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Romantic Princess 公主小妹

Guest heartdrops

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Guest doremi02

I love Angela since the dolphin bay and become fan of her.She can sing very well..Love all her songs. I was impressed by Bump Off Lover..Gosh, she's so scary there..But..sure she a good actress.

Wu Zun is handsome...hehe^^ :w00t: and can act..HAna-Kimi was good.

Love to see them in one grama....Must watch.

Is there any news yet about this drama? S.o pls upload.

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Source: Lian He Bao, Various Articles

Translations by Scarlett @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum

Angela Chang Holds Tightly to Wu Zun; New Drama in Pre-Production

Depsite of ZHANG SHAO HAN's (Angela Chang) oversea promotions and activities in the next two months, she confirmed that no matter how busy her schedule is she has to complete the new drama that she will soon have with WU ZUN called "Gong Zhu Xiao Mei." (Temp. Title) This drama will be based on a Japanese manga where the female lead, Angela Chang, transfroms from a young lady in a poor family to one of the richest girls in Taiwan. She will also be dancing the Waltz with Wu Zun.

Aside from preparing herself for her role in the new drama by reading through the manga, she is also very busy for her concert preparations. She is worried that she will not have the time to practice the Waltz. When asked about working with the extremely popular Wu Zun, Angela laughed and said, "I think this is a kind of 'staff welfare'! I think many of our company's staff members would fight to meet Wu Zun."

"Gong Zhu Xiao Mei" will begin filming in the summer.

Wed, 25 Apr 2007

>>>looking forward to this drama too

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Guest closet_queen

wow! i love them both...

can't wait for this series. hope you guys update us about this upcoming series.


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Guest shortyshoutm

woo hoo ! :w00t: another wu zun drama. i can't wait :D

how long does it usually take for a drama to release once it starts filming? does it varies from drama to drama. or is it usually about 2-3 months after it starts filming?

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Guest doremi02

Thanks a bunch for the news, sara.

Angela is so busy these days but I am happy to hear that she will be back to drama soon esp. with Wu Zun...hehe..it's cool!

Yes, have to wait for a while, not that long..

so excited now.

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Guest flyfany89

Wuzun!! looking forward to this drama~

I'm glad that Wu Zun is going to be in another drama soon

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>>>>glad to see you all happy with the news as I am...another news of the drama

Source: New Monday Mag, Hong Kong

Translations by Scarlett @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum

New Drama "Wo Jia Gong Zhu" to Film Soon; Wu Zun, Angela Chang: Being Themselves?

WU ZUN has another new drama!

The pre-production notices and events for the new drama, "Wo Jia Gong Zhu" (Literal Translation: My Home's Princess; Previous Title: Gong Zhu Xiao Mei; Princess Little Sister) has been done very secretly. During pre-production there has been numerous of rumors where Wu Zun was to film a new movie or a new Hong Kong-based drama. Before the female lead was introduced, FAHRENHEIT's fans simply could not keep their eyes off the web to miss any news.

Finally, it was announced. The official has announced that "Wo" would have Fahrenheit's WU ZUN and CHEN YI RU (Calvin Chen) as the male leads. The female lead was also confirmed to be the "Gold Attracting Little Queen", ZHANG SHAO HAN (Angela Chang). Fans were relieved. Filming for "Wo" will begin in May 4th.

In "Wo", Wu Zun will be playing a rich and cool pretty boy while Angela will be playing an outgoing and happy young girl. Isn't that the same as their own characters?

Angela Chang Won't Fall For Wu Zun?

Fans of Wu Zun were anxious to know who would be the female lead for his new drama, "Wo Jia Gong Zhu". When it was finally announced that Angela Chang would be the female lead, everyone agreed and gave them their fullest support. The two leads seems to have been pulled in together out of nowhere. Actually from past reports, the two are quite fated. The original female lead for Wu Zun's debut drama, "Tokyo Juliet" was actually Angela, but because Angela was busy filming for another drama, LIN YI CHENG (Ariel Lin) replaced her.

Angela: "I really want to work with Wu Zun. At that time I was offered both "Tokyo Juliet" and "Bump Off Lover" at the same time, and since the story of "Bump" was something I have never tried before, I decided to film that one. Now we finally have the chance to work together!" (Are you afraid to really fall for Wu Zun?) I never thought of that! However after I accepted the script, my company's workers were more excited than myself because they would have the chance to see Wu Zun!"

Filming Begins

"Wo" will begin filming on Friday, May 4th. However, scenes of only Wu Zun and the other actors would begin first. This is because Angela's schedule could not fit in any filming hours for the drama in the month of May: "In May I already have a lot of promotions and functions planned out that I have to attend. I need to film commercials and in the 21st I would also have to go to Hong Kong for the promotion! So scenes of Wu Zun and I will not happen until June or July."

Wu Zun also doesn't have that much free time to himself.

Wu Zun: "In May 25th, Tang Yu Zhe and I would have to go to Malaysia to promote "Hana-Kimi". In June 2, Fahrenhet and the rest of HIM's artists would have to attend to a charity concert." Aside, next week on Wednesday and Thursday (May 9-10) Fahrenheit would go to Guang Zhou for a particular clothes endorsement function. Fahrenheit's security guards would have to start working again!

Wu Zun to play "Zi Tang YOU JI" (japanese. Name)

Angela Chang to play "Shi Chuan MAI ZI" (japanese. Name)

Calvin Chen to play "Zi Tang CAI REN" (japanese. Name)

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Guest Vanessa728

I probably would like to watch this due to Wu Zun. I want to see more of him, and how he'll be acting in here compared to Tokyo Juliet and Hana Kimi.

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ohh i heard about the drama but i never knew Angela was the lead female! i cant wait for this =)

Hana Kimi 2 is gonna be a while.. but they will be filming while im in Taiwan =D

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Guest Starylosophy

New Monday Scans on Romantic Princess (Official drama name)



Credits: landyzheng at wu-chun.com


Romantic Princess Press Con at 100% Entertainment:

Download Here

Youtube Link

Credits: green4262 at wu-chun.com










*Wu Zun looks extremely dashing in that princely suit! :wub:

Credits: Baidu

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