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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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Guest davidnuknow

gosh my list changes every other day -x-

but here is today's list LOL

1. KIM DONGWAN!!!!!!!

2. HA SUK JIN <3<3<3<3<3

3. Lee Hyori

4. Kim Sunghee

5. Jung Yunho

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Guest vietgurlhelen

ooo heres my list!!

1. KIM JAEJOONG of course hehe (my friends think i have a real problem...)

2. um...the whole TVXQ...hehe (i dont know how i lived before i found out about them)

3. HAN GA IN (i really do love her lol)

4. the whole SUPER JUNIOR!! theyre so adorable

5. BAE SEUL GI and LEE YEON HEE and WONDER GIRLS (i cant decide between them!!!) :blush:

and thats my list hehe

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Guest soysaucechoix33

1) kim junsu <3

2) lee hyukjae (eunhyuk)

3) lee donghae

4) kang in

5) gdragon

hehe, i'm really dbsg & super junior-y :P

with the exception of gdragon :)

i'm also addicted to im taebin & lee minki :D

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