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Angelina Jolie


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Guest Rosechime

It took no time for Brad to get her pregnant, but out of all the years he's been Jennifer, he never got her pregnant. Haha.

I also read that they're expecting twins as well.

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

I feel bad for jen..

brad has angelina

and she has... that dude from wedding crashers.. :phew:

brad and angelina are gonna have hot babies lol

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Guest babygurldoc

Well either angie is havin twins

or she is 4 to 5 monthes pregnant, I heard it form a doctor on tv. but her stomach is quite big.

I noe for sure it's bigger than 3 mo.

Anyway still congrat to her, n hope that they have one heck of a gorgous baby or two

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Guest xbamboo

that's kid is going to be gorgeous

ehh, I don't know about that

I'd feel so bad for that baby if it's a girl -

she's going to have one hell of a manly jaw according to their facial structure :x

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Guest --Fallen--Star--

I feel bad for Jenn =/ But this IS Hollywood... I believe there isn't that much true love in holly wood besides... Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes. Beyonce + Jay Z +_+ but congrats ot them~ =]

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