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Official Manga Scanlations Thread


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Guest c h r i s t i n e

I've been looking for Snow Drop manga forever, does anyone know any sites with it? thanx ^_^

^ it's been licensed.

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Guest ricenoodles

^ Decribe the trouble you're having. Maybe it wass till loading?

I have no trouble connecting to the site. The thing I can't connect to is the irc channel. Everytime I try and join #lurk at irchighway, nothing happens. It won't connect. I haven't been banned either because I've never even been able to join it.

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Guest crazyMuka

I don't think this website is mentioned yet. It has a lot of shoujo titles. To be able to download, you're required to register, but it's easy, it's fast, I think it's worth it :): Hikari no Himitsu

Oooh, another really good hosting site is (you can find Yakitate Japan!, H2, Hajime No Ippo, etc.): Tidwah

Other sites like Stoptazmo, ShoujoHeaven, StrawberryVanilla are really good too. I visit them really often.

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does anyone know where you can find manga/manhwa raws? i dun mind mIRC channels ...

thx in advance .. ^^;

Err, you could try Strawberry Vanilla Forums.

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