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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2024] Will Love in Spring 春色寄情人


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credit: Tencent


Title: 春色寄情人 / Chun Se Ji Qing Ren
English title: Will Love in Spring
Also known as: 吾乡有情人 / Wu Xiang You Qing Ren / There is a Lover in My Hometown
Genre: Metropolitan, romance

Director: Cheng Liang
Screenwriter: Jian Yi Wen

Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: CCTV, Tencent
Broadcast period: 2024-Apr-22 to 2024-Apr-30

Note: Adapted from the web novel "Qing Ren" (情人) by She Mu Si (舍目斯).


Li Xian as Chen Maidong
Ma Bo Quan as Chen Maidong (young)
Zhou Yu Tong as Zhuang Jie
Du Lan as Zhuang Jie (young)
Wan Peng as Wang Xixia
Wu Jun Ting as Zhuang Yan
Liu Lin as Liao Tao
Fang Fang as Granny Chen
Zhang Xi Wei as He Nuonuo
Zhang Chi as Cui Ge
Zhang Lei as He Zhangyue
Niu Chao as Ci Wei
Xu Xing as Granny Lin
Lin Jin (林津) as Granny Lin (young)
Tian Ling as Wu Xuehua
Qian Yi as Wang Yueqing
Wang Jing as Brother Hai
Xiang Xia as Feng Xilun
Wei Wei as Town Mayor
Ai Xiao Qi as Li Yajie
Xiao Yang as Zhang Hongxu
Sun Yan Xiang as Dong Zi
Sun Zhi Hong as Fang Ningze
Zhang Bo Jia as Song Yi
Zhang Yu Xin as Song Yi (young)


Chen Maidong, once a rebellious youth, chooses to become a mortician after experiencing a life-changing event. Zhuang Jie, who becomes disabled due to a car accident, strives for a better life and becomes a successful professional in a big city. This drama portrays the journey of them who, despite their contrasting personalities and circumstances, learn to understand and accept one another. Their love heals their hearts, allowing them to embrace and appreciate their "imperfect" selves.


Credit: MDL, Dramawiki


Preview :



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Why was the topic thread started when the drama was done?:cry:


One of my top dramas for 2024. The story, acting, characters, cinematography... I love it! I'll definitely rewatch this drama. Beautiful and heartwarming. I would love a Korean remake of this one.

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The writer kind of ruined the drama at the end. I didnt like the final episodes. But Im glad it is a happy ending.



The ML is composed, honest and mature.  💙






The main couple had sizzling chemistry. 







I liked the actors ( the younger versions) and their chemistry too.








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