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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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1. Super Juniors ( i count them as one...)

2. Bae Seul Gi :)

3. DBSK (I count them as one too...)

4. T.O.P

5. the whole XMAN crew :) :)

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Guest roseltv

Can DBSK count as one???:P haha


2. Lee Jun Ki

3. Lee Hyori

4. Kibum

5. The rest of Suju

AW~ Actually, I have more than five: HyunJoong (SS501), Stephanie (CSJH), Jang Woo Hyuk, Chae Yeon, some more lol :)

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Guest milkyway07

1. xiah junsu!!!!! :w00t: lol <3

2. joo ji hoon

3. lee jae jin (ft island)

4. jung il woo

5. jin tae hwa <3

ahhhh <3 so hard to choose just five

(hey! all the people i named have a 'j' in their name.....odddddd ^^)

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Guest inspired04

haha everyone's answers are funny. hmmmmmm ok these aren't in any order because then i'd never ever be able to decide

-lee seung hyun/seungri

-choi seung hyun/top

-lee hongki

-lee donghae

-kim junsu

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