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Kim Tae Hee * 김태희 * 金泰希 * キムテヒ

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Video of KTH inside the hall at KDA 2015.   Credit : sopia lee   ************************************************************************************************   Catching KTH’s expressions, while wa

JW’s filming experience with KTH. At his fan meet/date with JW in Jakarta recently, he said that TH & YJ’s kissing scene is memorable, going by the reports that I read in the net. He was again ask

On 3/27/2019 at 12:34 AM, brattyxoxo said:


Hi brattyxoxo, thanks for sharing this. Celltrion Skincure has recently released a video of her - she is still as stunning as ever. I heard that this was filmed in mid-February, meaning that she was already pregnant with her second child that time. Her beauty has never changed despite the fact that she's already a mother of a child. And now, she’s about to become a mother of two. She's still beautiful. I hope we could get another chance of a glimpse of her carrying that baby bump for her 2nd child. :P



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On 3/22/2019 at 6:42 AM, brattyxoxo said:


brattyxoxo, thanks for sharing this. I'm sure we couldn't get to see her for a long time on the screen maybe  until she has her second child.  I wonder if she is considering retiring although, I hope not. :)

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Happy Belated Birthday to Kim Tae Hee!




'Rain’s wife' Kim Tae-hee 40th birthday, second pregnant blessing






The actor Kim Tae-hee celebrated his forty-year-old birthday today (29th).

Kim Tae-hee agency company BIS Company announced the birthday of the artist through the official Instagram on this day and posted the message of congratulation.

My agency is "HAPPY TAE HEE DAY BEAST COMPANY'S BEAUTIFUL TA PRODITE Congratulations on the birthday of Kim Tae Hee # Happy Birthday # Birthday # Congratulations # Congratulations # Aphrodite # Ta Prodite # Actor # Kim Tae Hee" "He said. It is a nickname to compare Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty.

Kim Tae-hee started his career as an actor after he debuted in the entertainment industry in 2000. He has been a lively actor for several decades. In January, 2017, he married singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji Hoon).

Kim Tae-hee is due to give birth to his first daughter in October of 2017 and to give birth to the second in September.










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Rain’s wife, Kim Tae-hee, second pregnancy update ... The still beautiful goddess






[Herald] The advertisement picture cut of Kim Tae-hee was revealed.

On the 20th, a cosmetics brand with Kim Tae - hee as a model revealed a picture of Kim Tae - hee 's current status through Instagram.

Rain 's wife Kim Tae - hee recently reported the second pregnancy.

Kim Tae-hee in the public photo boasts neat charm. A charming smile that does not change over time captures the attention of fans.

On the other hand, actor Kim Tae-hee's agency, BS Co., said in an official press release that Kim Tae-hee has recently been pregnant with the second and that he is about to give birth in September.







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Kim Tae-hee, the smartest ★ who seemed to study well during school days # 1
[TOP STAR NEWS Park Jung Min]


Kim Tae-hee was chosen as the best in the poll conducted on the subject of "Who is the smartest star who seemed to study well during my school days?"

Community portal site Dish Inside and tastes search company "Exciting Dish" which is operated by company Michelrups has released the result of the vote on the theme "What is a smart star who seemed to study well during school days?".

The vote was held for a total of seven days from the 14th to the 20th, and Kim Tae-hee was the first with 35.6 percent of the vote.






Hwaseok won second with 26.7%, followed by Wendy with 13.3%.

The netizens who participated in the vote ranked 'excellent' and 'smart' as the ranking of Kim Tae Hee.

Kim Tae-hee, 40 years old, entered the entertainment industry through CF 'White' in 2000.

At the same time as his debut, she was known for his outstanding beauty and her graduation from Seoul National University.






After her debut, Kim Tae-hee appeared in dramas such as 'Hungbun Park' and 'Stairway to Heaven'. Especially in SBS 'Stairway to Heaven' which was aired in 2003, she was able to completely extinguish Han Yi-ri,

Since then, she has shown steady performances by appearing steadily in 'Gumiho Abeon', 'Iris', 'Jang Okjeong, Living in Love' and after 2015 she is known to be concentrating on childcare and childbirth without work activities.

Kim Tae-hee married Rain in 2017 after the public debut and public devotion from 2013.

They are two years older and younger and have received a lot of congratulations on the news of their second birth on March 26.






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The much interest and curiosity over KTH and Rain’s daughter.


Reportedly described as “Heaven has descended” and ...having KTH’s eyes and Rain’s lips...




[★ Peek] Taehee Kim ♥ Rain, a mysterious daughter? "The eyes are Taehee Kim and the lips are Rain-resembling"
Top Star News Original article transfer 2019-05-01 09:03

[Top Star News Kang so Hyun]
' Heard by hearsay, the show (The Hearsay show) ' was illuminated by the Taehee Kim and the two-year-old of the Rain and Kim Tae Hee couple.

The channel A ' Hearsay Show ', aired on the 29th of last, had time to learn about the identity of A daughter in the veil of the Taehee Kim-Rain.






Kim Tae Hee and Rain were married in January 2017, giving birth to her first daughter in October.

However, the information about the daughter is not known, even the name of the face, raised questions.

The question of who the mom and dad looks like is the "biker pool," and even more curious to answer it was amplified.

In this, Kim Ji-hyun asked the Taehee Kim manager for information about Taehee Kim daughter.

Taehee Kim manager said that "the heavens seem to have descended," and that the eyes of the Taehee Kim and the lips of Rain.

Then Mom and Dad's advantages as it is, "I wonder how beautiful it is," he added.

"Not even the name of the public is not intended to protect the child," said Lady Jane, clapping her words, "The entertainer will be in a normal life," he said, worrying about the public's excessive interest in Star II.

In fact, the commonplace of Star II, who appeared in the entertainment program, undergoes aftereffects after filming.

Children who are overly interested in strangers will have a situation in which they are confused.

In this regard, Kim Ji-hyun said, "I ask you to pretend you know you're trying to be a skinten, and that your child's mental swing is wobbles," and that too much attention is poison.

Taehee Kim, born March 29, 1980, is 40 years old this year and Rain is 38 years old in the year of June 25, 1982.

Taehee Kim and Rain have been married for the past year in 2017.







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[HanCinema's News] Kim Hee-sun Outranks Song Hye-kyo, Others on Toutiao List of Most Beautiful Korean Women


The Chinese company Toutiao has released a list of the most beautiful Korean women. The list is based on aggregate social media collected across Chinese social media. The list has proven something of a surprise as it is dominated by older women.


Kim Hee-sun (41) took the top spot, followed by Moon Geun-young (32) at number two and Eugene (38) at number three. Park Shin-hye (29) at number four is the only woman on the list under the age of thirty, although she has recently rebranded herself to have more of an adult image.


Lee Young-ae (48) is number five on the list despite being nearly fifty years old. She even beat out Song Hye-kyo (37), an obvious popular contender for the title of most beautiful Korean woman. Jun Ji-hyun (37), Son Ye-jin (37), Han Ga-in (37), and Kim Tae-hee (39) round out the top ten.


Kim Tae-hee's presence on the list suggests that nostalgia may be a factor motivating the beauty standards of Chinese social media-goers, as her last drama was "Yong Pal" in 2015. It's also possible that the list is a reflection of how Chinese women on social media like to see themselves, hence they are ranking elegance and image as being more intrinsically important factors to beauty rather than mere superficial youthful appearance.




Written by William Schwartz

source : Hancinema


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