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[movie 2007] Are You Living With The Person You Love Now? 지금 사랑하&


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Uhm Junghwa, Han Chaeyoung, Lee Donggun, Park Yongwoo


Are you living with the person you love now?

(지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까?)

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Release: August 15, 2007


{thanks to soonjap}


이동건, 2년만에 스크린 복귀..한채영과 연인호흡

2006년 12월 14일(목) 오전 09:10

[머니투데이 스타뉴스 유순호 기자]

Money Today Star News

Yoo Yoon Ho Reporter

이동건 ⓒ<머니투데이 스타뉴스> Lee Dong Gun < Money Today Star News>

배우 이동건(26)이 2년만에 영화에 복귀해 섹시스타 한채영과 호흡을 맞춘다.

It will be 2 years since actor Lee Dong Gun (26) will begin acting with sexy star Han Chae Young in a new movie.

이동건은 씨네 2000에서 제작하는 새 영화 '지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까'에 남자 주인공으로 캐스팅돼 지난해 2월 개봉한 영화 'B형 남자친구' 이후 2년여만에 스크린을 찾는다.

Lee Dong Gun will star as the lead in Cine 2000's new movie, "Are you Living with the Person You Love Now?". It's been 2 years since he starred in the movie "My B-Type Boyfriend".

이동건은 지난 7월 종영한 SBS 드라마 '스마일 어게인'의 출연을 제외하고 1년여 동안 재충전과 차기작 선정에 전념해 왔으며, 이번 영화를 통해 2007년 본격적인 연기활동을 시작한다는 계획이다.

Lee Dong Gun starred in the SBS drama, "Smile Again" last July and has been recharging as well as trying to select roles and he will begin his acting activities in 2007 with this movie.

'지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까'는 두 남녀 커쳄?진정한 사랑을 찾기 위해 고민하는 연인들의 이야기를 그린 멜로 영화. 현재 캐스팅 작업을 마무리 하고 있으며 내년 1월 본격적인 촬영에 들어갈 계획이다.

The movie "Are You Living with the Person You Love Now?" will be about two people who is seriously anxious to look for real love. The film is almost fully cast and filming is scheduled to begin in January.

그동안 김정은 김희선 김하늘 등 주로 연상의 톱 여배우들과 연기를 해왔던 이동건은 이번 영화에서 동갑내기인 한채영과 연인으로 호흡을 맞춰 색다른 사랑 연기를 펼칠 예정이다.

In the past, Lee Dong Gun has starred opposite top female stars such as Kim Jung Eun, Kim Hee Sun, and Kim Hanul. However, in this movie, Lee Dong Gun plans on showing a completely different kind of character in love with co-star Han Chae Young.

또한 한채영도 2003년 개봉한 영화 '와일드 카드' 이후 4년만에 영화에 출연해 오랜만에 스크린에 복귀하는 두 스타의 연기에 더욱 관심이 쏠린다.

Also, Han Chae Young will star in a movie in 4 years when she starred in the movie "Wild Card" and so there is much anticipation upon her return to the movies.

한편 이동건은 오는 16일 2박 3일 일정으로 일본을 방문해 개인 DVD 발매 기념 기자회견과 첫 팬클럽 창단식을 가질 예정이다.

Lee Dong Gun will be in Japan today on the 16th to be interviewed with reporters, promoting his personal DVD package as well as participating in his first fan club there. He will be in Japan for 2 nights and 3 days.

모바일로 보는 스타뉴스 "342 누르고 NATE/magicⓝ/ez-i"

머니투데이가 만드는 리얼타임 연예뉴스

제보 및 보도자료 star@mtstarnews.com<저작권자 ⓒ 머니투데이 스타뉴스>


Credit: Yahoo! Korea

{thanks to CindyW88, from the Soompi News Thread}

1/16/07 – Uhm Jung Hwa , Park Yong Woo, Lee Dong Gun and Han Chae Young (엄정화, 박용우, 이동건, 한채영) will costar in the movie “Do You Live with Your Lover Now? (지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까?)” This movie portrays two couples swapping their partners one night.

UJH and PYW play a couple who had been dating for 5 years before they got married for 3 years. LDG and HCY play another couple who had been dating for 2 months before they got married for 3 years. They belong to the distinct new-generation couples. Each couple’s partner unexpectedly bumps in to each other during their trips in Seoul and Hong Kong and then develops relationships. The director is Jun Yoon Soo (전윤수) who directed the movie “Yesterday (예스터데이, 2002)”. He plans to make this film a comical and humorous one. The filming is scheduled in February.






Soompi Thread



Soompi Thread



Soompi Thread





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(thanks to katekate of hjh int'l)


(credits to Yahoo! Korea)



Either link would do :)

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Guest yongieee

oooh i love the cast!

and the story line seems pretty interesting (i like how they're going to make it comical)

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Guest john_anderton

wow!!!!!!! a movie of han chae young!!! :lol:

can't wait to see this, i'm so happy for han chae young...

hmm.. i think the other casts are also fine.. uhm jung hwa and lee dong gun..

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Guest antinh85

this story has been used before.. i even saw a American movie that has the same story.. also another korean movie that used the same plot..

why must Uhm jung hwa keep cutting her hair.. she looks so much better with long hair.. short hair makes her look so old!!

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Guest heartshapelove

I prefer LDG with HCY...they look better together imo...I hope it's really funny and good.

i agree from the looks of the pictures and vids LDG's character looks better with HCY. all in all HCY always gets to partner up with a lot of my faves: Jae Hee, Kang Ji Hwan, Jo Hyun Jae and now LDG! ^_^

i sorta thought her hairstyle in those pix i posted were a wig. :blink: i like her better with long hair, but i guess the short hair is for her new i'm married now look. B)

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Guest MoChi_IceCrEam

HAN CHA YEON is soo pretty with the smooth straight hair...sounds exciting...the movie that is =D

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