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  1. link to the webtoon! https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=52311048 you can download Kakao Page by other apps no necessarily the play store. You can download it by apk! just google download Kakao Page and you can download it without problem use the apk site!
  2. I think that's the case! In the webtoon the scene before the party is Yoon Seo screaming to Jung Rok in the office, she looks very angry... probably forcing him to go to the party or smth.. it was really funny!!! I will spoil you with some images of OJS and KJR in the masquerade outfits!
  3. well everyday you have the chance to play a kind of roulette game in there, and gain kakao cash! that's what I do
  4. https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=49293547 this is the official page where you can read it! but you can only read about 3 chapters at first... and each chapter you choose will be unlocked after 12 hours (I chose the 100, 99 and 98 first haha) and it's purely text... I use a really time consuming way to translate it. even it doesn't translate 100% right. some things make no sense at all. but some sentences are translated well so I can kinda figure out what is happening ^^;;;
  5. well... I will tell you a bit more *0* okay... actually I am reading both the novel and the webtoon backwards... I mean. starting from last chapter haha BECAUSE I AM REALLY IMPATIENT... I want to know the ending first haha
  6. I am reading both the webtoon and the novel... but the novel is 100 chapters and the webtoon just 16... I wonder if the drama is more based on the novel or webtoon. I think webtoon. because putting 100 chapters into a 16 episode drama is very difficult I think!! Also (I will include some spoilers about the novel, please open if you are really curious, but it might spoil the drama ending)
  7. Also... omg In Na's clothes in this drama are amazing... I fell in love with the purple sweater outfit of when she was being teached by Jung Rok... I hope those fashion Kdrama websites post where the outfits are from... truly inspirating beautiful fashion
  8. I will put this in spoiler becuz it is not related to pichi/ointment. just my opinion on the suzy stuff anyway. on topic: The pasta scene was SOOOO funny. Jin Shim has that in common with me. I LOVE PASTA!!!! I would be sad too if he didn't invite me to eat pasta with him TT
  9. I will add it to the title right now! thank you very much for letting me know the new name!!! sounds a bit medical name but the meaning is cute so it is good haha
  10. hiii my friends!! I am so happy the thread got so many responses!! I really want to update the main post with beauitful pics and more information about them. but I am learning how to post pics.. haha
  11. Our favorite lovely couple in dramas "Goblin" and "Touch your Heart"
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