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[Japanese Drama] Hana Yori Dango

Guest resha

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Guest hauwulli

i bet..

this version of main actress here

is much more prettier than the taiwan version of main actress ^_^

really? I think it's the other way around, but I don't know because I can't really see anything unique about the main actress here. Maybe the picture does her no justice? I've never seen her before, what other jdrama has she acted in? :)

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Jerry and Vic looks better than the two leading guys.. and Barbie looks more unique than the girl. :\

I actually think that matsumoto jun looks better than jerry and fits the role better because no offense to Jerry fans, but that boy just could not act at all in MG. As for vic, I thought he was cute in MG and matched his role, but I also think appearance-wise oguri shun matches the role too and plus his acting is a lot better than vic's was in MG (vic has come a long way in his acting, he's so much better now). As for the lead female I think the japanese girl actually seems to fit the part more appearance-wise since the girl in the manga is supposed to be a plain girl from a not so wealthy family.

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Guest bloopy_babo

i cant wait to see this!!! i tink matsumoto jun fits perfect the role perfect!!!!!! ahh matusmoto is soo hott!!!!!! i cant wait for this to come out.

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the 'acting' in the taiwan version was uniformly incompetent. i swear, blocks of wood have more range than jerry yan and vic chou. they were like cardboard cutouts, decorations that serve no purpose.

I've seen matsumoto jun's acting and he's about 1000 times more talented than jerry yan

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im probably biased tho. i really liked the taiwanese version of MG but i havent read the manga either. its kinda hard to picture someone playing F4 but im still looking forward to it.

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Guest Childlike Faith

I read this on the Chinese newspaper. They said Japan wanted to make a better version xD

Presonally, it looks like it will be better, and I'm excited.

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Guest Rainie

OMG!!! I can't wait!!! I remember the Meteor Garden days...lol...I used to be so addicted a couple years back to F4...haha

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Guest sayuri43

lilsh0rtnancy: whats socal? this drama will be aired on TBS... no english subs of course :lol:

just to answer your question :D Socal is Southern California... but no English subs?! awwww... I'm still really excited to see how this drama is going to turn out :)

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matsumoto jun looks really good.. (a lot better than jerry physically)

but i think he doesnt look that "rough" to me unlike dau ming si

and i cant picture him acting silly

prolly a really good actor

i have to protest tho....

KEN's part... abe tsuyoshi???

acting playboy???

no offense but i wont even dare make a 2nd look

IF i'll bump into him...

mah ken is just waaaayy hotter!!

vic's role??? ONLY vic can play that role..

ot was actually made according to his character!!

heheh jk! well i think only him can play that kinda autistic personality

and he looks better too

but i think the best guy chosen is matsuda shouta !!!

he looks sooo dang hot and he really can pass

as a playboy u want to play fire with ^^

the lead girl looks cute.. reminds me of ariel lin

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Guest -=sunniegurl=-

oh no !!

i forgotten..

there's no subs for this ..

that's really bad for me..

i don't understand any single word for japanese

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Guest WhiteMorningStar

none of the cast look the part.

Maybe MatsuJun but not really. :/

I'm actually kind of getting tired of him

taking up the same type of role for every drama.

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Guest mizukiaya

I'll definitely be watching this drama this season. Tho, for me it's kinda hard for me to picture MatsuJun as Doumyouji. I feel this way mostly because I've followed Arashi for such a long time...since they were so little and when I read Hana Yori Dango the manga, I could never imagine Tsukasa being played by MatsuJun. But who knows maybe he'll surprise me. He was really good in Gokusen.

As for Oguri Shun, who was also in Gokusen, I have lots of confidence in him! He's an excellent actor. If you watched Densha Otoko...that was his most recent drama. I can totally see him in the quiet role of Rui.

So really hoping this outshines MG. :)

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