnida haha!

i cant believe shin jung hwa is inside still..

oh yea crown J did abit of dance too during performance..he still looks cool

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Guest just jess

i didnt know ppl liked crown j in soompi... but i was in korea last spring studying abroad... and i met him and that one actor jerome in this club Circle. he was super nice and chill... and my friends and i talked to him for a lil bit in english. we even took a pic. i would post it but its on my friends cyworld somewhere... but yea. just some fun info~

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^ wow, that's so cool. ^^

available in my NEW CB



Please download lots and help make my CB gold! :w00t:

Do NOT take this HQ cut out of my clubbox. Thanks! :D

Crown J - I'll Take Her on Inkigayo (2007-09-16) [cashewmania].avi [31.5MB]

If you're interested in being a part of my team of uploaders, please PM me. ^_^

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