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Romantic Princess 公主小妹

Guest heartdrops

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Guest doremi02

Man, I haven't been here for a while and there have lots of information now. Thanks for sharing, Starylosophy and Sara. You guys rock.

I do agree that Wu Zun and Angela is adorable, very good match.

Can't wait to see this serie.

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Guest Starylosophy

Hmm, he has been pretty busy these few weeks. Most probably he has lost some weight.

09/05/07 Wu Zun, Angela Chang and Calvin Chen dancing Waltz at 100% Entertainment


Download Here

Youtube link

Credits: pingyu at wu-chun.com

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Guest blue3nvy413

OH! i love fahrenheit. and i love calvin and wu zun. YAY! wu zun is starring in another drama and so is calvin. so happy. although ive never seen angelas work from what i heard she's pretty good. she's really skinny though...but maybe thats just me and my americanness talking. hehe. can't wait for this drama to come out...in subs...

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Guest h0ney

hrm.. i used to like wuzun.. but tokyo juliet turned me off lol..

hope his better in this

i cant wait to see angela.. loved her in bump off lover

i hated the character ariel played in tokyo juliet.. lucky angela didnt play it.. lol dont want her image ruined

man.. this year is like the year of the PART TWOs or something

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Guest doremi02

Yey! It's Wu zun, I am excited to watch this. I loved Wu Zun since from the start. As Jeng Feng Liang(tokyo juliet) and Quan(hana kimi). Can't wait to watch it.


How old is Angela?

She's 25.

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Guest xjuicyy403

OMG YAY! chunnie!!!

im excited to watch this hahah

o0o0o i see calvin!! hehe another reason to watch this

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Guest heartdrops

Updated a bit on the front page.

Please PM me if there's anything to be added :D

I heard SUBlimes will be subbing this! xDDD

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Guest Starylosophy

Wu Chun, Angela Chang Battles for Money, "Princess" with $6 Million Deficit



GTV's latest production, "Romantic Princess" lost close to $6 million of productions costs because WU ZUN (of Fahrenheit) and ZHANG SHAO HAN (Angela Chang) were busy with overseas promotions. Filming for the drama was on hold for a month.

Compares to Who's Busier

According to recent reports, "RP" began filming this early May. The production is also GTV's most highly anticipated annual drama, and uses the extremely popular Fahrenheit member Wu Zun and Golden Bell nominated best actress Angela Chang to lead the drama. However, after scenes of Angela with CHEN YI RU (Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit) playing in the streets and of her in a dog costume, filming was put on hold for nearly a month. The reason behind it is because the crew needs to allow time for Wu Zun and Angela to do overseas promotions.

Angela first flew to Singapore to promote her new album and then flew to Mainland China. It has been nearly a month where she is not in Taiwan; Wu Zun went to Malaysia last month for the promotion of "Hanazakarino Kimitachihe". He then flew to his hometown, Brunei, and stayed their for a week. Accordingly both Angela and Wu Zun will be back in Taiwan to film today.

Big Vacation for the Crew, $200,000 a Day

A crew faculty of the production revealed secretly that the average cost of a drama per filming day is around $150,000 to $200,000. The costs includes the directing, camera & lights, stage props, renting of outdoor scenes, etc. as well as salary for the crew. Because Wu Zun and Angela stopped filming for a month, "RP" lost close to $6,000,000. Yesterday, the producer of the drama, Ken, explained that it is hard to estimate the exact cost of the production and how much they had lost while the two leads were away, but he insisted that before filming began, Angela's schedule were discussed and they had agreed on it.

Angela's agent said that the schedule for "RP" was already confirmed before Angela received the script. Right now they have already postponed all of Angela's future projects in order to rush through the rest of the production; Wu Zun's agent replied that the crew of "RP" already agreed to allow Wu Zun to go to Malaysia to promote "HK". And when the promotion of "HK" completed, Wu Zun immediately flew back to Taiwan to continue filming, but because Angela is still busy to return to filming, Wu Zun was released to fly back to Brunei where he rested for a week. Production for "RP" should be completed by August.

Credits: AF

Wu Chun Sees Angela Zhang, Wants to Fatten Her Up

GTV's Idol Drama "My Romantic Princess" has stopped filming for one month already. Yesterday, the male and female lead appeared in an outdoor scene. Both were obviously not close to each other. Wu Chun joked, "Plus, we had to practice ball room dancing, but we never saw each other more than 5 times," He didn't even know how to start talking to Angela Zhang. His deepest impression of her was, "She's very skinny," But he believes, "Since I love to eat, she'll be fatten up by me filming with her,"

This half year, Chun has been very popular all over. Everywhere he goes, there are always fans. When he returned to Brunei for a vacation, nobody made a big deal of the fact that he was a "big star". His previous girlfriend did not watch any of the dramas he starred in. But his gym has attracted many people to come, causing business to be well.

What kind of girls attracts Wu Chun? This time, when returning to Brunei, he met his ex-girlfriend, whom broke up with him 9 years ago. Both saw a quick hello. Chun revealed that his ex-girlfriend wasn't the red-hot sexy type or the cute-type, nor the long hair, big-eyed princess or the cold "little girl". His description: "Ah, just a normal girl. The kind you'll see walking down the street, and sometimes even cussing!"

Afraid to mislead the reporter, Chun quickly "pulled himself into the water" (get himself in trouble). "I sometimes cuss, but only in front close friends as a joke," He also revealed that the 4 big guys of Fahrenheit have a competition to see who can come up with the most creative cussing. But at the end, his "mix of Hokkien and English cussing" always let him win.

Actually, Wu Chun and his ex-girlfriend has kept in contact via phone. Being single for so long, his family won't rush him to get a girlfriend. When asked the qualities of his ideal girl, he feels that the "right feel" is the most important, attractive is nice, and used his ex-girlfriend as an example. Seems like he likes simple, long-legged girls. His ex-girlfriend was nearly 170 cm tall.

Credits: UDN

Translated by: icychocolatebubbletea at AF

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