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Official Manga Scanlations Thread


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AWESOME sites + requests + recommendations

Official Manga Scanlations Thread! The newest UPDATE (can be found below) can be read for new additions or changes. To REQUEST or RECOMMEND a manga, you must state the TITLE and the AUTHOR. If you're recommending a manga, you may also want to include a short synopsis or your own review + comments. UPDATES January 26, 2012 If you have a iphone/android, the MobiManga App is AMAZING :)Manga Scanlation Sites: http://www.mangavision.net/?page=mangascan http://mbs.rocks.it/ http://toriyamaworld.com http://www.stoptazmo.com http://www.2hnh.info/hnh http://tidwah.net http://dreaming-illusions.hostanime.com/ http://www.mangaviewer.com/ http://www.thespectrum.net http://strawberryvanilla.net/ http://www15.brinkster.com/sakuramagic/mangascanlations.html http://animanganetwork.tk/ http://mangaparadise.atspace.com/index/index.htm http://nekozuki.org/tamago/index.html http://www.girlnerd.org/perfectillusions/projects.php http://www.raygungeisha.com/nekohana/ http://groups.msn.com/NarutoMangaReturns/enter.msnw http://www.narutochuushin.com/main.php?cat...&page=manga http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/manga.php http://gung-manga.cjb.net/ http://dragonvoice.org/ http://www.aku-tenshi.com/manga.php http://www.mangareaders.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71 http://www.boku-tachi.net/ http://www.sakura-crisis.net/ http://www.omanga.net http://www.degree-anime.com http://www.manga.baka-updates.com/index.html http://www.manganews.net/ http://thelurker.net/ http://www.ear-tweak.com/iy_manga/index.htm http://geocities.com/iy_manga/ http://www.geocities.com/mangalinkarchive/ http://www.redbutterfly.net/ http://www.dailymanga.org http://www.mangasos.com/shoujo/shoujo.php http://shoujoheaven.com/ http://mangaparadise.atspace.com/index/index.htm http://surreal.morbid-sakura.net/main_site.php http://anicrescent.an.funpic.org/current.htm http://fadingmemories.hostanime.com/ http://www.manganut.com/ http://www.boku-tachi.net/ http://www.bwys.net/ http://www.aku-tenshi.com/index.php http://www.2hnh.info/hnh http://www.aicoalition.com www.the-evilempire.net http://www.mangatraders.com http://www.vnmanga.com/truyentranh/ http://hykun.com/series I TRY MY BEST to update often. If any links no longer work or are in service, please PM me. ENJOY.~

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Guest kRaZiExLaDiE

here are some sites that i think are good .. ENjOY ~


>>nana, fullmoon wo sagashite, charisma doll, nine puzzle, skip beat.. etc ..


>>parfait tic, kare made love, ichigo channel etc ..



>>REALLY GOOD ... this one has naruto, aishiteruze baby, HOT GIMMICK, fruits basket, death note, bleach


>>this one is really good too






>>only naruto stuff

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Some sites that I've used in the past.


This site has many completed volumes. There are a lot, so take your time.

Full Metal Alchemist

It's a good site if you want to read Full Metal Alchemist.

Gung Manga

AWESOME site for the manga "Gung".

Dragon Voice's Manga Scans

Click on "Projects" You'll see a whole bunch of manga choices. Including one of my favourites Beauty Pop.

Aku Tenshi Manga Scans

They have a lot of completed ones. And has many choices as well. Some of them have "torrents" for those of you guys who like watching it rather than reading it.

Initial D

Has up to volume 1-7 and 16-22.

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Guest Paroxysmal


Assobot Goku, Dark Walker, Eikou no Te, Full Metal Panic [Novels], Full Metal Panic: Σigma, Kagerou Nostalgia, Koukou Debut, Natural Kids, Sleeping Beauty, Sotsugyou M, Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia, Valkyrie Profile, Escaflowne, Honjitsu mo Muteki, JX's, Worlds, 7Seeds, Dawn Chilly Hands, Wild Life


Boys Next Door, Blood Hound, Ludwig Kakumei, Cruel Fairytales, Everlasting Love, Sensei!, Yamada Taro, Mind Distance, Casino Lily, Kaine, Gravel Kingdom, Midare Somenishi, Crystal Moon, Toy Box, Love Story, Orange Jam, Keep Out, Hotaru No Mori, Cat Food, Tarazan, Royal Purple, Ai no Aura, Samarai Yellow ~Sweet Hot Spot~, Hibi no Awa, Count Cain


Alive, Angel Sanctuary, Angel's Share, Anne Freaks, Biomega, Blame!, Blue Heaven, Bokko, Brothers, Chameleon Jail, Deadman, Dead Flowers,Dorohedoro, Drifting Classroom, Family Compo, Freesia, GANTZ, Himiko-Den, Ikkyu, Japan, Jiraishin, Jisatsu Circle, Kenshin, Leviathan, Madara, Maken X, Missing Piece, MPD Psycho, Neji, Noise, Partner, Psychometrer Eiji, REAL, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Smuggler, Skyhigh, Skyhigh Karma, Uncivilized Planet, W-Juliet

i'll post some more later

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Has the latest chapters of InuYasha that's released in Japan.


Has chapter 326 of InuYasha currently. It rotates chapters every month.. or so it was meant to be. It hasn't been updated in a couple of months. I apologize. I'll update soon. You see, this manga scanlations is part of my site, InuYasha Fantasy, yes, it is the me, the same Ayame-chan in charge on InuYasha Fantasy. I'm sorry, I'll update soon!

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