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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ

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Video of KTH inside the hall at KDA 2015.   Credit : sopia lee   ************************************************************************************************   Catching KTH’s expressions, while wa

JW’s filming experience with KTH. At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net. He was again ask


KTH is one of the presenters at the 34th Golden Disk Awards ceremony.




[34th Golden Disk Awards] Jung Woo-sung, Kim Tae-hee, Kim Nam-gil, etc.








At the 34th Golden Disc Awards, some of the country's top actors shine brightly on the Skydome. 


To celebrate the year of K-pop stars, the actors take their steps to the venue. Korea's top actors, including Jung Woo-sung, Kim Tae-hee, and Kim Nam-gil, celebrate k-pop artists by splitting up their busy times. 


The 34th Golden Disc Awards with Tic Tok will be held on January 4 (Digital Sound Recording Division) and 5th (Recording Division) at Kochek Skydome in Kurogu, Seoul. The first day is led by Ida hee and Sung Si-kyung, and the second day is led by Park So-dam and Lee Seung-ki. JTBC · JTBC2 It will be broadcast live on JTBC4. 


◇ DAY-1 


In 2019, Kim Nam-gil, who became popular as a "aficionado", will appear at the music awards ceremony, which was rarely seen. Kim Nam-gil adds weight to the prestigious awards ceremony on the first day of the awards. Kim Nam-gil, who had a lot of toxic tops, turned to the best singers in 2019. Joo Won, who is about to return to the drama "Alice," is the first official stone to be awarded, and he shines his face on the Golden Disc. I was busy filming the drama, but I was willing to give it time. One-year member Lee Sang-yoon and newly joined The Holy Rock are also stepping alongside each other, and the two are looking forward to a wonderful suit fit. 


Entertainment blue-chip Kim Si-gi comes. After the performance of the play "Memory in Dream", we head straight to Gocheok Dome and enjoy time with k-pop artists. The actresses' dress map is also worth noting. Jung Eun-chae, who starred in Han Yeri and Kim Eun-sook's new film The King, will be on stage at the awards ceremony. Kim So-hyun, who played in "Nok-Doo War," Andy Ko, a fashion wannabe, and Lee Se-young, the 20-something actress who played the drama, are also among the top performers. Ahn Jae-hyun, who is starring in the drama "The Flawed Humans," was also willing to accept the award, and Lee Jae-wook, who has become one of the greatest performers of the year, is responsible for the first prize. 




Jung Woo-sung, the star of the Film Award for Best Film for The White Award for "Witness" and the Blue Dragon Film Award for Nam Space, will take the stage on the second day. The weight of the name alone is enough to give the aura that was not seen at any other awards ceremony. Five years after the drama 'Hi-Bai, Mama!' Kim Tae-hee, the national beauty who returns to the united state, reveals her face through the Brown Pavilion for the first time after marriage and two births. As i recently attracted the topic of the absolute beauty that does not change, it is a topic feeling only to appear again. Jang Hyuk, who showed a bold performance in JTBC's "My Country," is also also present. I'm more excited because I didn't appear at the awards ceremony. Even Hanye-sul, who is perfectly digestible in any outfit, fills the stage with superior physicality.

Kang sky, which succeeded in making a perfect comeback at the time of the camellia flower, also gave time after the war. It's been a busy winter with the play "Fantasy Fairy Tales", but it's a great place to go at a k-pop festival. Yoon Sea, who showed various charms in the drama "SKY Castle" and "Samsiseki", is the first appearance of the song awards ceremony, and continues his relationship with Golden Disc, seo gangjun, who will come back to JTBC if the weather is good. In 2019, Long-yong and Jang Dong-yoon, considered the brightest divinity, also snipe women in unusual suits. With over 1.6 million subscribers, the 2019 Best Character, Feng Su-do Awards, will be celebrated. In particular, Feng Su is interested in preparing a special event for the title ebs trainee. 







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New Year greetings by KTH.


Cr IGer.










[Daily Star in Kim Bo-young Reporter] Actors from StoryJ Company, such as Kojun Kojun and Kim Byung-chul of "The Aficionado", delivered a witty New Year's greeting on the first day of 2020.


On the morning of Today (1st), the StoryJ Company's official social media channel posted a video of the 2019 new year greetings from actors who showed their active activity on screen and the Brown Pavilion.


The video, which was released this time, draws attention to the theme of happiness, health, happiness, and dreams. First, it opened with a witty New Year greeting from actors Ko Jun and Kim Byung-chul, who captured the Anbang Theater with their intense characters last year. Actors Kwon Soo-hyun, Kim Seo-kyung, Kim Tae-hee, and Wang Ji-hye also gave warm greetings: "Happy New Year to All of you."


An Seho, Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Mu-sang, Lee Wan, and HeJun-ho, who add depth to the drama with their honest performances, also gave a heartfelt message to fans wishing for the health of their fans in the new year. In addition, the glamorous actors Park Min-jung, Park Jenni, Seo In-kuk, Lee Kyung-jae, Lee Hyun-jin, Lim Se-joo, and Hamami inspired a positive spirit by wishing for a happy and good new year.


In addition, actors Kim Sung-chul, Park Hoon, Grace Bin, Lee Jin-hee, Kyung Kyung-kyung, and Tae Won-seok, who exude their own presence with a strong performance of personality, smiled with cheers, saying, "I hope it will be a new year where everything is desired." 

Actors Kim Ji-seok, Bae Ju-ram, and Ision, who filled 2019, such as the performing arts "I live alone" and the drama "Camellia Flower Bloom", announced a big success, saying, "I'll say goodbye to good work, great looks."






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hi, bye mama! drops posters









Script Reading for tvN 2020 Drama Hi Bye Mama with Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung









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Ten Highly Anticipated K-Dramas Planned For 2020




Hi, Bye Mama


Hi, Bye Mama will be Kim Tae-hee’s first drama in five years. In this fantasy drama she plays Cha Yoo-ri, a ghost, whose death scarred her husband and child. She wants to help ease their suffering and help them find peace, so she finds a way to return, even if only temporarily. Lee Kyu-hyung plays her husband, a man so heartbroken that he continues to mourn her five years later. This drama also cites a February release, but no definite start date. 



Read the whole article here:





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