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Official Manga Scanlations Thread


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Guest bun.mang.vit


This site has FULL volumes along with OTHER manga including licenced ones.

If you have a solid07 account then you go to the link provided.

If you don't have a solid07 account then you must sign up before you can have access to the link.


hea -bebeETOILE where do i go from solid07??

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Guest LemoN - AidE

Someone looking for merupuri scanslations?

cause it's at the startdustsdomain site. this site was mentioned earlier for hana kimi but merupuri is in the monthly rotation part of this site so it might not be there for long. xP

it has up to vol 4 ch17. don't know if that's the ending or not. probably not.

the site in case u can't find it. http://www.freewebs.com/stardustdomain/

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Guest 4LeafClover

bebeETOILE: I am GreenEternity, I would prefer if you would remove the link from this list. I will edit my post on Solid07 and state that people shouldn't link to my post soon. I would really appreciate if you would comply to this request. I will also be updating soon however. ;)

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