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(jdrama 2007) Hanazakari_no Kimitachi_e

Guest asianrice

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Guest random koohkie

Did it truly air on Aug. 6??? I can't seem to find any d/l...which is very weird?!

I would be grateful if anyone can help out!

No, it didn't air on August 6th :[

I'm not sure if anyone knows the air date for it yet..

I think it'll air sometime this fall..?

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Guest plumangel3

~neh~long~ i loved Nakatsu and Mizuki together too. i wish they'd air it already. i actually something about it airing around the end of september....

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Guest redmoon123

On Wiki, it says that the SP will be air on Sept. 16th!! Hope it's true because that's next month XD I really wanna see this!!

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Guest plumangel3

^ i hope so too :D it'll only be a few of weeks of waiting then. but...when the SP's done airing im going to miss Hana Kimi even more >.<:

edit: i heard that the airing date will be oct 12 ^^ Maki's month

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Guest honeybeat44

i read on d2 kinki kids that the special will air october 12,2008 that's too long for me to the anticipation is killing me.

here's the original japanese post





and i translated it in yahoo babel fish

'To you of blossom ~ [ikemen] XXMAL paradise ~ graduation ceremony &7 and 1/2 story special' This fall, to that and it can meet “[ikemen]”!! Broadcast day decision!! October of <2008 12th (day) 21 o'clock at the time of ~23 15 minute broadcasts >

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Hana Kimi SP Airing Date confirmed!

According to Yusuke's and Junpei's schedule on the Ever Green Entertainment site,

Sunday October 12th


[Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ Ikemen♂Paradise Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 (Seven and a half) Special Episode]

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Guest suzic87

This is the first Jdrama I had watched it thought it was really good, it is so much better than the TW version prob cos maki was less irritating than Ella. Can't wait till the special!

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Hanazakari No Kimitachi e SP Preview Screening


Actors Mizushima Hiro (24), Ishigaki Yuma (26), Tajima Ryo (21) and others attended a preview of Fuji TV's drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen♂Paradise~ Graduation Ceremony & 7 and 1/2 Episode Special (airing on the 12th of October at 9) at Hanzoumon's TOKYOFM Hall in Tokyo on the 18th of September.

It's a Special of a popular drama series. The 8 ikemens entered in their uniforms, accompanied by shrieks from the 230 girls chosen from about 10 lotteries. Mizushima Hiro, who has his first starring role in Fuji TV's drama Room of King (starting 4th of October, on Saturdays at 2310) said, "We've returned more powerful than before, in this drama which for all of us, was a big stepping stone." "My mother actually came today," Ishigaki said, as he waved to her in the hall. "I have bad memories of this hall. 2 years ago, at the M1 preliminary competition, no one even laughed once," Tajima said as laughter was heard around, much to his relief this time.

Other news articles stated that Maki, Shun and Toma could not attend due to work.

source: hochi.yomiuri

translations: unleashthegeek

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