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C I R C L E . L E N S Official Thread

Guest peppermintsugar

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Guest Stacy

Unless, I'm 1 inch from someone's face or the contacts are some unnatural color, I don't think I would notice.


On an unrelated topic, Janni is pretty.. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest chickery

does anyone know how much it is

to put prescriptions(?) in them?..

Free (from my experience). I've never seen someone charge extra for prescription.

Are there diffrent sizes of them?

My eyes aren't THAT big

so i don't want my pupils too be so big, i look like a dog.

What are the sizes?

It depends all on the brand. If you go to the company website, you can get all the info there.

Chickery where are your lenses?? show me!! <3 Christian I love your pictures, very easy to see each difference in all of them. Hmmm i only have black at the moment so i guess no point in posting ehhh.

LoL only because I <3 you th-------------------is much:

No Lenses w/fake lashes, Bescon Tutti Violet, "Superstar Blue"

Bescon Tutti Brown

Bescon Tutti Violet




I was wondering if the expiration date (ex. one year, 3 months) is in effect the moment you buy it/ the moment you open it?

And I was curious what happens when you continue to wear the contacts (if non prescripted) after they're expired?

My experiences with a black circle lens was that my brother was telling me something and I was listening and nodding but then he goes: "WHY AREN'T YOU LOOKING AT ME?!?!" me: "I AM!!!" The problem was that it was like I had no pupils and it didn't look like I was focusing on anything. >_________<"

Other than that, everyone has awesome lens!! I'm excited cuz I'm getting mine soon, hopefully. G&G three tone brown and G&G three tone grey. I'm hesitant to get black after my experience but I think it might be on my next to buy list. I'll probably just buy a ring lens so that it's more natural looking and my pupil would be visible.


Will be back to post when I get mine. x))

The expiration date is AFTER you open the package :]

They're not good to wear after expiration because, like anything with an expiration date, their shape may change and if you're prescribed, the power may be affected.

LOL Your story made my day.

i think you can't ask that, according to the rules of the thread

^ Read the FAQs, all answered on first post

Thank you Bunny ~ and everyone who read the rules :P

she has very cute eyes!!! and i love her glasses...trying to get one like that!!

YAH Don't hotlink my pictures ok?

And you can get her stle glasses in the selling trading forum if you need them with no prescription. go to the ROCK BABY shop.

I've always liked the look of circle lenses but I can't find them anywhere. Anyone know where I can buy circle lenses in the US?

does anyone know where to get circle lenses?

I need to get some =/ .. Does anyone know where I can get them in California? And how much it`ll probably be around? I`m new to this circle lenses, hahaha ><



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Guest 520Shawn

They create an interesting effect, but it's just not worth the eye damage. I really don't think some people realize that sacrificing your sight to look like an ulzzang in a couple photos really isn't worth it.


i totally agree with u!

they do make yr eyes bigger

i know frds that use them

but it's not worth it

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i usually use freshlook lenses but recently got a pair of pescription barbie grey circle lenses.. very very nice, i always got compliments and was told that they look really really natural?? ahaha!! which is abit weird cos to me they looks so anime-ish..

-- i wear them probably 3 to 4 times a week, but i have noticed my eyesight is slightly changing abit.. and there is alot of discomfort when i wear them for 3 days straight.. you kind of gettin this feeling that its straining and tiring your eye balls .. abit scary.. :blink:

ive been wearing freshlook lenses for the last.. say 2 and a half years and my eye sight hasnt changed one bit!! only just circle lenses for about 6 weeks and i can feel the change in my eyesight..

but yeh.. i will post pics when i take some.. LOl

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Guest Dollyholic

I got 2 pairs about a month ago. I didn't try them on till today. ._.

I don't think I can pull them off, though. Bleh..

Heres my SM purple :D


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o i really want a pair of gray tuttis^^

but my mom thinks that ppl with small eyes wont look very good in circle lens....cause big eyes will have a nicer effect..or something.....

so does anyone have any before and after pictures to prove her wrong :D

i agree with your mom.

i think circle lenses look better on people with average/big eyes.

if you have small eyes and you wear circle lenses, your eyes tend to look 답답해

it looks like your eyes have no room to breathe because you don't have that much area to cover up to begin with.

that's my personal opinion.

for me, i have semi-big eyes but my iris is small compared to them so i like to wear circle lenses.

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chickery: I really like the "superstar" on you! ^^. This is SO random but I love your skull beanie in one of your pictures do you mind telling me where you got it =) and In the first picture I love your eyelashes are they real? haha what brand of eyelash curler did you use =)

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Guest TheTricycle

yeah, I'm curious too

a few times I almost pre-ordered Bescon tutti, the seller was selling them for $35/pair

but.. ehh.. $35... I think I'll just save that for one or two nice tops, or a pair of shoes.

Yaa. That is also one other reason. I mean if there are free samples, I sure would like to try before spending my money and slowly killing my eyes. I was tempted to shop for one online. Just don't know if I trust the site in particular. Its just those questions stirring up my head:

Is it really worth it?

Would I look cuter in it? Or awfully scary?

Or just the same ol' me?


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^ If you read the thread, you'll see there're some people say their eyes got worse

yeaa, i tried that

because there was an arrow at the bronze (metal) part but it won't open

am i suppose to remove the plastic or metal part or the lid?

not sure if the packaging is the same as Freshlooks or Acuvue packaging,

it's the whole silver metal part on the bottom

Sorry not that helpful :sweatingbullets:

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Guest chickery

^ are you trying open a plastic pack or glass vial?

___l0ve`y0u... I'm wearing fake lashes in the first pic, but no lenses (to show before/after). They are E.L.F. Natural lashes that I got from lovinhyesung from the selling & trading forum. I'm not wearing mascara in the next two pics, and the eyelash curler that I use is Shu Uemura. I got the beanie over the summer from DongDaeMun/Zipia.

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^ cus its not like it kills you.

if you use it in a safe and clean way, its not going to blind you.

circle lenses like reg. contact lenses have the same risks.

if youre lazy and dont sanitize them and sleep with them on, yeah. your eyesight will get worse with possible infections.

but with the daily, careful usage of them, your eyes will only get a little worse.

even with reg contact lenses, your eyesight gets worse.

its just a natural thing.

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