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Romantic Princess 公主小妹

Guest heartdrops

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Guest PandaKiss

I love Angela Zhang!

Her acting is awesome.

I really like Dolphin Bay.

I'll watch it just for her.

Since I don't like WuZun that much.


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Guest doremi02

me, I love both of them...such an amazing couple!!

I started to love Angela from watching the Dolphin Bay n later, i even luv her more. ..man, Bump off lover is really good..her acting there is great.

Wu Zun , I luv him in Hanakimi..so cute!

hope that it will be a hit drama.

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Guest Starylosophy

Wu Zun and Angela Wears Woolen Vests Perspires Under the Hot Sun



Being idols is a hard job! Wu Zun (member of Fahrenheit) was with Angela Chang was in the hot sun yesterday at San Sia Taipei University to film Romantic Princess. Both of them were wearing uniforms which has a woolen vest on top of their shirts. Angela was perspiring alot and her long hair were sticked together. Wu Zun who lived in Brunei since young, shouldn't be afraid of hot weather, but the sun was really scary yesterday so Wu Zun couldn't help but used the photos given by fans as a fan.

Princess gives present, Brunei Prince ignores

As the filming was stopped for a month, Wu Zun and Angela has been catching up on filming Romantic Princess. Yesterday, the crew arrived at San Sia Taipei Univerisity at 7am. In this scene, Angela happily passes a gift to Wu Zun and also shows to him, but Wu Zun didn't even take a look at it and walked away.

As this scene takes place in a school, the afternoon sun was blazing. Before filming, both of them hid in airconditioned classrooms. Assistants helped to put Angela's hair in place and touch up her makeup. Wu Zun's face was full of perspiration and puts in effort to memorize his lines. Wu Zun who is 181cm stands besides Angela who is 158cm looks like a sky dragon looking at a tiger and Angela kept on teasing Wu Zun during breaks and he broke into laughter many times.

Fans brought photos which became a fan

Although the weather was very hot, Wu Zun fans was standing by his side for him. One of his fan gave him some photos she took of him and he was very touched. But as the weather was too hot, he used them as fans to fan himself. So it shows that 'The Brunei Prince' is unable to withstand the hot Taiwan's sun!

Translated by Starylosophy

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Guest viet_la_amour

Wow.. Angela traumatized me with her freaky face in Dolphin Bay, but now she actually looks really pretty! Wu Zun is hot as always..... I hope this isn't anything like the dramas that Taiwan has been producing this year. Hopefully it'll have some depth and good acting to it.

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Guest missyblue

hehe, im going to watch this one cause of Wu Zun XD plus, i think the story line is kinda cute, and i want to see if Angela and Wu Zun make a good couple :phew:

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Calvin super generous, spent $400 000 to transport his beloved car back to Taiwan

June 22, 2007




Super rich young master Calvin, acted as a rich young master pursuing Angela and drives million dollar worth of Porche racing car in the drama "Princess Sister". Outside the drama, he who came from a wealthy family is also a rich young master in every sense of the term. . The most exaggerated "wealthy" act was that he had once spent 400 thousand dollars, to transport the car he drove in Canada back to Taiwan.

Year End Examinations, drives race car to pursue princess

GTV's "Princess Sister" recently was filming outdoor scene in Dan Shui, Calvin, who's busy with Zheng Da's financial research institutes year-end examinations, still have to endure and romance with Angela in Dan Shui. He drove a ten million worth Porche 911-GT3, and said nervously, "This is an automatic car, I don't really know how to drive an automatic car, and still have to go for driving lessons to practice before I dare to drive this car, I don't wish to spoil the car, I can't afford to compensate!"

Calvin said, as his father is an importer for car mechanics part, the extend he like cars is just like liking women, he also calls his car "Little wife". He said, his little wife was bought when he was studying in Canada, approximately NT$2000, 000, it is a silver Honda Accord car.

Not scared of showing off, afraid to be rich man's son (where they do nothing and fool around)

He said, "I like it more than I love girlfriend, I don't allow people to eat in my car, my car can only sit 2 people, don't allow people to take the back seat, 'Fahrenheit' members borrow car from me, I will definitely not lent."

Initially when he was coming back to Taiwan after completing his studies, because he couldn't bear to leave his little wife, he spent 400 thousand transportation fees to transport it back to Taiwan. He said, he will never use automatic car wash, and will definitely use his hands to wash slowly, even if his house have outdoor car park, he will not use it, he rent a separate in-door car park for his little wife.

Isn't he afraid that he will be laughed and teased as a rich young master who likes to show off? Calvin said, "If I'm being treated as a young master with good personal upbringing, that will not be any problem, please don't think that I'm rich man's son who only know how to spent money and knows nothing, I also know how to study one."


Translated by Tiffany

Source: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com

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Guest zaizai_f4_only

interesting ^_^

i wanted to watch this series..

lols first coz of there're 2 fahrenheit members

in it... =D

i dont really like Angela but its okay to watch her series ^_^

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Guest norain

wuzun's sure's a busy guy, doing one drama after the other, good for him. altho i felt his acting need a lilttle more work, i'll watch this for sure cuz seem interesting and great looking cast (i'm shallow -_- ...)

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Guest xsilentangel

WOWOWOW so many new dramas coming up!!

looking forward to this!

wu zun yay!!!! lvoed him in hana kimi :D

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Guest Starylosophy

27.06.2007 Princess Angela drives like being up in the wrong ship

Angela do not have driving licence, in the new drama, she steps hard on the car gear on the mini-golf car, scaring Calvin, until he keeps saying, "I've been tricked and took the wrong 'ship'!"

Angela does not have car licence, but recently in TV's drama "Romantic Princess" scene, she inisisted in driving the golf car (for driving round the park/garden). She, who only knows how to 'add oil' and move forward, does not have a single notion how to turn nor move backwards. Moreover, she drives crazily, stepping the gear to the maximum instead of cit by bit.

Along the way, she keeps shouting, "People in front get out of the way!" making Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen who was sitting by her side scared until he keeps saying, "I've been tricked up the wrong ship!"



Angela(right) dricing the golf car and keeps stepping the gear, scaring Calvin

Translated by Tiffany at AF

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