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Official Manga Scanlations Thread


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http://www.thespectrum.net --> It's a rotating site. There's Beck, Gantz, Fruits Basket, Chobits, Kare Kano, Aishiteruze Baby, and more...

http://www.directmanga.com --> Has alot of mangas that you can download!

http://mangadownloads.org/index.php?page=manga --> Has some mangas. I don't think they're really popular, but they seem interesting :)

http://www.redbutterfly.net/ --> Has Fruits Basket fan manga [i think] but it's a cool site, there's no updates, but the site is still up!

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my ultimate scanlations bible is:


both in french and english but it doesn't really matter :P lists all the new releases from both french and english scanlating teams and DOES list some liscenced series. also states (most of the time) whether you can download it on the web, on irc, or other methods... hm it lists all genres of manga including shoujo, shounen, hentai, yaoi, yuri (so be careful if you don't like some of these. :P) and usually has a little description of each series. ^^ woohoo!

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anyone know where to find "love hina"? i want to download but i cant find any in those sites...

Well, Love Hina is liscensed by Tokyo Pop, so the scanlators cannot offer it.

Unfortunately, you'll have to go out and buy it. T____T

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Guest ricenoodles

http://www.manga.baka-updates.com/index.html - Gives a list of almost every manga, their scanlator and website

http://www.manganews.net/ - Same as above, but does not give scanlator info on licensed manga

irc is also a good way to download manga #lurk@irc.irchighway.net - http://thelurker.net/ for bot lists

I can't seem to be able to connect to lurk. It will never let me join for some reason. Any ideas why?

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