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Name 5 People U Are Addicted To!

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Guest cyorin

Only 5?? :-S This is so tough!

1 - RAIN.

2 - Ryuichi Ogata!!

And well as of recently...

3 - Eric Mun!

4 - Heechul<3~ (and the rest of the sujuboys ^^)

5 - Ultraman. Hahahaha!! He's too adorable.

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Guest sae-ri

i have many! hehe.. but that's okay!... ^__^

1. BoA - BoA was the reason why I am so hookep up in Korean Wave! hehehe

2. Rain


4. Lee Jun Ki

5. Kara

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First i'm not entirely addicted to them, just a regular fan.

1) Eric Mun (I love his portrayed in Que Sera Sera, and his mysterious yet charismatic personality

2) Shinhwa (I love the group because of their raw talent)

3) Eugene Kim (Too much talent)

4) Lee Dong Jun (So humble and talented)

5) Ha Ji Won (certainly a good impression)

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Guest StaRj9erz

So many to mention but my top 5 korean addictions are....

1. BIGBANG(esp. TOP, GD & Seungri...)

2. se7en

3. Shiwon of Suju

4. Eric

5. Jinhwan from 1tym

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Guest lakoan

This is easy for me :D

1. Jung Yunho

2. Kim JaeJoong

3. Shim Changmin

4. Park Yoochun

5. Kim Junsu

Yeah for DBSK!! <3 I love them sooo much ><

And this order does not reflect my actual preference for them because I love them all to much to give them a specific order (Though Yunho and Jaejoong are freaking sexy)

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Guest jun;MON

Not tricky at all. :)

1. Xiah Junsu

2. YoungWoong JaeJoong

3. Choikang ChangMin

4. Uknow YunHo

5. Micky Yoo Chun

To put it simply, DongBangShinKi.

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