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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ

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Kim Tae Hee First Time Appearance After Giving Birth to Her Second Child






Actress Kim Tae Hee posed for the commemoration of the launch of the cosmetic brand collection held at a store in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on November 29th. 

The celebrity actress Kim stood in front of the reporters wearing a white dress with a dazzling appearance. She greeted everyone with a smile and brightened the surroundings. After giving birth to her second child, she managed to maintain a fine skin and innocent beauty.

The popular KDarama star Kim Tae Hee took a break from acting after she filmed "Yong Pal" in 2015. In 2017, she was married to Rain and dedicated her time to childbirth and parenting. After giving birth to her second daughter last September, she reported that she would return to the new weekend drama tvN's "Hi Bye, Mama!" (Directed Yoo Won / written by Kwon Hye-joo).

''Hi Bye, Mama'' is a story of a ghost mother called Cha Yu Ri (Kim Tae Hee), who left her family due to a sudden accident, appears again in front of her husband Jo Kang Hwa (Lee Kyu Hyung) and her daughter. Jo Kang Hwa started a new life after suffering the pain of the loss of his first love and wife. The drama covers the topic of real reincarnation. It will broadcast in the first half of next year.





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JW’s filming experience with KTH. At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net. He was again ask

Video of KTH inside the hall at KDA 2015.   Credit : sopia lee   ************************************************************************************************   Catching KTH’s expressions, while wa


Kim Tae Hee appears radiantly after giving birth to second daughter


Kim Tae Hee is indeed well-merited. She is exceptional, from her beauty, popularity, to her charisma.



On November 29, Kim Tae Hee attended an event of a beauty brand held at the flagship store in Jamwon Ward, Seocho District. This is the actress' first public appearance after giving birth to the second baby, thereby drawing the attention of many reporters.



Appearing and walking confidently in a white dress, Kim Tae Hee flaunted her unchanged beauty. Although she looked somewhat mature on the outside, her bright energy and youthful appearance are enough to display her unique charisma.


In 2017, Kim Tae Hee married singer-actor Bi Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon) and gave birth to her first daughter. In September 2019, the actress's family welcomed the second daughter.



After getting married, Kim Tae Hee devoted herself to taking care of her family as she got pregnant, gave birth, and raised her children, respectively. In the end, she also plans to return to the small screen in 2020. Kim Tae Hee has confirmed her appearance in the new Sat-Sun drama entitled "Hi Bye, Mama!" (tvN) which is scheduled to be aired in the first half of 2020.



"Hi Bye, Mama!" is a meaningful work to Kim Tae Hee because it marks her comeback after 5 years since the drama "Yongpal" (SBS) aired in 2015.



As a work of humanity, fiction genre, the drama "Hi Bye, Mama!" revolves around the 49-day true rebirth project of the ghost mother Cha Yoo Ri (played by Kim Tae Hee), who had to leave her family because of an accident. She lingered in the world with the desire to appear again in front of her daughter and husband Jo Jang Hwa (played by Lee Gyu Hyung), who had to suppress the pain of losing his wife and start a new life.



In the drama, Kim Tae Hee will play Cha Yoo Ri, a ghost mother who had to separate from her family due to an unexpected accident. Despite being a person with optimistic and positive personality, Cha Yoo Ri could not leave this world because of the pain of not being able to hug her child once.


In real life, Kim Tae Hee is also a mother of two, so the audience expected that with this role, the actress will showcase her distinctive charm which has not been seen in previous works.



Earlier, Kim Tae Hee shared, “It's been a while since I met the audience through a drama, so I feel both fluttered and worried. When I was missing my acting career, I met such a good work like 'Hi Bye, Mama'. This makes me feel happy and grateful at the same time and I immediately prepared for the role. Because this is the first drama I star after becoming a mother, it is really meaningful to me. I will work hard on preparation and show everyone my new image.”



Reporter Jo Yeon Kyung /cho.yeongyeong@jtbc.co.kr


See photos here:



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[Orion's Ramblings] Kim Tae-hee and Lee Kyu-hyung Confirmed as Leads in TvN's "Hi Bye Mama"




Are you ready for some soul-cleansing tears? You don't have to be until the first half of next year, but Kim Tae-hee and Lee Kyu-hyung are on their way to tear our hearts apart in tvN's upcoming fantasy piece "Hi Bye Mama". The actors are confirmed to play a ghost and said ghost's widower who is about to get a most shocking reunion.

"Hi Bye Mama" is described as a 'ghost mom's 49-day real reincarnation project'. It tells the story of Cha Yoo-ri (Kim Tae-hee), a mother who was torn from her family by her sudden death, reappearing in front of her daughter and her husband, Jo Kang-hwa (Lee Kyu-hyung), who has created a new life for his family after their loss.

Cha Yoo-ri has been a "resident" of 'Serenity Charnel House' for 5 years, but is still her optimistic and nosy self. Although she has maintained that bright charm of hers during these 5 years as a ghost, she is unable to move on due to the pain of never having held her child in her arms. She unexpectedly gets a 'reincarnation trial' and is given the chance to return to our world for 49 days, sparking this 'cheerful, but moving' reincarnation project.

Jo Kang-hwa, Yoo-ri's widower, is a cardiothoracic surgeon living in deeply buried sorrow over the death of his wife. Although he looks sweet and nice on the outside, his personality changed significantly as a result of his grief over losing his wife, who was also his first love. When Yoo-ri reappears in front of him, looking exactly like she used to when she was alive, Kang-hwa's new life is shaken once more.

While I was previously nowhere close to being on the Kim Tae-hee hype train, her performance in "Yong Pal" has left me pretty excited about her next one, and there's nothing I don't love about Lee Kyu-hyung, so this is one pairing and one premise I highly look forward to. Writing "Hi Bye Mama" is Kwon Hye-joo of "The Sound of Your Heart"and "Go Back Couple", while Yoo Je-won of "Abyss" and "Hundred Million Stars from the Sky" is the PD.

Written by: Orion





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Kim Tae-hee to return in ‘Hi Bye’

Actor Kim Tae-hee will return to TV screens through an upcoming tvN drama series tentatively titled, “Hi Bye, Mama!,” according to the broadcast on Thursday. 

The drama, set to air in the first half of next year, is about mother Cha Yu-ri, who unexpectedly dies due to a tragic accident but is unable to leave this world due to her remaining family, so stays as a ghost. 

“I’m excited and nervous at the same time to be back with this drama,” said Kim. “Just when I wanted so badly to act again, ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’ came to me, and I’m happily preparing [to get back on my feet]. 

“[The drama] means a lot to me because it’s my first time acting after I became a mother. I’ll try to show another side of myself [that the public hasn’t seen before].” 

By Lee Jae-lim





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Rain was Seen Leaving a Playful Comment, Praising His Wife Under a Post of Kim Taehee Attending a Recent Event



Rain is head over heel in his words. 


Kim Taehee has made a public appearance recently while attending a launching event for the brand ‘Cellcure’ which she is the ambassador for on November 29th. The actress dazzled in her white dress, stealing the scene perfectly. 




However, it wasn’t just netizens who were stunned by her visuals at the event but her husband, Rain too. Kim Taehee’s manager posted a video of her attending the event on this day and Rain was seen leaving a comment under the post going, “Kya~~ Who is this female actress? So beautiful~ ♥” 








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rain shows cute support for kim tae hee as she returns to work

December 4, 2019





Awww, Rain. Such a loving, playful hubby. Kim Tae Hee’s manager posted a video of her at the recent Cellcure event on his own Instagram, with the caption that it has been a long time since he has accompanied her for an event. Rain responded cheekily to the post, “Wow…Who’s that actress? So beautiful.” Rain makes it a point not to speak about his family publicly but I love that he shows his love through such adorable means.







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Married actresses returning to small screen after childbirth

SEOUL, Dec. 8 (Yonhap) -- In local entertainment circles, big-time actresses used to disappear from the public eye after marriage in the past. Lately, however, a number of married actresses are returning to the small screen after lengthy hiatuses for the entertainment of their fans.


Kim Tae-hee, who married the singer Rain in January 2017 and bore two daughters, will resume acting by appearing in "Hi Bye, Mama!" -- a new drama set to air on tvN in the first half of next year.




The drama tells the story of a housewife who dies in a sudden accident and shows up as a ghost in front of her husband and daughter. Her fans expect that Kim, as a real mother of two daughters, will display refreshing acting in her first TV drama in five years.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : Yonhap News

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***  KTH didn't age much. She's still so beautiful. :P





Netizens in awe after comparing famous Korean actresses pictures from 20 years ago to now




Following the popular "Decade Challenge", in an online post titled "20 years passed for actresses..." a netizen posted photos of some of the top Korean actresses comparing photos them from around 20 years ago to photos of them in 2019. The post features actresses like Kim Taehee, Jun Jihyun, Ha Jiwon and more.


In the photos, it seems like the actresses haven't even aged a day and have maintained their iconic beauty throughout the 20 years they have been in the industry.


Most reactions are of netizens in shock and awe of their beauty and how they were able to maintain it throughout the years. Some comments are:


"I was different in pictures from just 2 years ago..."

"Why haven't they aged? I've aged..."
"Only the makeup method is different"

"Are they vampires??"






(skipped unrelated.....)



source : allkpop

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Four Artists Bring Four Different Kinds of Motherly Love




Is it because of the emotions deepened through everyday life? Actresses who have stopped acting for a while are re-entering the public in their roles as mothers in different situations. Lee Young-ae, Lee Na-young, Kim Tae-hee and Park Ha-sun will play colorful mother figures on the big and home screens.


Kim Tae-hee returns for the first time in 5 years as well, with the tvN drama "Hi Bye Mama", as a mother who dies from a sudden accident, but can't cross over to the next world and roams around her husband and child. Motherly love is the key. The actress married singer and actor Rain and has two daughters. This will be her first motherly role.



(skipped unrelated.....)



Source : /sports.donga.com/3/a...

Translation : Hancinema

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hi bye mama holds script reading

December 27, 2019



I think tvN took down the clip. Maybe it was uploaded by accident. Anyway, didn’t realise how much I missed Kim Tae Hee and her gentle warmth until I saw this video. She is just glowing… seriously! She and Lee Kyu Hyung led the script reading and I’m feeling more hyped about this drama after seeing the cast. Her hair and styling reminds of her My Princess days. The series will air in February on tvN.









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KTH and Rain at Lee Wan’s wedding.






Professional golfer Ibomi (31) and actor Lee Wan (35, real name Kim Hyung-so) have signed a one-hundred-year anniversary.


Ibomi and Ewan held a wedding ceremony at a cathedral in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on 28 March. The wedding ceremony was held at a mixed mass, inviting parents, relatives, and close acquaintances. 


As cardinal Sung-Jung and the actress met, many stars gathered at the wedding site to celebrate their marriage. Lee's sister, Kim Tae-hee (39), and Rain (37, real name Jung Ji Hoon) also appeared. 


Ibomi, who made her debut on the Korean Women's Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour in 2007, won the 2010 Da Seung-won, The Prize, and the Lowest Other Prize. Ibomi, who has been on the Japan Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour since 2011, has enjoyed great popularity for her skills, winning 21 victories. 


Lee Wan is best known as the younger brother of actress Kim Tae-hee, and made his debut in the 2004 drama "Stairway to Heaven." Since then, snow white (2004) "Insuni is pretty" (2007), "Our Kasoo-yi" (2016-2017) and the movie "Yeonpyeong Haejeon" (director Kim Hak-sun, 2015) and appeared in the web entertainment show "Mileage Saker" in June.










Credit IGer mentioned in the IG.

Courtesy of IGer, 



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