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[drama 2008] Timeless

Guest emmagille

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Guest heeki

I can't stop thinking of this drama >< I love the cast :blush: especially kibum :blush: I need to know what his character in this drama

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Guest damifino

are there other sources aside from Drama Wiki? because the Drama Wiki does not even cite the source for this drama. i stll hope it's true because i love the leads, but i would like a more credible source for info on this drama.

I think it's a prank... I did a search in Korean on Daum, Naver, and KBS for anything mentioning the title of the show, KBS, each of the actors, and various combinations of all of the above, and NOTHING came up, not in the news, not in blogs, not in message boards, not in websites, not in fan cafes.

If this drama had such a young cast of up and comers, you'd think that SOME news outlet or a fan of any of these folks would have written something about it. They usually write an article whenever someone's been cast or is linked to a new drama, especially if they are as famous as Moon Geun Young or Kim Kibum, not that the others aren't famous, but Moon Geun Young is known as the nation's younger sister and Kibum is in a boy band. Maybe whoever wrote about it on drama-wiki somehow got an exclusive, but until I see it from a more credible source than a site where anyone can enter anything they want, I'm just going to take it as someone's wishful thinking.

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Guest xosandy

I'm temporarily closing this thread until we receive official confirmation about the drama. As of now there aren't any reports about it in the news.

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