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[movie 2007] Are You Living With The Person You Love Now? 지금 사랑하&


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oh wow.. so is this supposed to be about how couples still are attracted to others even after marriage? i really like uhm jung hwa.. i think she's a really great actress.. is this movie already out?

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Guest jenny____x

i love the ost for this movie.

esp. the song that lee dong gun sings.

love his voice.

am i the only one thats really really excited to see this movie?

i saw the trailer and went crazy.

looks so good.

cant wait til it comes out on dvd (:

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Guest halfnhalf030387

i just finished watching it...and all i can say is that Han Chae Young was simply beautiful and amazing in the movie.

still waiting for english soft subs to come out, but the movie was good overall

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Guest renni72

I just finished watching the movie and it wasn't a comedy. Strange why i was given the impression it was supposed to be funny.

The ending

was an ambiguous one where you are left to guess what happened....

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Guest kodoque

I love this movie! The topic is somewhat scandalous...cheating partners? come on..but they presented it so simply and touching that you just sympathize for all the characters.

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