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[drama 2008] Timeless

Guest emmagille

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OOoH! what an interesting cast!! cant wait for it to start shooting.

hope they dont make any cast changes.

although i do prefer Kibum and Yeonhee to be the lead.

oh wells...as long as they are in the cast!!

thanks for the info :P

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Guest lilyphilia.

just seeing the names of these young celebs made me checked out this threa! lolZ

omg!! the 4 leads are so damn cute!! mgy and kkb in one drama together?! and it's going to be aired in kbs!!

waaahhh!! definitely can't wait for 2008! :P

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Guest heeki

wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait 2008 TT__TT

I love kibum I watched some of his drama before I forgat his real personality !! he is a great actor!

all the actors are young! >>> I like that I think it is gonna be a great DRAMA !!

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Guest annababy

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~ way!!!! wow what a cast!!!!!!!! not only do they all look good but they can all act!!!!! wow what a great cast!!!! can't wait for it~

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Guest pinkcafelatte

omgosh. i can't wait for this drama. :lol:

the leads look so cute together! :)

Kim Ki Bum, moon Geun Young, and Lee Yeon Hee are in this! yay!

tho...i would rather have LYH and KKB as the leads, but MGY & JGS look really cute together.

i hope they don't change the cast since its airing in 2008. :(

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Guest hana_taiyo


Kibum's new series

I'm great to hear that

thanks a lot for sharing

I'll wait to watch

Kibum fighting

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Guest bwitched

I was totally speechless when I saw the casting names. Is it for real???..all four are like the hottest young talents. I rechecked to see if this is not a fanfix section where we choose who can be our leads.

I know all from of them but I haven't seen ki bum in acting yet. I love them all...especially JGS..I don't care who he'll end up with coz I love both girls eaually eventhough I'm a bit biased thru MGY bcoz of her acting talent.

oh my..what a cast...i'm not gonna get to excited because they might change leads later since it won't aired until march next year...

But yeah, not gonna get too excited just yet for the same reason. Nothing is yet to be confirmed.

I just hope that they'll come to paris as well, that way I can stalk them to..but yeah. Even if they go to London, I just buy my plain tic n stalk them as well..

I'm soooo excited

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