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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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Guest ReiRei


1. DBSK! I can't list them individually because I love them all equally :P

2. Se7en. Hot hot HOT!

3. Big Bang. They're V.I.P haha.

4. Rain! Omg, how can I forget Rain!

. . . I can't think of the rest LOL.


1. Han Hyo Joo! Lovely and amazing ;D

2. CSJH. Love love their voices <33

3. Bae Seul Gi. She's so fun to watch on gameshows xD

4. Lee Yeon Hee. Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!

5. BoA. I'm still waiting for her comeback baby !

^ This list is ever changing but yeah :)

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Guest deathrae

1. dong

2. bang

3. shin

4. ki

5. boys

whee~ Jaejoong number one<333

^ LOL.

1. Shim Changmin

2. Kim Jeong Hoon

3. Shin Jung Hwan - >.< I can't get enough of his funny antics

4. Kim Jaejoong

5. Kim Junsu

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i'm having a hard time trying to decide who goes first...jang woo hyuk or junsu. Oh well.

1. Jang Woo Hyuk

2. Junsu

3. Shinhwa

4. Other dongbangshingi members

5. tablo!

I know itsn't really five people. it's probably like 12 or 13 people. But i seriously can't choose. i'm indecisive sometimes.

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i feel bad not putting up pictures since it is a picture thread.. :)

BUT, here is my list.

1. xiahjunsu

2. jung ilwoo

3. SE7EN

4. hyunbin

5. kang dongwon

haha this was hard after #2!

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Guest latina

1. MICKY YOOCHUN no need for words.. it wont do him justice :wub:

2. KIM JAEJOONG his singing melts my heart.

3. EUNHYUK/ HYUKJAE i sooo love him now after he got pranked.

4. KANGIN i love his personality.

5. MC MONG his songs are dope!

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1. bae seul gi -- i love her <3 she is just so natural, outgoing, cute, funny, talented & and pretty. =]

2. yunho -- [ditto] wooo, major hottie. he grew on me.

3. jeajoong --- [ditto] hehe, major cutiepie.

-mostly the three im addicted to. and follow.

4. rain

5. hyori. [this spot changes]

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Guest telegraph







hhahaha there's a shortage of "manly" asian celebs

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Guest bloated_stick_figure

1. yunho

2. kim kibum

3. dongbangshinki

4. jo in sung

5. hyori

everytime i see clips of their performances or something i can stay up the whole night watching them...now that is pure addiction lol

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