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  1. credit to lovingkimhyunjoong@loving_khj The backdrops and lighting was so beautiful... like an iMax! If you were sat further behind the effect was breathtaking. With Wait for me, it seemed he was singing in a forest on a bright summer’s day. With Haze you were enveloped in a haze with even the smoke... With four seasons, the tree seemed alive, the petals unfurling just in front of you, going through the seasons... New Way made you feel as though you were soaring above the hills and plains...breathtaking effects It was breathtaking!! The white lighting for Haze was so low just over our heads we could have touched it. Smoke was billowing in a circular motion within...HJ & us...together...never seen nor experienced something so beautiful So HJ kept his promise to his young fan Touched by his continued efforts to reach out to fans!by giving away free tickets to a yung fan from Busan
  2. Hats off to OnlyKHJHK family /LalalaKHJ japan collaboration, very nice project. keep it up some henecia fans
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