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[THE OFFICIAL] Chi Yeol 치열 Thread


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Guest bwitched

hello, anyone here? ^^

i just got to know about Chi Yeol after watching Xingstar - Feliz Navidad MV.


i thought he's quite good looking. ahha.

and now, im trying to watch his MVs and perfs.

he's a very good singer! very nice voice.....

and he can dance? ahaha. perfect! xD

ohh, so he changed from Your SG to Xing Entertainment?

Welcome to the club n

Thanks for the vids..I miss seeing him on screen so much..yeah hope he'll be better promoted with the new company.

Btw in the vid, how come I don't see him doing a solo part?..

I captured a photo tho..for us to share


n welcome back ss5o1em. i'm glad u r back. It's scary talking in the thread all alone.hehe

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Guest arinkorin

Not a big fan, but I thought I saw his name somewhere...

Geh, I backtracked this thread a little but didn't see info about him participating in an event called NEWSTAR.

Do you guys know anything about this?

ohh, so.. he was actually, already in XING Entertainment in August? or even earlier.

grrr, now i wonder if Chi Yeol will receive more exposure under this entertainment??

(cos, they already made a lot of XING's fans pissed off =/)

anyway, i just got to know that he was featured in 015B's 1st Single - Cluster that was released in August last year?

he was featured in two songs. ahhh, both chi yeol and 015B are quite underrated right?

too bad cos i think the songs are quite nice ^^

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Guest spyro_215

Haii all....i love him tooo....Chi Yeol Sarangey... :D

but i have a request here ... i want his lyrics in any language i mean english or hangeul or romanize lyrics...i want alll.....plsss help me find one...aahhh n its from his first album 'five sense'...of all the songs in the album i love Chinguraneunmal the most....but i'd love more if there's lyrics comes with it...pls help me find it...or u can give the websites of him or anything about him...pls pls pls....

ths all... :lol:

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Guest arinkorin

no updates? T___T

btw, this is not so new, but still wanna post it here.

This song was released in July, but the MV was released in September.

Chi Yeol is featured in this song, so just wanna post it.

[MV HQ]PS Young Jun (영준) feat Chi Yeol (치열) - 너 때문에 (Because of You)

Ahhh, so he's not releasing any singles or album anytime soon? I wanna see him on TV badly enough.

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Guest arinkorin

bumping bumping bumping.

I miss Chi Yeol. hurm.. it has been a very long time since he released anything.

I decided to check out his cyworld eventhough I don't really understand Korean.

Well, I used the online translator to translate his entry on 31st October 2009.

I'm not really sure since the online translator isn't really accurate, but I guess he was having a hard time trying to release an album or what? I guess he was working on something but had to face with delays and all.

Anyone mind to translate it better? I really want to know what was he trying to say. here's the entry


예전에 함께하던 기획사가 문을 닫게 되어

계약문제로 앨범이 딜레이되다가

이제야 앨범작업을 할수있게 되었네요.

제음악 기다려 주신 여러분들께 정말 진심으로

머리 숙여 감사의 마음을 표합니다.

소수겠지만 저의 음악을 들어주시고 기다려주시고

관심 가져주신 여러분들의 기대에 어긋나지 않도록!!

좋은 음악으로 좋은 소리로 혼자가아닌

듀엣으로 다가갈것을 약속드려용 홍홍

이글 읽으시는 분들은 행복만 가득하시길

그럼 뿅~

and the latest one was posted on 1st January 2010

새해가 밝았다.


복많이 받자!

열심히 노래하자!

쭈 욱 나 아 가 자!

These are old pictures of him in 2008 posted in his cyworld.



credits: Chi Yeol's cyworld


heh. ignore me but I just need to spazz for a while.

I left a comment on his cyworld saying that I am an oversea fan and asked about his comeback and he replied! ^^

but it was just a simple reply, like "oh! thank you~'. lol. :P

I kind of hoped he'll mention something about his comeback but then nope.

but at least he's still there! maybe you guys who can write in Korean should ask him ^^

i don't know. I need to know more Korean. haihhh.

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Guest arinkorin

현재일(작성일) : 2010.03.12 금 05:23

다이어리 내용


고생해서 작업한 음악이 나옵니다^^

3월말에 온라인음원으로 나올 예정이구요.

주위분들에게 홍보 많이 해주시옵소서~

새벽에 작업한다고 힘들었지만

좋은 음악을 다시 낼수있게 되어

정말 기쁘네요.

이 기쁨 함께 하고싶습니다~


credits: Chiyeol's Cyworld.

am I allowed to do this. I've been bumping the thread on my own? any fans of him here? T_T

btw, he has been updating his cyworld since the 12th of March with this post.

the latest one was posted on the 18th, but it doesn't say that much as this one.

As usual, I used the online translator and it says that he's working really hard on his upcoming album!

YEAYYYYYYYY! :D I don't know when is it going to be released though.

but the headline on his cyworld says something like: "Coming Soon 2010. Chic".

ohhh. I hope the music industry does him justice this time. He' has a great voice to not be active as a singer.

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Guest arinkorin

According to Isak's twitter, Chi Yeol will be in a duo group called 'Wednesday', and the song will be released tomorrow! (12th May). and Chi Yeol is on twitter too! do follow him @chiyeul7102 ^^

트친소-------> @Asound84 and @chiyeul7102 they are the two members of the new kpop group WEDNESDAY! out~yes~this wed~hehe

source: Isak's twitter

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Guest arinkorin


Artist: 웬즈데이 (Wednesday)

Album Title: HAPPY TRAIN New Artist Project Vol. 001

Release Date. 12.05.10


1. 내 목에 칼이 와도 (With 규훈 of 소울스타) - [Nae Moke Kali Wado]

2. 가지마 (Vocal 치열 of 웬즈데이) - [Kajima (Vocal Chi Yeol of Wednesday)

3. 니가 아닌데 (Vocal 한국 of Wednesday) - [Niga Aninde (Vocal Han Guk of Wednesday)]

4. 내 목에 칼이 와도 (Instrumental) - [Nae Moke Kali Wado (Instrumental)]

Source: Daum

Sorry but I'm not sure whether I should open up a new thread for the group Wednesday or not. but since Chi Yeol is one of the members for this duo group, I might as well just post this here. I'm so so so excited that Chi Yeol is finally back in the music scene after... 3 years? Loving all the songs. And the other member, Han Guk has a really nice voice too. I hope they'll get to promote this on music shows/radio too.

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Guest arinkorin

sorry for bumping.

I seriously feel like creating a new thread but I still can't find too many info on the group Wednesday.

If I or anyone can help to get the profile for the other member, Han Guk, I'll create a new thread for them. ^^

btw, this is their music video for their title track

Wednesday - 내 목에 칼이 와도 MV :


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hi There!

I'm a huge fan of Chi Yeol as well and I also can't find anytttttttthing on his group called " wednesdays " 

thank you so much for updating!!!!!!!!!! 

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Guest crying_kim

guys, check this out, he's in ''i can see your voice'' please check the vid. its awesome!!!

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Guest HildaP

Hello...thanks to Immortal Songs I had the privilege to listen to ChiYeol singing. What a wonderful singer! I wish him the best because he deserves it. Hope to see him for a 3rd time in Immortal Songs.:wub:

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Guest HildaP

Hello,last night I watched Immortal Song and ChiYeol won! He sang Father,and his mom and dad were there to see him sing. What a great performance! Im so proud of him and Im sure his mom and dad are too.

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Hi guys *waves*

I'm wondering how come this thread is not getting major bumps since Hwang Chi Yeol appearance on show 'I see your voice'. I got to know him trough that show and was totally mesmerized by his performance and talent he displayed. He still nails Go Hae as he did in drama Lovers back then.

In the mean time he became a guest on the 'Immortal song 2'. And he is doing such a great job, also winning in 199 ep!! In the show was also vougly explained why he was missing from the scene for such a long time. Hopefully he's now back for good.

Did someone already hear his duet with leeSA?

@HildaP gues he is getting regular guest on Immortal song 2 hm? Deciding on not to play a crybaby (as he alone comented on it) anymore he spices up his preformance in following ep. He is soo funny ;) Did you saw it?

And in the last special edition of 'I see your voice' he again reaches for Im Jae Bum song, this time singging The Flight:


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