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[Taiwanese Drama 2007] 櫻野三加一 (Ying Ye San Jia Yi)

Guest litto_gurl

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Guest saranghae<3

Just finished this drama. I enjoyed it overall, but can't hide the fact that the plot was lacking.

I'm a new MingEn fan~ but i love them just as much as any other MingEn fan ^^ I can't wait to watch their new drama.

Oh yeah, I hated D.K. and I didn't like the intro of a new character half way through the show. BUT I enjoyed the suspense and mysteries~

if it wasn't for MingEn, I dont think I could have continued on.

MingDao looks so much better in here than in PTF.

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Agree .... the story/plot were not so great ....

The Ming-En's acting were the most contribution of the drama ...

Their acting in PTF were good, but they got much better in Ying Ye 3+1.

They excedeed my expectation.

With all their chemistry bombs :wub::wub::wub: and great acting skill, it was really worth watching.

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I really wish Ying Ye San Jia Yi was uploaded with softsubs. i would just absolutely love to have the footage regardless of subs. but soft subs preferred!* thank you thank you thank you! :)

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