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Romantic Princess 公主小妹

Guest heartdrops

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WuZun wears girl clothes, big chest gets Angela angry


The conservative WuZun was seen at clothing store "Mango" filming for GTV's new drama, "Romantic Princess" with Angela. WuZun was wearing a shirt which size was large, but his well built body made the shirt seem tight, showing off his chest. WuZun was so shy that he had to pull on the shirt to prevent it from showing off too much chest and nipples. The 32B Angela cried out when she saw him: "His chest is bigger then mine!"

In the afternoon, "Romantic Princess" began filming at "Mango" and at first, WuZun and Angela were in school uniforms, but WuZun then went to "Mango" and changed into a yellow female shirt. The shirt was very tight fitted making WuZun embarassed as his body figure was seen by many.

Actually, WuZun has already worn female clothes in "Tokyo Juliet" but in that drama, he was wrapped up so his body was hardly seen. As a model, wearing female clothing isn't anything new to WuZun, but he was extra shy this time, blushing and always looking around to make sure not too many people were watching.

In that scene, there was a small kiss scene, and the director adds: "Just give me a fresh and simple kiss, don't add your own scenes!" The other scenes were okay with 1 take, but the kiss scene took 3 takes for the director to accept.

WuZun holds female clothing as he goes to change


Source: Apple Daily

Translated by m1ss @ http://asianfanatics.net

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Guest puls707


i am soo looking forward to this!

wuzun and angela look really good together as a couple!

thx for the article!

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Guest Starylosophy

Romantic Princess kiss scenes!




Argh, so envious of Angela =S

Wu Zun's face is smeared with dirt!:



Wu Zun Gives Angela A Sudden Kiss

GTV's latest drama, "Romantic Princess" yesterday appeared in a shopping mall for filming. Aside from WU ZUN wearing girl clothes, he also hid in the changing room with ZHANG SHAO HAN (Angela Zhang) to kiss her. Probably because it has been quite a while since Wu Zun gave his last kiss so he was feeling extremely nervous and impatient at the same time, even the director had to yell at him, "Wu Zun, control yourself! Don't be so excited! Watch out for scaring Angela."

After resting for half a month, the two leads of "RP", Wu Zun and Angela Zhang, finally has the time to film scenes together. Yesterday Wu Zun and Angela were in a shopping mall filming a scene. Because that day the scene did not include a kissing scene, it was very unexpected when the director decided to add a scene of them kissing. The two of them were not prepared and seemed lost, but when Wu Zun held Angela's hand, he was very polite and greeted her like a gentleman.

Wu Zun and Angela only saw each other ten times in the past. The sudden kissing scene had indeed startled them. It was hard for them to get into the scene and they had NGed many times. The small changing room had over 8 crew workers and it was embarassing for the two of them because they had to kiss in front of them many times. The director had to give them a serious talk, calming them. He explained that since they are not very familiar with each other it is the reason why they were very embarassed. When the scene started, their work did not meet the director's expectations. They had NGed many times. The director finally told them, "If you guys make NGs anymore, I'm afraid I'll have to use Angela to demonstrate how to kiss!" When they heard that Angela immediately told Wu Zun to focus more and to try to put in some more feeling.

However, the first NG was because Angela was laughing. She said, "When Wu Zun came closer, I saw his serious face. I had to laugh. I didn't try to NG on purpose!" When Wu Zun was concentrating to kiss Angela, the director had to stop him because he said that he didn't "put enough feeling". When Wu Zun started to kiss again, the director joked and said, "It must been a while since you last kissed. Why are you in such a hurry?"

Despite the accidents, Wu Zun and Angela tried to finish the scene as quick as they could. When it was completed Wu Zun laughed, "The kissing scene came so sudden. I neither brought gum nor washed my teeth. Thank goodness it was only for a simple peck on the lips. I'm sure Angela won't mind."

When asked how he felt in cooperating with Angela for the first time, Wu Zun said that it was just the beginning. After the kissing scene, Wu Zun feels that he and Angela will be closer. This was only their fifth scene together. Although Angela will soon be busy for her music career, Wu Zun is not worried and says, "When Angela comes back from the mainland we can then be more concentrated in filming. I'm sure by then we will be closer friends."

Translation: Scarlett at AF

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Guest miyavidoll

based on this drama's name... wu zun and angela are siblings?

OMG, if this is a romance...

NOOOO WU ZUN can't kiss any girl anymore LOLLOL


NOO, i just read the post.. above..

and they have to kiss T_T

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Guest shobe_show

Thanks for the pictures!

I really loved the color of their uniform! So hip!

OMG!! Wu Zun in Mango?? haha...maybe Mango will try to design clothes for men too. :lol:

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Guest iSayOink






EEK!! wuzun looks sooooooooooooo ---*flo~o~oat*--- xD

HAHAHAHA!!!!! why he have to wear girl clothes?!?!

(actually, you can't really tell anyway XD)


i can kinda tell how embarrassed he prolly was by it

LOL the way he keeps pulling the shirt off his chest LOL XD

Angela was an awesome actress in dolphin bay

altho she doesn't seem as friendly as ella does

i can't wait to see the drama!

a fresh new pair! gotta see man! LOL.



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Guest Starylosophy

Wu Zun Runs In The Rain, Pretty Face Ruined

Two days ago, the new CTV/GTV drama, "Romantic Princess" had a scene where WU ZUN and ZHANG SHAO HAN hides in a changing room for a secret kiss. When asking him what is the best place to make secret love, he laughs, "Of course in the car!" Yesterday, to further grasp realism as the role of a worker, Wu Zun went outdoors in the rain to dirty his face, and it is completely different from his usual clean self.

Because "RP" delayed filming for a month, they were really behind schedule. Once filming regained last week it has since been in a rush to catch back up on schedule. Even the two leads who are unfamiliar with each other already filmed a kissing scene. Because the kissing scene is an add-on scene by the director, Wu Zun is not prepared for the kissing scene at all. He didn't brush his teeth nor chewed bubble gum. Luckily the kissing scene is just a lip-to-lip, but he still feels embarassed.

Yesterday, "RP" filmed a scene of Wu Zun running around the streets in the rain to find a job and it had caused his face to be extremely dirty. He sells cleaning utensils but no one bothers to acknowledge him. At the scene there were many fans surrounding him, each holding an umbrella. Seeing their idol in the rain really hurt their heart. According to the drama, Wu Zun is originally from a very rich background, but soon his status changed and he lost everything. In the end he has work as loading cargo in order to survive.

After Wu Zun's burst of popularity his background was also exposed. Reports pointed that not only is Wu Zun from a rich family background, his father also has a real estate, his uncle owns a motor company and also operates the media. Yesterday Wu Zun laughed, "I'm really not as rich as what the rumors say. To open the gym I had to borrown money from the bank. Brunei also has cheap estates. Buying a grand villa in Brunei is as much as buying a small apartment in Taiwan."

However, Wu Zun admits that he was never in the point where he was extremely poor. When he was in school he never worked to support the family. The only time when Wu Zun had to eat instant noodle for a week was when he had to save money to design his car.

He said, "Little kids in Brunei barely work. However we don't earn as much too because there really isn't much to spend in Brunei. It's not like Taiwan, where we have many KTV stations and pubs." However he believes that acting as a cargo carrier is not a problem at all because when he used to work out in the gym he would always carry over 100 pounds of sand bags.

Source: UDN

Translations by Scarlett at AF

Newsclip of Wu Zun and Angela filming RP at Mango:


Download Here

Youtube Link

^ Muahahaha, Wu Zun and his funny expressions! :lol:

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release 2008? still have to wait quite a while.

i don't know is it okay to ask it here. but i would like to know information about Li Ang Lin? does anyone know? thank you.

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hahas gosh Angela and Wu Zun look cute together

i lvoe their school uniform somehow.lol caught my attention.

Gosh the kissing scnee was pretty funny. ahhas

"If you guys make NGs anymore, I'm afraid I'll have to use Angela to demonstrate how to kiss!" When they heard that Angela immediately told Wu Zun to focus more and to try to put in some more feeling.

i thought that was pretty funny. lol <3 i also hope they wil become closer. WEll propbbly 2008 because Angela have her singing career going on too.lol but i def. can't wait for this.

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Guest Cherish_

Wu Zun is so cute! he kind of looks like a girl

And Angela in a new drama... that's great!

looking forward to this serie but hopefully the acting won't be too exagerated ><

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