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  1. Her recent released photos are so beautiful . We wish her the best always. Hope she decides on a new project soon.
  2. While we wait for someone to return from Jordan. Thank you to friends and pets for keeping us entertained. We enjoy anything we can decipher. So do you think someone will be MIA again soon.
  3. It is official 2020 is a really horrible year.....for me. 

    1. partyon


      Sorry to hear that @zashibear :( I hope that things will change for the better soon. :heart:

  4. Don't worry doggies have really good sense of smell. Baby R will remember Daddy guaranteed. Welcome to the new posters in the thread. Enjoy and keep posting. But mind you soompi rules are the norm as the warnings indicate .
  5. Wow 1M views really. We must really be on the radar to get that milestone. And armies need to be alert. The crumbs sometimes comes in drizzle or windfall and it always seems to disappear too. But we are nothing if vigilant. We know the drill with these two. It is 2.0 version with a lot of factors involved. So we know patience and timing always go hand in hand. Writer Noh we need tutorials on what to expect next. lol.
  6. We are viewing the makjang version of WW now right. the 50plus episode one. lol
  7. Thank you for adding to our playlist. Keep the songs coming. And just in the buzz Hyunbin's popularity in Japan they are thinking will be the next Yonsama. We know how dominant in the Japanese market Yonsama was during first Hallyu wave.. To the newbies research who Yonsama is.
  8. Let us update our BINKYO playlist. Can we add OLD LOVE to the list. It truly is one of my favorite songs. @DonnaMae same here been watching Cunning Single Lady the story is cute. Enjoyed it much. And so after two weeks of weekend treats from SHG , this week seems to have a lull. But she was reportedly working within the week so we can expect more output soon. Or could be the forces that tried to shake the boat failed. lol
  9. Same here miss the club. But that is gone now. There was a treasure of sharing in that club. Wish we backed it up somewhere. And now the rabbit hole is closed. Panda and squirrel armies are going on stealth mode. So only the resourceful will be rewarded. And yes we will still be here.
  10. It is nice to see her continue as Chaumet endorser. The jewelry is beautiful and her photos are a welcome sight. Summer is looking beeutiful with SHG. AJA FIGHTING!
  11. So happy to see her in a new Chaumet campaign. I love the honeycombed stacked rings. So chic. She looks so happy. Finally the rainbow after the rain. Shine on KYO.
  12. One of my favorite songs. And he sang it so beautifully. Listen to the lyrics. It will move you. I hope the cast and crew in Jordan will be able to finish filming safely. Let us hope the Mid East region will be safe area.
  13. 2020 you are just taking a toll on all counts. 

  14. It is comforting to know that a lot of lurkers and guest are joining in the discussion. We appreciate your actions. And again we remain in our support and love for these two. Whether twogether or seperate. We respect them , we just do not like them getting short changed and ambushed by opportunistic camps. We always want what is best for them. Their well being, happiness and if in Love we prefer them together. So off to rewatch WW....what chapter are we on now?
  15. I am happy to see her even if it just endorsement work and not the longer format of drama or movies. I appreciate her dedication to her craft and her work. I love that she is getting on with her life. Enjoying her pets and just living her best life. She deserves it. Have more courage to face the bright future ahead SHG. We will always support and be here for you. We will wait for your next surprise for us.
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