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Angelina Jolie


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Guest Caroline :)


>_> CHEATERS. im on team aniston. no matter how hot angelina is.

omg i'm totally team aniston too!

i mean her stomach's pretty big right now (like 4-5 months i guess?) and it's not as if they planned on having a baby the first time they slept together so they HE SO CHEATED ON ANISTON WITH JOLIE.

i mean they must have had a relationship before they decided to have kids together, or have sex together anyways.

poor jennifer... :(

i bet she's not totally over him either since she's a girl and girls take longer to heal...

i mean she probably just got over him cheating with jolie, filing for divorce, then spending 24/7 with jolie, then wanting to adopt her children, and now PREGNANT? how much more does she have to go through??

i'd probably have broke down and died by now... :(

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Guest Queenie<3

Im on team aniston too haha I wasnt even over the fact that Brad got with Angelina so fast after the break up and now shes pregnant! It all came so fast. Anyways the baby is probably going to be beautiful.

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