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180626 Seungri IG Update:
"#thegreatseungritour #thegreatseungri #solocomebackimminent #seoulconcert #jangchunggymnasium #rainyseasonstarts #whentherainyseasonendsillcomeback #letsgobacktothegoldendays "
Translated by: susifg

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The Ministry of National Defense has come out to say that there is no Colonel's Room in the hospital G-Dragon was staying in, responding to the 2nd Dispatch report.

Their position has not changed since the 1st report.



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180626 An excerpt from Viewpoint designer(/speaker) Park Yonghoo’s Facebook post mentioning
Translators Note: Park Yonghoo is a 관점디자이너 (GwanJeom Designer). I translate it as ‘Viewpoint designer/speaker’. I’m not exactly sure what that is but based on the videos on Youtube, he’s like a 'motivational speaker’? Another thing, there are comments under his Facebook post that says that the 'Colonel’s room’, that the media keeps on insisting, doesn’t exist. I generalized and translated the “습관적으로 어깨 탈골이 되고 뼈조각..” part as “a lot of injuries..” but the exact translation is “He had recurring shoulder dislocation and bone fragments(pertains to his ankle injury)..”
• A senior official said “GDRAGON use a total of 25 sick leaves”


• Senior offical also said “There have been 5 more white skull soldiers (including GD) who have used more than 21 days of sick leave” 

180627 Seungri IG Update


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