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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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Guest tigereyez

I'm addicted to all things Korean, but...here goes, in no particular order:

1. KDW

2. Gongyoo <3 such a hottie hot

3. TVXQ (in one big clump)

4. Suju (in one big clump, but esp KangIn, DongHae, HangKyung, Shiwon<3<3)

5. Eric

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Guest starnight131

aw man....

its so hard to just 5!!!


1. Jaejoong and Yunho. not jaeho. two separate people that i can not put to number 2. lol.

2. Yuchun and junki oppas~

3. um..... kibum eetuk heechul donghae sungmin. hehe. suju! lol.

4. kevin of xing and hyunbin and bi.

5. and then shinhwa. all together~


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Guest deathrae

^ LOL.

1. Shim Changmin

2. Kim Jeong Hoon

3. Shin Jung Hwan - >.< I can't get enough of his funny antics

4. Kim Jaejoong

5. Kim Junsu

Since it's under the picture thread...

1. changmin.gif --> 118112051347967900.gif

2. kjh43dclily.jpg

3. 1637.jpg - can't find a picture looking very funny~

4. KJJ.jpg

5. c0026484_1211427273988.jpg

credits: As tagged + Soompi + dclily + Google

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Guest konkonbubu

1. yamashita tomohisa aka YAMAPI!


2. park yoochun MICKYY~


3.KIM KIBUM.his smileee ohhh~




5.lee teuk- that dimple!


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Guest jasmine_korea

I'm addicted to

1. Rain

2. SHINHWA members all of them

3. Hyori

4. Yunho

5. Hwanhee

can i add the 6th one haha... my 6th is Kim Rae won :wub:

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Guest A180585


1. Teddy Park (is LOVE [4 Life]) ^^

2. Im Taebin (So talented)

3. Song Baekkyoung (Gotta love the cute lil man)

4. Oh Jinhwan (Supporting the soldier!)

5. ummmzzz.... Minwoo! (Can't forget Minwoo lol)


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Guest Seralibra

In order of age:

<3 Kim Jaejoong

<3 Jung Yunho

<3 Park Yoochun

<3 Kim Junsu

<3 Shim Changmin

And to summarise everything, Dong Bang Shin Ki!


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1. jaejoong! joongie love~~<3

2.hongki! beautiful eyes ^_^

3.rain! JUST LOOK AT THAT BODY.ahhhhhh~

4.micky you're so fine.loveee the smile ((:

5.junsu just cause i love the way he laugh HAHAHAHAHAH(dolphin-ishly)

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