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  1. Why is Seoh Ah running the show. Whatever she wants she gets. That Chairwoman grandma needs to go exile in USA she is just too troublesome. And why is Hwang Naro now gettins sub plots. I hate the baddies in this show.
  2. I look forward to the weekends because this show is a gem. I love the story and the cast . I will be sad when it is almost time to say goodbye to this show. Please show us a good ending.
  3. Wow 2021 is turning out to be highly anticipated, so many good kdramas are being released. And we will await more news for The Glory and more info. on her project. So happy that she still is ranking in all those charts and polls. It is no joke to accomplish that considering she is on break. We look forward to more surprises from her.
  4. January started with the news of her next work - while we await more casting news and details plus it is expected to start filming mid year. She has given us a teaser that she deleted but was posted by the style team her back view. So we can be sure she has something for us to enjoy soon. We hope she is in good spirits and getting prepared for the work that she will take on. Keep safe everyone.
  5. If not Wonbin, because he is my sentimental favorite. Can I put JJH name in the pot of possible male leads for this drama. Which is a long shot since he is currently filming Undercover and has another lined up. But hey I can dream right.
  6. I want to see this one. This drama may not have any clips left. I have never come into this drama with subs. KBS please make it available.
  7. I have faith that this will be a drama we can look forward too. It takes her time to choose her work but she makes sure it is memorable So excited to get more details for this drama. But for now we wait for more details . The rumors of ML casting will continue till they finalize the casting. We can hope it will be a good one. If it's WONBIN woohoo! My 20 year wish will come true finally.
  8. First of all I am so happy she confirmed to start a new drama. Been waiting for so long. Bonus that it is a KES work. Looking forward to who will be the ML, can I hope for Wonbin been waiting for 20 years for them to work again. Kyo has said she picks the projects but she needs to be comfy with the writer or directors in order to green light her participation. So she tends to work again with the good people she has done in the past. Trust is earned and good work relations are a gem. Thank you Kyo for at least confirming one project So happy you are getting lots of offers. L
  9. And I just asked to see if you will get back to work soon and a few hours my request was granted. Thank you Kyo you truly are the gift that keeps on giving. I was hoping for a Writer Noh reunion again. But hey KES is no slouch. And now we wait for the ML and the story details. Thanks again you are making 2021 start with a bang. Trending too. lol
  10. Okay now that we had a NEW YEAR NEW YOU surprise. It took me so long to process all the events that happened. It was always a possibility that it will never come to what we all wished for. That being the case. We admired Hyunbin in different ways and levels. I wish him all the best, respect his decision and want him to be happy. Even if it is not with the one I like for him. It is his life to live , let us give that to him. As covid and the pandemic raged on in 2020 this thread, the people here, in the Club, the Chat they kept me sane and gave me an outlet to enjoy and discuss bo
  11. Last week of the year and then we get a new year new me. So happy to see the end of this year but it has been fun. But we need a better next year maybe the stars will align.
  12. I love her W magazine feature and the interview is a gem. We hope to hear that she will have new work in 2021. But best we wish her to be happy and safe during the holidays. We look forward to seeing her in 2021.
  13. And the W interview has been translated. Intresting interview as always Kyo is speaking about her new outlook , Ruby, Mom and how the pandemic has made her fit and calm. Read the translations in social media. I love how she gifts us for Christmas. And yes the animal kingdom is alive and thriving. We have panda, squirrels, dogs and deer. 2021 may you bring us luck and new projects please.
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